Unique Ways The Internet Can Turn You Into An Entrepreneur



The Internet may have revolutionised our lives in multiple ways, but one of the best is making it easier than ever to become an entrepreneur. The world is a lot smaller these days now that everyone is online, putting various clients and customers in contact. Not only has the Internet widened your customer base, but it has also created some new jobs. Most of which can earn you a tidy sum of money. Intrigued by becoming an Internet entrepreneur? These are some of the ways you can become one.

Start Blogging

One of the easiest ways to make money online is through a blog. As long as you have a hobby or interest that you can write about, you should find it very easy to turn your musings into blog posts. If you can write passionately, you can attract a large audience. Once your blog starts to be noticed, you can start to monetise it with adverts and sponsorship. If it takes off in the way that the Zoella blog did, you may even get a book deal out of your site!



Become A Social Media Genius

Do you know everything there is to know about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Then why not use your skills and knowledge to become a freelance social media specialist?! This is a great job that allows you to work remotely from home. Lots of companies are always on the lookout for social media specialists. These freelancers help them increase their followers on various social media platforms. You will also be responsible for scheduling posts and curating content.

Rent On Airbnb

Do you have a spare bedroom that is never used? Why not list it on holiday rental websites such as Wimdu and Airbnb? There are thousands of travellers looking for rooms on these sites. Renting on these kinds of websites appeals to many travellers as it usually works out a lot cheaper than booking a hotel. And they also like the idea of staying with a local who can give them great recommendations and tips. Once you have quality linen from bedding manufacturers and taken some fancy pics of your room for the website, you are all good to go!



Sell Your Pictures

If photography one of your main hobbies? Well, there are plenty of websites where you can now sell your images. Most of these work in the same way that Instagram does. You can simply upload your images and wait for people to like them. However, they also have the added extra of a market platform. You can choose the images that are listed on the market. The more images you have on the market, the more chances you have of making a sale! Don’t forget that you need to get permission from people in any of the pictures before you sell them.

So what are you waiting for? Rather than procrastinate on Buzzfeed, start making money whenever you are on the Internet. It may even be the start of a very lucrative and successful online career!

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Why Is It Important To Put A ‘Ring On It’?

engagement ring



Image by Stevendepolo via Flickr

Engagement rings are part of some century old traditions surrounded by many myths and beliefs. It is believed that the custom began in 4th-century Egyptian culture as they believed a circle to be the symbol of eternity, something with no beginning and end. The Western culture began exchanging rings after the impact of Roman and Greek marriage traditions. It was believed that the ‘ring finger’ has the ‘Vena Amoris’ or ‘Vein of Love’ that directly connects to the heart, thus making the exchanging of rings a promise of love for eternity.


Even though, after its rich history and romantic context, an engagement ring in today’s ultra-modern world serves much more purposes. Here are some of the reasons why an engagement ring plays a major role in our society:

A SYMBOL OF COMMITMENT – Engagement rings reflect your individual style. An engagement ring on a finger is also a direct signal that you’re in a committed relationship and are no longer “available” for anybody else. The token of commitment actually means much more for the society, rather than the couple themselves. A committed couple doesn’t need a material to prove anything, but a sign for the sake of the society seems like a necessity.

PROOF OF LOYALTY – Even though love reigns supreme, a little satisfaction in knowing that your partner is loyal to you hurts nobody. Seeing your other half flaunting the ring in public and among his/her friends gives you a sense of safety and assures you that they love you and only you.

READY, BUT NOT YET READY – They say that you just know when you meet your soul mate. And that is relevantly true. You know you’ve met “the one” and you’re completely ready to spend the rest of your life with them. But maybe your bank balance or your unstable job or your broken apartment doesn’t think the same. Often even when you’re totally committed, you want to be married but certain factors seem to stop you.

In that case, getting engaged is a perfect option. It gives you time to settle down your life while at the same time, you give your betrothed the promise of togetherness. Just because you are not ready to settle in and start a family doesn’t mean you can’t commit yet. If you’re looking for the perfect ring with a reasonable price, make sure to check out Ringleaders.com.au for their elegant collections.


Even after all the beliefs in the old world and modern society, for a couple truly in love, an engagement ring is the ultimate tool that seals their love forever. They don’t wear the rings for their partner or for the society, but just feeling the metal on their finger gives them happiness and purity.

An engagement ring should never really be a product of societal pressure or your lover’s demand, but it should be a gesture to say that you’ve found the one you were searching for. For a lover, an engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and love.

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Add Some Glorious Prestige to Your Business Today!



Prestige is something that small businesses often have a hard time getting. But it can be essential if you want to ascend to the big leagues. Here are a few tips for those looking for extra prestige!

On the shoulders of giants

A lot of small businesses owners can be pretty stubborn. They want to live this romantic business dream of starting out with nothing and building the business with their own hands. To get any sort of assistance from someone renowned would seem to taint that somewhat. But if you want to add some prestige to your business, this is the sort of thing you need to do.

Networking may reveal to you some very respected organizations or individuals. Teaming up with them can do wonders for your business. This can take the form of getting direct assistance from them, or even partnering up. Their strong reputation will help others see you in a more positive light. Read more about networking at http://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2014/07/28/how-to-network-the-right-way-eight-tips/.


Of course, who is more “giant” than a celebrity? The companies that celebrities choose to endorse have to be chosen very carefully. The kind of prestige that celebrity backing can offer is definitely high. But there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. There are many out there who will see that tactic as a little tacky. And celebrities, of course, generally result in a bill that will make your eyes water. It’s worth considering, but there are probably better ways. Read more about it at http://opendorse.com/blog/celebrity-endorsements/.



The physical address

So where is your business located? Is it in a popular commercial city, the kind that we see in classic and modern movies? Where it’s all “happening”? Cities like London, New York City, Tokyo, Paris – they all have a certain prestige about them. But not a lot of small businesses are located in such areas!

Unfortunately, a lot of these businesses are often dismissed because they’re located out of the way. A similar business located in a bustling city will always seem more professional and successful than one based on the outskirts. It shouldn’t really be that way, but that’s how it is. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to fight this. Let’s say you’re based somewhere like Bushey or Croxley, in England. Close to London, but no cigar. You could actually get yourself a virtual address based in central London. This can help you a lot in the prestige department! Read more at www.yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk/london-mail-address-business-services/mail-forwarding-london/.



The not-so physical address

There are an alarming number of businesses out there who don’t have an online business domain for their email. What this means is that they have to use email addresses that name Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo. This doesn’t exactly look very prestigious!

When you’re emailing people in businesses, you should be using a professional-looking email address. It should read your.name@companyname.com, or something to that effect. If your current web host hasn’t allowed for this feature to be bundled with your current website plan? Then you should probably find a different web host!

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Life in the Fast Lane: A Need to Know Guide to Taking Your Business on the Road


Starting and running your own business is one thing, but taking that business out on the road is something else. You have to do what you can to ensure that you can achieve success as much as possible. This is all about preparing and planning so you’re able to run the company effectively when you’re away from the office.


Taking your business on the road is essential for helping you to grow and expand your client base. You’re giving people the kind of service they want and promoting a positive image for your business. That’s why you need to ensure that the company can be taken on the road with relative ease as soon as possible.

Get the Right Vehicle

It’s so, so important to make sure you choose the right vehicle when you’re taking your business out on the road. You need something that’s reliable, the right size, and fuel efficient. Speak to anyone you know who has a van and is on the road a lot and listen to their advice. It’s so important that you get this part right and pick the best vehicle you possibly can. You are going to be running your business from this car or van, so it needs to be right. It’s essentially going to become your office while the company is on the road. Think carefully about this decision, and make sure you thoroughly research before making it.

Stock it Well

Once you have secured the right vehicle, you have to make sure it’s well stocked. And this means figuring out the stock you’re going to need to carry out your job on the road. Now, it will, of course, depend on the sort of business you run. But you’re going to need to equip your van or car with all the essentials necessary for making a portable business thrive. Things like nightsearcher floodlights, cabling, step ladders and tools are all vital. Consider everything you need to run your business on a daily basis normally. Then think about how much of it you need to take with you. You might be able to get hold of equipment that will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, and make your life easier.

How Far Will You Travel?

You also need to give some thought to how far you’re going to travel. The whole point of taking your business on the road is so you can get clients you wouldn’t normally get. You need to travel outside of your business comfort zone and drive your brand elsewhere. But, you also need to think about how much extra this is going to cost you. Fuel costs are going to be a factor, but then there are also things like man-hours and staffing costs to consider. So, make sure you weigh up how far you are willing to travel, and then make a decision based on that.



Taking the business on the road is an exciting new chapter in your life as an entrepreneur. But, it’s also an important one to get right. It could open up many more doors for you as a company, so it’s important to spend the time getting it as right as you can.

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Going it Alone: The Challenges for Entrepreneurial Architects



Most architects follow a similar route. They spend years learning their craft, get a nice job with a good firm, and live a comfortable life thereafter. But what happens when that isn’t quite enough? What if you are just as entrepreneurial as you are great with AutoCAD and creating blueprints? While starting your own architecture is a big gamble, it can be hugely rewarding. And in today’s guide, I’m going to reveal some hints and tips on how to tackle the challenges of making your dreams a reality.



Do you have the experience?

While working for a firm, the chances are you have designed all kinds of buildings, features, and environments. That’s all well and good, of course. But how much experience have you had with running a business? There is a big leap to make from architect to CEO – and it will take time to develop those skills. While you are working for an architectural firm, it is essential that you show an interest in the business side of things. Put yourself out there, make yourself available, and learn the ins and outs of how to run a successful firm.



Can you handle the paperwork?

When you start out on your own, you will find you have to spend a long time doing tasks that were not your responsibility at your previous firm. And that means you will be losing money. How? Well, things like invoicing, marketing, tax returns were all below your pay grade in your previous role. But now, you will have to take them all on, meaning you spend less time on the money making side of your business. There are solutions, of course. Services such as My Build Estimate can help with your costings and estimates, for example. A virtual assistant can help you with the everyday tasks that stop you from earning decent money. And outsourcing to a marketing firm will give you the vital marketing knowledge you need to survive.



Can you handle the responsibility?

Are you prepared to stand up and be counted? Any mistake you make is all on you. You’ll need to find the perfect construction partners to work with, or your reputation could take a hit. There is no sharing of liability. If something goes wrong, you won’t have the spending power on top class legal firms that your old company enjoyed. And, the challenge of always being ‘on’ and ‘available’ is something you might have difficulty in managing. The first few years of going it alone can be tough for anyone in business for these reasons. And, it’s also important to understand that there is no one else to turn to.



Are you aware of the big picture?

The challenges of going solo as an architect are numerous. It can be expensive, and an incredibly big gamble. That said, I don’t want to put you off pursuing your dreams. If you can handle the challenges for a few years, until you become profitable, there is no reason why you can’t succeed. And who knows, maybe one day you will be as big – or bigger – than the company you initially left?

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Pssst! These 3 Business Website Secrets Can Push You To The Top


(Pexels: https://goo.gl/IIxdMy)

Is your business website lacking? I bet it is and you don’t even know it yet! Here are some secrets that will help you improve your site:

Implement A Night Mode

Regular users of the Twitter mobile app will see that a recent update included a night mode. This changes the colour scheme of the app, making it easier to read during the night. For me, this is something every business should implement on its site. At the very least, it shows you’re a forward thinking online business. Consumers will be very impressed by something like this. It will make your site easier and more pleasurable to read during the night. So, people can lay in bed and read your blog/browse your products comfortably. Plus, this is also something that very few business sites are doing. So, it will only serve to push your site above the rest and make you stand out from the crowd.

Copyright Your Content

I’m amazed at how many companies forget to copyright their website content. You copyright a lot of stuff in your business, so, why do you forget this? For most people, it’s because they don’t know it’s necessary. Well, let me break it down for you right here. No doubt you’ve created and posted original images and videos to your website before. (If you haven’t, then you should’ve, so get cracking!) When these have no copyright licenses, anyone can take and use them. What’s more, people could make money from them too. They’re using your original image as a clickbait thumbnail to get people to read a blog post that they get ad revenue from. But, by copyrighting your content, you get to decide how it’s used. You can let it be reused, and just demand some credit every time it’s used. Or, you can demand payment every time someone wants to use your content. For more info click here, and you can learn more about copyrighting. At the end of the day, you should copyright your content as it prevents people stealing and misusing your work.

Don’t Make Your Site Feel Intrusive

One of the most annoying things on the internet is pop-ups. About a decade ago, everywhere you clicked would spring up hundreds of pop-up adverts. Luckily, nowadays, this is under control. However, pop-ups are still a problem on some business websites, in a different form. Often, you’ll get a form pop-up for you to fill in and you have to spend ages looking for the X to get it away. Or, you have something that asks you to put your email address in and sign up for a newsletter. In some ways, this is a good thing. I actually think your business should have at least one pop-up for new site visitors. But, the key is ensuring it doesn’t become intrusive. Don’t bombard visitors with pop-ups and make it easy for them to dismiss. Also, have an option for them to select that they never see this again. So, when they visit your site next time, the popup doesn’t appear.

Use these secrets to make your website even better than it was before. Trust me, you’ll leave your competition in the dirt!

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Business Glam: How To Create An Immediate Impact On Your Customers


The biggest priority of any entrepreneur is to win over as many customers as possible. After all, more customers will lead to increased revenue and bigger profits. But before closing the deal, the first challenge is to create that initial spark of interest.

In truth, you might only get a split second to plant that seed of customer curiosity. This is why you must do everything in your power to ensure that those first interactions are of a positive nature. Even the seemingly small gestures can have a telling impact on the way your business is perceived. And that could make all the difference between success and failure.

Follow these three simple ideas, and you’ll be amazed at the impact they bring.


Gain Online Exposure

The growth of internet activities has completely changed the landscape of modern business. Nowadays, most consumers interact with online browsers and social media platforms on a daily basis. This creates a fantastic opportunity for SMEs to increase brand awareness.

If your company is yet to capitalise on those capabilities, turning your venture into an online hit should be a priority. When you perfect your web facilities, you won’t only reach larger audiences. More importantly, you’ll set a more professional vibe to encourage even greater conversion rates.

Whether you complete sales online or simply use those facilities to generate added interest doesn’t matter. A strong web presence will boost your profile. After all, most customers will research the brand before completing a purchase.

Invest In People

The list of upgrades that can be made to enhance the initial impact that your business surroundings create is nearly endless. However, one thing that you cannot afford to forget is the fact that people buy from people. Those interactions are just as important as any snazzy marketing campaign.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that your team of employees set a positive tone. Imagin products provide a range of premium name badges that will maintain a professional appearance. This can be particularly important for first-time visitors.



Meanwhile, you should focus on communications. When staff members offer a better level of customer care, those clients will instantly feel happier. And when they’re in a better mood, they’ll be far more likely to buy. Even if they don’t, setting a positive impression from the off can only be good news for your business.

Create Excitement

I’m not going to lecture you about marketing products and designs. After all, you know your brand better than anybody and will have a far better idea of how to use logos and other features. However, one thing I can tell you is that customers need to be wowed. The best way to achieve this is by offering a great deal.

Nothing catches a customer’s eye quite like value for money. Introductory offers like Buy One Get One Free can be a great way to recruit new clients. Just remember to follow this with great products and a winning service. That way, they’ll have no reason to take their customer elsewhere ever again.

Retain your current customers while winning new ones, and success will be assured.

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Avoiding A Titanic Disaster By Keeping Your Business In Ship-Shape


When you think of threats to the business, you might think of those huge issues that can pop up. A PR disaster, a disagreement with a big client or those kinds of things. It’s more likely that a business is going to suffer a longer, harder fall, however. It’s the little leaks that add up that can sink the whole boat. So you need to get your magnifying glass out and make sure you’re taking care of the following.

Image Source

Everything in its place

Loss of physical materials and assets is a big problem in a lot of businesses. From construction to production, these problems cost you money. So you should be actively making sure that it isn’t happening. A proper inventory system can help you do just that. From managing asset locations to logging equipment, track as much as your physical inventory as you can. Services like NFC Direct can help you fit the system to the specific model of your business. That way, you’re not missing out on anything important.

Avoiding tech disasters

The hardware you use is just as important for keeping work flowing smoothly. There are a lot of ways you should be ensuring they’re not proving a liability. Regular maintenance and repair checks should be done to stop them from degrading all too quickly. Then you need to consider the security threats present in digital equipment. Most businesses that suffer a data breach close in under two years after it happens. Make sure any devices used in your workplace are fully protected with antiviruses and firewalls. Don’t let people bring in foreign devices like USB Drives which could harbour malware.


Image Source

Tackling work interruption

Having faulty equipment is going to interrupt work, but most of those work interruptions are actually going to come from your staff. There are two kinds to tackle. Internal interruption is caused by things like distractions. Engaging employees in their tasks and making sure they can’t access distracting websites can help you tackle that. External interruption is caused by other people. Fixing that is about fixing the culture of the workplace. Teach people to prioritise and keep checklists of tasks that come their way. Teach them to send their requests for co-workers in emails marked with codes based on how high a priority is. If someone needs help that will free up their otherwise obstructed workflow, that needs to be a code red. Whereas tasks that aren’t as important can be marked so and thus prove less of a distraction.

Track absolutely everything

Just like tracking the physical assets in the business, you should be tracking the workflow of the office as well. Get an objective overview of how employees are doing by developing key performance indicators. Set measurable goals. Make sure they’re crafted with them to help, so you measure them by the roles they’re supposed to be doing, not some arbitrary numbers.

Your employees, your equipment and your time all need to be used to the fullest of their abilities. Don’t find yourself sinking because of a pile of little problems rolled into one.

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Goodbye Boring Office! Create A Stylish Workspace In 3 Simple Steps


If you’re a business owner, then I urge you to pay attention to your office. Don’t settle for a boring one with a boring atmosphere. Not only will this be hell for your employees to work in, but it will also make your company look boring and dull. No, what you need is a stylish office, and these three steps will help you:

(Credit: https://flic.kr/p/bDhUjF)

Install Glass Office Rooms

Naturally, an office is often made up of multiple rooms. You may have your main office space where a lot of workers do their jobs. Then, you have a conference room, and some separate office rooms for people higher up. These are usually saved for the manager and assistant manager. As the owner of your business, it’s fair to assume you want the coolest office around. The best idea is to have a glass office room. Why? Well, for one, it’s incredibly modern and stylish. It will make your office look incredible. Secondly, it allows you to work without the distractions you’d have in an open office. Finally, the fact people can see in and you can see out is a big deal. It means they know you’ll see if they don’t do any work. And, it means they’ll see you working hard and get extra motivated.

Hang A Main Sign On The Wall

Generally speaking, the walls in your office should be quite plain. You don’t want to distract anyone with crazy colours or weird wallpaper. Instead, you just need a white backdrop and very little else. But one thing you do need is the main office sign stuck on one the main walls in your office. This sign should display your brand logo, as well as a motto if you have one. It should also have a brief description of your company and what you do. I like to think of it as the equivalent to a website home page. It lets everyone know who you are and what you do when they first enter. Your best bet is probably to get a sign like this designed and printed. Companies like GH Cityprint offer printing services that may be of use to you. Once your sign is printed, it needs to be framed and hung on the wall. Make it stand out and catch everyone’s eye when they walk in.


(Link: https://goo.gl/A1fVqI)

Create A Swanky Break Room

For me, break rooms are very important. It’s crucial that you allow your employees some time to rest and relax during the working day. These little periods are great for recharging their batteries, and getting more out of them. With a good break room, you can keep your employees around the office too. Instead of having them go out for lunch and leave for an hour. It keeps everyone together, strengthening that comradery. You can get a cool ping pong table and some bean bag chairs, make it really chic and stylish. The cooler it is, the more likely they’ll stay in the office for their break.

Create a stylish workspace and it can benefit your business. You will see an increase in employee productivity and a positive impact on your brand too.

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Which Homecoming Fashion Mistakes Should You Avoid?


High school and college homecoming dances are upon us.  Do you know the distinct fashion differences between homecoming dresses and prom dresses? Since homecoming occurs in early fall, most dresses are shorter and somewhat more casual.  Homecoming is often seen as more of a semi-formal event instead of an all out formal one. However, that doesn’t mean you can show up wearing anything you want. Use these tips to avoid common fashion faux pas so you don’t end up on a Homecoming fashion don’t list.


  • Don’t buy your homecoming dress before checking your school’s dress code for the dance. Some schools have guidelines stating formal dresses must be just above the knee, where others allow dresses to be mid-thigh, or around 17 inches long. Pay attention to your school’s theme and colours, so you don’t select a colour combination that will totally clash.


  • Don’t buy a dress purely on style. Remember to consider your body type and never buy a dress that you need to lose a few pounds to even squeeze into. There are so many elegant dress options that hug your curves beautifully, such as chiffon fit-and-flare dresses.


  • Avoid buying neon and bright colours as they come across as tacky and cheap. Neon colours can be really hard to pull off, especially with complimenting your skin tone.  If you like bright colours, try rich reds or royal blues or even gold or silver, instead of neon green or the like.


  • Don’t look like a dressed up princess and look like you belong on the Toddlers and Tiaras television show. A little bling on your dress is classy, but when’s totally covered with sequins or includes a poufy ball gown skirt, it’s becoming tacky. The ball gown skirt may look more like a decorated upside down wedding cupcake and even if you choose a flowing skirt, endless sequins and sparkles are too much for homecoming.  Try looking at sexy yet classy homecoming dresses.


  • Avoid wearing long white or other pastel dresses to homecoming. These floor-length dresses are more appropriate for prom as are pastel hues. Keep your dress casual and fun, with a bandage hugging silhouette, two-piece dresses, or trendy chiffon options.


  • Don’t overdo it on your accessories. Know the rules for pantyhose and appropriate footwear; such as if you choose to wear pantyhose, make sure it’s in a shade close to your skin tone. Generally, you wear heels to formal dances, but if you plan to dance most of the night and your heels are not comfortable, consider wearing or bringing some ballet flats or decorative sandals.


  • Don’t spend too much money on a dress. Figure out if you have other semi-formal events that you may wear the dress too, and then set a realistic budget, remembering you don’t need to buy an expensive homecoming dress. You can find some lovely dresses that are under $200.


Now that you know what not to wear to Homecoming, do you know what you’re going to wear to this year’s dance?  In addition to the always popular fit and flare dresses, this year you’ll find floral two pieces, hip-hugging bandage dresses, and some softer pinks are popular this fall.

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