5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Digital ASAP

There’s a saying that goes around in technology circles that every advancement we make as a human race has something to do with entertainment. Whether it’s virtual reality video games or high-speed race cars, every technological advancement makes it way into our leisure time in some form or another. However, the same advancements can also be applied to business.

Companies around the world are starting to get rid of paper records thanks to cloud technology and digital replacements. We no longer have to waste paper and ink sending invoices through the post, and there’s no risk of damaging our customer records if they are stored digitally and preserved forever. Unfortunately, many businesses still haven’t caught onto modern digital trends. If you’re one of those businesses that still hasn’t gone digital, then here are some tips to whet your appetite.


Digital records are accessible

Gone are the days of scouring through paper archives and hiring employees to catalogue every single record you made. Thanks to some clever computer engineering, we can store and search for files by simply querying a database. Need to find records of someone with the surname “Smith”? Then you can do a simple search instead of looking through hundreds or thousands of paper files and figuring out the most efficient way to categorise your documents. It’s also a great way to save on costs and time. You no longer need to ask someone to find the files for you which can be time-consuming and expensive. You simply do a search and find the documents you need. It’s so simple that any of your employees can do it with about 10 minutes worth of computer training.

Paperless is faster and cheaper than paper

Snail mail has served our businesses well for hundreds of years, but it’s time to let go of those slow methods and catapult your business into the future with instant mail. Emails and other forms of digital messaging arrive in mere seconds, cutting out the days worth of wait time (and ridiculous costs) of sending traditional mail. Your business clients and customers will get their messages instantly without a need to wait. It makes communicating and interacting with people who are physically far away from your office extremely easy, and it speeds up transactions to make your business more efficient and profitable.



Cloud storage can protect your business from disaster situations

Although you might not live in an area plagued with earthquakes and storms, you might still be the victim of an unlucky power outage, server malfunction or even an office fire. Cloud storage solutions such as attix5 software make it simple for your business to store information that is in a different physical location, rendering your data immune to accidents and disasters. Since your customer data is so important, it makes sense to have several forms of backup, and most cloud services are more than happy to secure your data with world-class security measures and regular data backups. Most cloud storage services operate on a monthly or annual fee which depends on how much space you need, but this can always be upgraded or downgraded as you need.

Work from anywhere in the world

Digital mediums also have the advantage of letting your employees work from almost anywhere. They can simply send and receive documents that need to be edited, changed or created. The documents can even be shared across cloud services. With an internet connection, your employees could work from anywhere in the world on a laptop the size of an A4 sheet of paper and with the thickness of a pen—the amount of power packed into a single laptop or tablet device would put all older mediums to shame. Equip your workers with the correct devices and equipment, and you could turn the entire world into your virtual office.



Collaborate and encourage teamwork

Cloud services also allow your staff to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets at the same time to increase efficiency and teamwork. Could you imagine five people crowding around a single sheet of paper making edits and highlighting changes that need to be made? It sounds ridiculous, but collaboration with digital mediums is possible and extremely effective. Many software packages allow your documents to be synced. This means you can create a project folder and share it with everyone in the team. They can then sync those files to their computers or laptops and whenever changes are made to the folder, every team member will receive an updated version of the folder so they never have to worry about working on outdated documents.

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