Getting Fit Using Two Types Of Exercise Routines

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Keeping fit is one of life’s great challenges, especially as it gets easier and easier to do things that distract us from being active. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the ways you might consider looking after your health through exercise and activity. The aim here is to demonstrate that not only is keeping fit possible no matter your time restraints, but it can also be a fun and social thing to do as well.


One thing for certain when discussing health is that we all need to do some form of physical exertion as part of our regular routine. According to the NHS, the average adult should be doing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous and strength exercises working the major muscle groups on two or more days per week. So let’s take a look at what that means for you and how you can meet this requirement. Bear in mind that what this suggests is that you only need to set aside three hours out of 168 in a week to do exercise.


Aerobic exercise is the type of activity that depends on the aerobic-energy generating process, in other words it means to get enough oxygen in your system to meet the demands you are putting on your body. You will, at some point in your life, have taken part in aerobic exercise whether that was at school or just part of your normal daily life.

For some people, aerobic exercise means going to their local gym and using machines like the treadmill, cross-trainer, and rower. While for others, especially those looking at the vigorous side of aerobic exercise, will be getting their workout in through team sports like football or polo. The former of these aerobic workouts requires less pre-planning, whereas taking part in a sport you are going to need to find a team and perhaps even get your hands on a custom designed polo kit to make sure you are prepared for action. Really the decision on what kind of aerobic exercise you do will likely come down to your time commitment and what being active means to you. Some people prefer a personal session and therefore running or cycling alone is preferable, whereas others like to work in a social aspect which makes team sports ideal.

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Strength Training

Strength training is the type of exercise that requires you to use resistance training methods which create muscular contraction with the aim of building up strength, endurance and size of skeletal muscles. When most people think of this kind of exercise they usually think of the heavy lifting weights and physically dominant people with large muscles, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Taking part in exercise like push ups, squats and planking are important because they build up your strength and they also help with keeping you healthy. You can incorporate weights into a strength routine, but you don’t have to. Building up muscle doesn’t have to mean that you expand your arms and legs, instead you can be solidifying your body to have greater core strength and health.

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7 Places to Play Sports and Activities in Oxford



Oxford is certainly a proud sporting city. Thanks to Oxford University a great many sportsmen and women have honed their skills and gone on to compete on the world stage – an amazing 158 Olympic medals have been won by Oxford University alumni. The first rugby club ever was founded in Oxford. And today Oxford is the place to be when you want to compete, or just get fit. Here are some of the best places to work out, play sport, or be active in Oxford.

  1. Barton Leisure Centre

This leisure centre is located to the east of the ring road. It has a huge swimming pool plus a gym and an exercise room.

  1. Leys Pools and Leisure Centre

Three is another large pool here along with a family pool, badminton and football spaces, snooker, a gym, function rooms, and a crèche.

  1. Ferry Leisure Centre

The Ferry has a six-lane pool as well as a smaller pool, plus squash courts, a gym, sports hall, dance studio, and the place offers a wide variety of fitness classes.

  1. Hinksey Pool

This is an open-air pool within a park, and it is heated to perfection with lovely views, plus refreshments are available. It’s usually open during the summer months.

  1. Oxford Golf Clubs

If you want a round of golf you are spoiled for choice in the area surrounding Oxford. Private and public golf courses provide high quality courses and facilities for golfers and those that prefer to watch. An oxfordshire golf club usually also offers other facilities such as a spa, a pool, a restaurant, or a bar.

  1. Private Gyms

There is a variety of gyms in Oxford where you sign up for a membership and pay monthly to use the facilities. All offer something slightly different, at different prices, so it pays to shop around to find the one that suits you best.

  1. Oxford Fitness Clubs

Again, a variety of choices are on offer from the Oxford Martial Arts Academy (OMAA) which provides a full range of martial arts tuition, tennis clubs and courts all round the city, yoga classes too numerous to mention, a games hall that can be hired by basketball, gymnastics, badminton and other teams, an ice rink, korfball clubs, American football clubs, fencing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, cricket, triathlon, and much more. If you want to get active, you’re in the right place in Oxford.


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How Successful Sportswomen Play a Big Role in Society

Thankfully, the role of women in sport is gradually increasing, from securing sponsorship deals, more televised events and the prize money they earn, women are getting closer to men, even if it’s still not at the level it should be. The increase in prominence and stature of women in sport has created some ideal role models for girls all over the world, where they can aspire to be like their idols and not just from a sporting perspective. Whether it’s diet, fashion or lifestyle choices there are many influential sportswomen who play a role in giving power to women over the world.

Possibly the most influential woman in sport is Serena Williams, the queen of tennis. She has won 21 single grand-slam titles, the third most in the history of the sport, yet even at 34 she looks set to add to that as she still is the woman to beat. She is seeking her latest grand slam at the French open and you can bet on it at and follow her journey as she looks to continue to make history. However, Serena is more than just a tennis player. She has long championed for equal pay for women, something that does exist in tennis and as for sponsorships and being a star attraction, she certainly competes with the men on that front, she is a global superstar. Away from tennis entirely, she is also a role model for women, she inspires because of her strong personality and how she is proud and embraces her body for the way she is. Serena also owns her own fashion company which provides many great outfits that reflect her own sense of style which can be seen both with her on court attire and when she is pictured in public.

When it comes to women in the UK, Jessica Ennis-Hill is undoubtedly one of the most influential. Obviously, she is a tremendous athlete, which was displayed on that historic night at the London 2012 games where all her hard work and effort paid off. However, like Serena, she is more than just a sportswoman, she has had to deal with a senior figure at UK Athletics ridiculously branding her ‘fat’ which brought a public outrage. She has since had her first child and still returned to the track which makes her an inspiration to women all over the world who have children and still manage to carry on with their lives.

Whether they want to be or not, the like of Serena and Jessica Ennis-Hill are role models to women everywhere, they combine talent with hard work in a sporting environment that hasn’t always been favourable to women. On top of that, they show their personality in interviews, show off their own fashion sense and embrace everything about themselves. With women’s sport growing, from televised FIFA World Cup’s to the Olympics, the platform for more role models and more inspirational women to showcase themselves is finally getting bigger.

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