Reducing Lip Swelling after Dermal Filler Procedures

The increasingly popular procedure of having dermal filler inserted into the lips is one that has been proven safe and sound, as long as you are sensible enough to use an experienced and qualified practitioner. Why do people have lip filler? It can be a great way of enhancing the lips, giving a more substantial and fuller look, and a softer one too!

The procedure involves a very small needle that is used to insert tiny amounts of a substance called hyaluronic acid into the lips. This is a natural acid that already occurs in the body, and is entirely safe. However, there are two things that may occur naturally after such a procedure that may be alarming to the first-time patient, and these are lip swelling and bruising. Bruising is always going to be present after such invasive procedures and swelling of some form is likely. What can you do to alleviate these problems?

Reducing Lip Swelling

After you have undergone your dermal filler procedure you will notice bruising, particularly the ay after. This will last a few days and will fade, and you can hide it with lip gloss or lipstick, while taking care with the application.

Swelling is a different matter. There will in all cases be some swelling immediately after the event. This should – and usually does – fade away very quickly, perhaps in a few hours. However, it can be a little longer before all the swelling is gone and you get to see the effects of your fuller lips. On the first day you should see most of the swelling subside: if this doesn’t happen, you need to keep a close eye on the lips in case of a problem – be aware that this is very unlikely with modern dermal filler procedures.

On the second day you should see less swelling and more of the effects of the treatment, and by day 4 you should have no swelling remaining, and should be able to see the difference. The swelling can be exaggerated, however, if you do any of the following:

  • Indulge in strenuous exercise soon after the treatment
  • Fail to drink enough water to prevent dehydration
  • Indulge in kissing or any other lip contact while in the recovery period
  • Drink through a straw, which may seem a good idea but puts undue pressure on the lips.

Avoid all of the above for a few days after the treatment, and you might find that an ice pack on the lips for short periods also helps.

If you do suffer excessive swelling – or indeed bruising that looks unusual or any other unexpected symptoms – following your lip filler procedure it is important you get in touch with the practitioner who carried out the procedure, or contact a doctor. There should be no untoward swelling or bruising after a few days.

Dermal filler is a procedure that is carried out thousands of times a day so there is no need to be afraid, and the chances of exaggerated problems are slim if you follow the advice above.

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How to Clean your Teeth Properly?


When it comes to your oral health, you can never be too careful. This is because your dental health status not only affects your smile, but it can also have a direct impact on your physical health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is essential that you should know how to clean your teeth properly. The American Dental Association offers the following recommendations for keeping your teeth clean and healthy. If you think you may have gum disease please book an appointment with a dentist

  1. Brushing your Teeth, the Right Way

Most of us know that we should at least brush our teeth twice every day. However, many people are not aware of the correct method of brushing teeth. Therefore, many patients complain about their dentists of having cavities and gum problems even though they brush their teeth regularly. The National Institutes for Health (NIH) offers information on how to brush your teeth correctly:

  • Choosing the Right Armamentarium – always choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. If you use a hard toothbrush, it can physically erode your teeth and cause gum recession. You may also want an electric toothbrush since a few studies have shown that the powered toothbrushes provide better teeth cleaning in comparison to the conventional ones. Also, you should use a toothpaste that contains the seal of approval of the American Dental Association (ADA), and preferably one which contains fluoride.
  • Take your Time – the American Dental Association recommends that you should brush your teeth at least for two minutes. Failing to do say can result in improper cleaning of your teeth and can result in gum inflammation and teeth cavities. It may be useful to use a timer to make sure that your brushing time is more than two minutes.
  • Using the Correct Technique – while brushing your teeth, use small circular motions and perform short back and forth brushing strokes while holding your brush at an angle of 45̊. Make sure that you also brush through the gumline; doing this will help in massaging the gums, and in removing the plaque and tartar deposits from gums. Another important think to do while brushing is to clean your tongue with the toothbrush.
  1. Replacing your Old Toothbrush

No matter how expensive or high-quality toothbrushes you buy, they have a limited lifetime. The American Dental Association recommends that you should replace your toothbrush after every three or four months of use. You may replace it earlier if you feel that the bristles have become frayed. If you continue using a worn-out toothbrush, it will be unable to clean your properly, and making them vulnerable to the development of cavities and gum inflammation.

  1. Make a Habit of Flossing

Even if you brush your teeth regularly, it may not be enough. This is because the bristles of a toothbrush may not be able to penetrate tight spaces between the teeth. This is where a floss becomes useful. Dental floss is a thread which can enter the area between two teeth and remove food and bacterial debris, thereby minimizing the chances of teeth cavities.

  • The Correct Method to Use a Dental Floss – take 12-18 inches of floss or dental tap and grasp it in such a way that there are a couple of inches left between your hands. Now, slide the floss between your teeth and clean all the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Use 8-10 strokes of up and down flossing to dislodge the adherent plaque and tartar deposits in the interdental spaces.
  1. Using a Mouthwash

Using a fluoride containing mouthwash can go a long way in preventing teeth cavities and gum problems. However, you should make sure that you should not use a mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth, as it can result in loss of the concentrated layer of protective fluoride which has adhered to your teeth.

Your mouth is the gateway to your body. If it is not clean or healthy, how can you expect to enjoy a healthy and active life? So, make sure you take good care of your teeth and gums through strict oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental check-up visits!

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How To Improve Your Skin With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients that are very good for your health and well-being. One of its main benefits is that it can improve the health of your skin. Let’s see how you can use Vitamin C to make your skin look younger and feel livelier.

Powerful Antioxidant

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. This is why it is very important for the skin collagen synthesis. As you probably know already, collagen is one of the main compounds that are naturally occurring in our skin. This substance is responsible for making our skin elastic and firm. As we age, the natural collagen production of the body decreases. The result is that our skin loses its firmness and its elasticity and we start developing wrinkles. This vitamin is effective in all its forms. You can take it orally to improve your immunity and to help supporting the vital functions of body. You can opt for topical applications to ameliorate various skin conditions such as acne, sunburn, and excessive dryness. For best results, you can use it in multiple forms at the same time. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to exceed the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.

Anti-Aging Properties

The good news is that we can delay the onset of these aging signs by using a Vitamin C based serum. Applied regularly, this serum can help us maintain the elasticity and the health of our skin for longer. Its antioxidant agents will neutralize the free radicals, enabling our skin to maintain its healthy collagen levels. Vitamin C will penetrate the superior layers of the skin, wiping off fine lines and wrinkles and nourishing the epithelial cells. The other effect of Vitamin C is that it can make the age spots become less obvious, making the skin look smoother and more uniform.

Moisturizing And Skin Protection

A Vitamin C based moisturizing serum can also help maintaining the proper hydration of the skin. Since we all need to use a good moisturizer, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t choose a Vitamin C serum for this purpose and enjoy its other benefits, as well. Furthermore, this type of product is good for persons with dry or sensitive skin, as it help preventing irritations.

Apparently, Vitamin C serums can also be effective in alleviating acne. Although this solution may not heal the condition that causes acne in the first place, it can help sufferers prevent severe flare-ups. In case of severe acne, you should consider discussion with your doctor the intention of using a Vitamin C based serum on your affected skin. It’s always a good idea to have a healthcare professional watching over you whenever you try something new. Although there aren’t any known cases of adverse reactions or side effects, a bit of caution can take you a long way.

Whatever purpose you want to use a Vitamin C serum for, make sure you apply it daily for at least a couple of weeks. This is a long-term remedy against the effects of aging, so you can’t expect instant results.

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Dry Winter Skin? Here are 5 Tips To Organically Moisturize



Winter can be harsh! And we’re not just talking about the struggle of waking up in total darkness. The icy cold, yet dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. Seeking solace indoors doesn’t help much either since all that artificial air has similar drying effects on your skin.

But you can’t exactly hibernate the season away can you? In addition to willing spring to bloom sooner rather than later, here are five organic methods you can use to get you through winter dry skin.

Eat organic foods and hydrate

Who doesn’t love savoury, warming scalloped potatoes with a piece of salmon, or how about a sweet apple pie in the winter? Delicious, yet unfortunately potatoes and apples happen to be part of the EWG’s Dirty Dozen, and salmon if not wild caught and organic, can pose major risks to your health. We could go on and on about what to eat and what not to eat here, but your best bet if you want to avoid consuming unnecessary GMO’s, and pesticides in your food, is to simply buy organic! Keeping hydrated throughout the day is also important during the winter in order to prevent dry skin. You could opt for warm teas, or broths if you’re feeling extra chilly!

Opt for an organic moisturizer

When dry, itchy skin sets in, it can be tempting to run to the drug store and pick up the first moisturizer promising relief! These conventional moisturizers are typically packed in chemicals that do nothing for your skin, and may even end up drying it out even more. The reason for these additives is simply to speed up production, increase shelf life, and give you a cheaper product. But your health isn’t worth the cheapest option is it? Luckily, there are tons of organic moisturizers made with only the best of the best ingredients available these days. It just takes a bit of searching and you’ll find affordable moisturizers like Christina Moss Organic Facial Moisturizer, Avalon Organics Oil-Free Moisturizer, and Nourish Organic Face Cream.

For deeper hydration, try an organic oil or serum

Sometimes you need something a little extra for dry skin which is where organic oils and serums come in handy. Loaded with active botanicals that penetrate deep within your skin and deliver nourishing plant-actives at the cellular level, oils and serums perform overtime as they not only hydrate, but also stimulate collagen, brighten and protect the skin. Sanre is just one brand delivering on the promise of effective organic, rejuvenating skin serum.

Always wear an organic SPF

Just because the snow and ice may be taking center stage this season, doesn’t give you a reason to stop wearing SPF. In fact, with 80% of UV rays reaching the ground, your chances of getting sunburns in the winter may increase if you’re not diligent. Just look at snowboarders and skiers who spend all day on the hills, they return with some pretty gnarly burns! Avoid this by applying an organic SPF stick from 100% Pure, or Nature’s Brand. For the kids, Badger has a safe broad spectrum SPF 30 option.

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What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening



With the hectic pace of modern life, it is often easy to find ourselves eating more sugar than we would like. This can have a negative effect on the long-term health of our teeth, as well as staining the enamel, turning it yellow, over long periods. However, even if you are vigilant about avoiding too many sugars, you may still find the staining effect comes from other sources such as tea, coffee, wine or tobacco, which are an integral part of many people’s day.

Seeing your teeth like this can have a serious effect on your happiness and, if you feel self-conscious about them, this can lead to lower levels of self-confidence and to low self-esteem. It is, however, possible and increasingly easy to combat this and avoid any such concerns through professional teeth whitening. This process can be done in a number of ways.

Teeth whitening options

There are two ways you can have your teeth whitened. The first is with bleaching gel, which takes between two and four weeks to achieve, and the second is through laser whitening, which can be completed in one hour-long session. Whichever method you choose it will be necessary to talk it over thoroughly with your dentist beforehand, and visit them afterwards. If you are not certain that you want to undertake the procedure it is often wise to get a second opinion. Many leading practices such as Ten Dental offer both options and run on referral systems where your own dentist will likely refer you to the leading specialist practice in your area.

To have your teeth whitened with bleaching gel you arrange an appointment where the registered dentist takes an impression of your teeth. Using this impression, a mouthguard is fitted, which can allow you to apply the gel to your teeth while protecting them from the bleaching agent. Your dentist will then give you instructions on when to wear the mouth guard and for how long. Most mouthguards are meant to be worn for fairly short periods of time, over a period of two to four weeks, but some models can also be worn for eight hours at a time, shortening the period you need to wear the mouthguard to one week.

The laser whitening option, which is more efficient, involves a bleaching agent being painted on to your teeth, after which a powerful laser is shone on them which activates the whitening effect. At an hour in length this can be a more convenient option, but you should always check with your dentist which option is best for you.

Keep Aware!

Teeth whitening operations can be carried out by any professional dentist registered with the General Dental Council. It is illegal to offer teeth whitening without an accredited dentist, such as at a beauty salon with no dentist present. If there is not a medical need, for example a dead nerve ending, the operation will not be covered on the NHS as it is considered cosmetic.

Home tooth whitening kits are available but can be dangerous for your mouth if the mouthguard does not fit correctly and it is allowed to leak. This can lead to sensitive teeth, as the gel used can damages the gums around them.

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Subtle Ways to Improve the Client Experience at Your Salon



When it comes to client experience at your salon everything counts – no matter how small it may seem. Creating lifelong, loyal customers goes beyond giving clients the best haircut or treatment with 60% of people often paying more for a better experience.

Adding value to your client experience doesn’t need to involve drastic changes, in fact this could alter what your clients love most about you. Making subtle and beneficial changes are a great way to refresh the client experience.

Never miss a greeting

It might seem simple, but it’s important to greet your clients as soon as they walk in the door of your salon. Clients should be greeted within eight seconds of their arrival, otherwise their experience can already be dampened.

Whoever is greeting your clients must be able to talk to clients in the right tone every time. Greeters can even be like friends to clients – remembering past conversations can go a long way in improving a client’s experience in your salon.


It is unusual to find a salon who don’t offer their customers a beverage, but you can go that little bit further. Instead of offering the bog standard, why not offer a variety of teas such as green tea or jasmine tea?

If your budget allows it, you might want to invest in a coffee machine, which your beauty salon insurance could also cover. A coffee machine will allow you to offer a wider range of coffees such as lattes or espressos. Adding fruit into water jugs can also add a little touch, creating more a luxurious spa feel to your salon.

Remember to serve beverages in pretty cups and glasses – you may even find customers take a snap to share on social media!

Knowledge is power

Your clients value your knowledge and it is because of this they trust your recommendations and regard you as an expert. You know your clients and if you want to improve their experience in your salon, offering tailored recommendations is vital.

Taking the time to explain treatments to your clients or guiding them on which treatments or products would be best suited to them can go a long way. Clients will feel valued and personalisation goes a long way to enrich their experience.

Contactless payments

Adding contactless payments to your salon can also improve the client experience. Payzone reported that more and more comfortable using tap and pay, with some even spending more as they don’t need to rely on having enough cash.

Contactless payments are another way to make your salon available and provide convenience to your customers. Having this option also caters to customers who prefer to use different payment methods and could easily help in situations where customers are short of cash.

Reward your clients

Your client don’t want to feel like just another customer so it’s important to make them feel like they belong. This can be achieved through loyalty schemes, where customers could get a stamp with each visit and after a certain amount of stamps, they can receive a discount or a free treatment.

Introducing a hierarchy scheme can also improve the client experience for your business such as “bronze”, “silver” and “gold” members. Not only do clients feel like valued customers, they are motivated to perform actions that can level them up, helping your customer retention as well as revenue.

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The Evolution of Beauty | BClean

Since the dawn of time, beauty has been prized in every culture across the world. The ancient Egyptians, for example, held beauty to be in high regard – and not just in women – as exemplified by the popular portrayal we see of the famous Queen Cleopatra. The Greeks saw beauty in the male form in a more powerful way, and beautiful women were hailed as citizens of the highest order. Ever since, throughout many different eras, beauty has always been at the forefront of promotion and presence.

Different people see beauty in different ways; it depends upon personal opinion, hence the various different looks portrayed by models across the ages. Indeed, what one person finds beautiful may be merely ordinary to another. One of the most important aspects of any beauty regime – and this has been the case since even before the aforementioned Cleopatra, famously bathed in asses milk – in skin care, and with such a saturated market it can be difficult to discover the right products.

An Innovative App

What if there was an app available, for use on your smartphone or tablet, that allowed you to share and read other’s ideas on the best skin care and beauty products? A community that brings together like-minded people who are all looking for tips, advice and the latest trends in beauty treatment and regimes? Well, you’re in luck, because now there is, and it’s known as BClean – the future of skin care is at your fingertips in one simple to use, informative and wide-reaching app.

What’s so cool about BClean? It’s designed to help you talk to others about what you get up to in your beauty routine, and what’s even better about it is that it focuses on clean beauty products – that is those that are naturally based and don’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients. The other great thing is that BClean is at pre-launch stage, so if you sign up now, you become one of the exclusive users of what is set to become one of the most innovative and impressive beauty apps ever.

Personal Treatment

BClean aims to help women analyse the various products available in the world of beauty and skin care, and to check all ingredients. There are personal aestheticians on hand to help each user devise their own skin care and beauty regime, using the most appropriate, carefully researched products. They can also help with problems with skin, such as breakouts, and will tailor your products and routines to your age, skin type, and other personal preferences.

The app will surely be a very popular purchase when it goes fully live, and it may be prudent to get on board right now if you want to get into the swing of things and take a step ahead of others. If you want to have fun while also keeping your skin naturally beautiful, BClean could well be the way to go, so sign up now and see what it’s all about, and start sharing your beauty secrets.

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What Is Timeless’ Best Anti-Wrinkle Product?



Where do wrinkles come from?  Of all the embarrassing questions kids can ask you, how will you answer this one?  The other shoppers looking for anti-wrinkle serums in the drugstore probably don’t have an answer, either.  In his Just So Stories, Kipling addressed where the elephant got its trunk, but not where it got its wrinkles.  Everyone, including customers of Timeless Skin Care, wants to avoid wrinkles, but rarely do we think about where they originate.

It Starts with the Sun

The sun can cause wrinkles in two ways: First, the more times the earth revolves around it in your lifetime, the more vulnerable you are to wrinkles.  Second, sun exposure when you are young can cause wrinkles later in life.  To protect against the first scenario, you can use skin care products that help build collagen.  Timeless Coenzyme Q10 serum is a good choice for this purpose.

Antioxidants Protect Against Sun Damage

Antioxidants can help protect your skin from the oxidative stress caused by sun exposure.  Timeless vitamin C and E serum should be your first choice for skin protection.  The serum also has ferulic acid, which makes the vitamin C and E in the serum more effective.

As far as anti-wrinkle properties go, vitamin C is a double whammy.  Not only does it protect against oxidative stress, it also helps build collagen.  Therefore, a Timeless serum with vitamin C is a good choice even if you do not live in a sunny climate.

Wrinkles are a fact of life that almost no one wants to address.  The best way to avoid them is by building collagen and preventing sun damage.  You can protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and Timeless Skin Serums.  The vitamin C and E serum offers you the best protection.

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What Are The Top Wholesale Perfumes

Buying wholesale can be a great way to find top fragrances without breaking the bank. Not only will you be finding the best inexpensive scents, but you may actually find something that is very similar to your favorite brand perfume. Here are just a few of the top wholesale perfumes:

Musk for Women by Diamond Collection: A gentle blend of florals and earthy musk, Jovan’s Musk for women has been rated the best wholesale fragrance on a several consumer reviews. A note to the guys, Jovan’s Musk for men was also very well reviewed.

Hello Woman: This mystifying, floral scent draws its inspiration from J Del Pozo’s Halloween. The scent is more whimsical and sweet than exotic, and great to highlight femininity.

Samantha: If you are looking for a crisp, edgy scent for women, Samantha is idea. Inspired by Sophia by Sophia Vergara, Samantha is refreshing without being overwhelmingly floral and even adds a hint of spice. The scent lasts well throughout the day and may even linger on clothing.

USA ARMY Sport by Diamond Collection: Inspired by Swiss Army Classic Sport from Victorinox, this scent is sharp without being overbearing. With notes of crisp apple contrasted by soothing lavender, this fragrance is perfect for taking on a busy day.

Flowers Bloom Crush: This scent is a combination of florals and citrus. While the florals are definitely present, they are not overpowering. According to reviews, this scent can only grow on you over time!

The “top” products in any industry are prone to change with the seasons. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find many of your favorite products around for a while, and may even find something new and wonderful that is not in the top pics. Take some time to explore and experiment. After all, you can afford a bit of trial and error with the convenience of wholesale prices.

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How to Get Beautiful Skin

Everybody, women or men crave beautiful, healthy looking skin. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are suffering from bad skin that looks dehydrated and has lost its bounce. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it shouldn’t be neglected in any way. If you indeed are looking forward to make your skin look better then, you have two choices, one is to get there the non-invasive healthy and natural way and the other one is to embrace the invasive way.

Non-invasive –

The non-invasive way calls for taking good care of your skin regularly and slowly you will see the results. Make a schedule and impart some time just for your skin care. Your regime should be elaborate yet easy to follow. Below is the regime that one must follow daily to get healthy glowing skin.

Understand –

Before you jump into a conclusion and buy products for your skin, try to understand your skin type. It is oily, dry or combination of both. The products available in the market these days are labeled accordingly.

Cleanse –

 There are a vast number of brands coming up with their cleansers every other day; it is natural to get confused about it. Try some cleansers that say it caters to your skin type and find the best one that suits your skin in the trial and error way. Once you have found a cleanser that suits your skin then stick with it.

Exfoliate –

The next step for you to get clear skin is to exfoliate at least once a week. You have to remove that dead skin and to do so you can either purchase a good scrub or make your own using sugar granules and oils mixed with your cleanser.


Moisturizing your skin is very important; you don’t want dry and flakey skin. After all that cleansing and scrubbing you have to restore the natural moisture of your skin. Use a good moisturizer as per your skin’s need.


The sun is the main culprit when it comes to bad skin. The UV rays from the sun damages our skin cells making our skin look dull and bad. It makes our skin look beaten and with no life. Exposure to sun can also result in skin cancer. This is the reason why applying sunscreen is important. If you are indoor or outdoor you should always wear sunscreen. If you ask for the holy grail of skin care, sunscreen will be the answer!

Invasive –

There are a huge number of women and men, who are ready to go under the knife to get beautiful skin. Botox is the call of the day. People from all walks of life across the globe are using Botox to make their skin look youthful. It helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that come with old age. There are various other invasive methods people use to get better skin. People take unsecured personal loans with bad credit and no guarantor, to go under the knife.

It is best to go the Non-invasive way when it comes to skin care. Ageing is a natural phenomenon and one should learn to embrace it, try to follow the basic regime of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and using sunscreen will soon make your skin look healthy and rejuvenated.

Whether you go for the invasive or the non-invasive method you will have to invest in some good skin care products to get the glow you have always wanted.

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