Affordable Accommodation for Young Families and Couples

Finding a home where you want it and at the right price can be a chore, as although there is plenty of property on offer, everyone wants the perfect place to live. If you want to live in a larger town or perhaps in an area that serves a university or college you may find that competition is rife, and also that prices can be hiked beyond what you believe you should be paying. Fortunately, some developers are keen to continue providing affordable homes – suitable for young families, couples and even students.

For example, take the lovely town of Auburn, Alabama, a very pleasant place with an excellent college – Auburn University – and fine amenities. This is a great place to live and if it happens to be where you are hunting for a home, you may well be in luck. Auburn Village is a collection of five carefully developed apartment communities, each with its own appeal and all in excellent locations in this very pleasant and welcoming town, and you won’t find better at the rates on offer.

Rental Properties

Auburn Village apartment communities are located in some of the most impressive parts of the town. Three of them – Savannah Square, Williamsburg Place and The Bungalows – are very close to the university campus and also within easy reach of the many fine shops, restaurants and other facilities in the town. The remaining two, Parkside and The Cottages at Donahue, are close to the town centre with excellent access to everything and also within walking distance of the campus.

All of the apartments are beautifully finished and available for rent at sensible rates. Most feature fully managed landscapes, wooden floors and granite worktops, plus carpeted bedrooms and a deck or balcony. You also have access to communal swimming pools, up to date security systems and everything you need for comfortable living. A choice of single bedroom or two or three bedroom properties – plus various numbers of bathrooms – means everyone from a student to a small family can live in Auburn Village and enjoy friendly, comfortable living in a wonderful place.

Great Facilities

Auburn is a town with excellent facilities – not least the college and the excellent Charleston Court Retail and Business Centre which is home to some impressive shops and many commercial businesses – and also one that has great transport links. The college itself has a great reputation and is very popular, and it has to be said that the Auburn Village complexes are among the most comfortable places to live in Auburn.

If you think that Auburn Village is the accommodation choice for you, whether you are a student, a couple or have a family looking for a home, there are few better places to live in this wonderful part of the USA. Why not get in touch now and check out the details and differences between the five locations and the apartments available, and find yourself a comfortable home in a beautiful town.

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