Affordable Luxury: Get The Best Without Breaking The Bank!

Most of us love to own nice things, and when you spend a huge chunk of your life working it’s being able to have the things we want that can make it feel worthwhile. However the finer things in life do come at a cost, and even if you work hard many of us find that we can’t always afford the luxuries we want. Thankfully there are ways to bring down the prices- here are some ideas.


When it comes to property, one of the best ways you can achieve luxury on a budget is to buy cheaply and renovate. Once you own your home you can make changes to it over time, a nice new kitchen, a new bathroom, built in wardrobes, luxurious fixtures and accessories. You can add an extension, a conservatory, build into the loft or down into the basement. This allows you to completely tailor your house and add luxury and style without having to have lots of money up front. When you buy a home that’s ‘move- in ready’ you will always pay a premium for it, if you go with something that needs work and have this done yourself it will almost always work out cheaper. Just use caution, have a survey done so you know exactly what needs doing and how much it will cost. Anything major, make sure you’re making a lower offer to compensate for this. When it comes to decorating your home, always check clearance stores. These have furniture that’s perfectly good but is just being discontinued by the supplier so it massively reduced. Here you can get huge discounts on the original RRP so are well worth checking out.


Our cars are much more than a method of transportation, a way to get from A to B. They’re a reflection of us and our personal style, which is why we’re all so precious about our vehicles. We wash them lovingly, we drive them with pride and we genuinely enjoy having them. If you want an upgrade but don’t think you can afford the high prices that come with luxury models, then you could be in for a surprise. Take brands like Porsche for example, while the top models and new cars can cost an eye watering amount- there are plenty that are much more affordable. Just be sure to give any vehicle you buy a thorough check, especially if it is a little older. You want something rust free, with good paintwork and a full service history. Check insurance prices on a comparison site like GoCompare too to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. Lots of older cars or less expensive models still look incredible but are far cheaper than you might think.



Clothes show off our style, they help us to express ourselves and can be a fun way to show personality. If you have a liking for designer gear but don’t have the budget to constantly splash out then how about checking in second hand stores? A good tip is to go to a wealthier area, as these people are more likely to give good quality designer items to charity. Using sales, vouchers and discounts is also useful- the sales after Christmas time are usually particularly generous. Save your money and check out these, chances are you can snag some items you want at bargain prices.

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