The Most Essential Factors You Need to Consider when Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring




If you’ve decided to ask your beloved to spend the rest of her life with you – if you’re ready to make that commitment – then it pays to think about the process of choosing an engagement ring. It’s a momentous occasion, after all, and it should be considered carefully. Diamonds may or may not be a girl’s best friend (depending on the girl, of course), but choosing the wrong diamond engagement ring is really not the best way to start a life-long commitment. So what exactly should a prospective husband be looking for? For those who want to put their best foot forward, here are the most essential factors you need to consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring.

Think of shape first

A diamond can be cut into various shapes – from more or less round, to oval, to more angular such as square or rectangular. Round ones are the most popular, so in case of doubt, go for the round one. Unless your precious one has a specific shape in mind (and you are sure she prefers it), stick with the round one. On the other hand, buying her a diamond that does not conform to the traditional does make the diamond original.

Does size matter?

Yes – but make sure you stick with your budget and don’t think that buying the biggest stone in the shop automatically means you’re getting the best deal. There are a lot of other factors involved, such as cut, shape, colour, and other factors that affect quality. Furthermore, since it’s an engagement ring (which, we assume, will be worn for a long time to come), it should not interfere with her everyday activities.

On quality

Many factors affect quality, such as cut (which is basically a mark of the workmanship), colour (most people prefer the colourless – or white – variety) and clarity (which is usually determined last and graded in different ways). The quality of the stone is highly dependent on the person who made the rough diamond into the stone it is one the ring.

You may also want to consider where the diamond comes from – where in the world it was mined, which company cut it, and how it actually came to be in your hands and eventually around your loved one’s finger. Ask for certificates – not just to ascertain that it is, in fact, a real diamond you’re going to give, but also to ensure that you have indeed the right size, right grain, right amount of carats, right colour, and right clarity. It’s all about making sure you’re getting what you’re paying for when it comes to diamond engagement rings, after all. You’re making a commitment (in more ways than one), so it should be done the right way. Congratulations in advance!


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Why Is It Important To Put A ‘Ring On It’?

Image by Stevendepolo via Flickr

Engagement rings are part of some century old traditions surrounded by many myths and beliefs. It is believed that the custom began in 4th-century Egyptian culture as they believed a circle to be the symbol of eternity, something with no beginning and end. The Western culture began exchanging rings after the impact of Roman and Greek marriage traditions. It was believed that the ‘ring finger’ has the ‘Vena Amoris’ or ‘Vein of Love’ that directly connects to the heart, thus making the exchanging of rings a promise of love for eternity.


Even though, after its rich history and romantic context, an engagement ring in today’s ultra-modern world serves much more purposes. Here are some of the reasons why an engagement ring plays a major role in our society:

A SYMBOL OF COMMITMENT – Engagement rings reflect your individual style. An engagement ring on a finger is also a direct signal that you’re in a committed relationship and are no longer “available” for anybody else. The token of commitment actually means much more for the society, rather than the couple themselves. A committed couple doesn’t need a material to prove anything, but a sign for the sake of the society seems like a necessity.

PROOF OF LOYALTY – Even though love reigns supreme, a little satisfaction in knowing that your partner is loyal to you hurts nobody. Seeing your other half flaunting the ring in public and among his/her friends gives you a sense of safety and assures you that they love you and only you.

READY, BUT NOT YET READY – They say that you just know when you meet your soul mate. And that is relevantly true. You know you’ve met “the one” and you’re completely ready to spend the rest of your life with them. But maybe your bank balance or your unstable job or your broken apartment doesn’t think the same. Often even when you’re totally committed, you want to be married but certain factors seem to stop you.

In that case, getting engaged is a perfect option. It gives you time to settle down your life while at the same time, you give your betrothed the promise of togetherness. Just because you are not ready to settle in and start a family doesn’t mean you can’t commit yet. If you’re looking for the perfect ring with a reasonable price, make sure to check out for their elegant collections.


Even after all the beliefs in the old world and modern society, for a couple truly in love, an engagement ring is the ultimate tool that seals their love forever. They don’t wear the rings for their partner or for the society, but just feeling the metal on their finger gives them happiness and purity.

An engagement ring should never really be a product of societal pressure or your lover’s demand, but it should be a gesture to say that you’ve found the one you were searching for. For a lover, an engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and love.

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Which Homecoming Fashion Mistakes Should You Avoid?


High school and college homecoming dances are upon us.  Do you know the distinct fashion differences between homecoming dresses and prom dresses? Since homecoming occurs in early fall, most dresses are shorter and somewhat more casual.  Homecoming is often seen as more of a semi-formal event instead of an all out formal one. However, that doesn’t mean you can show up wearing anything you want. Use these tips to avoid common fashion faux pas so you don’t end up on a Homecoming fashion don’t list.


  • Don’t buy your homecoming dress before checking your school’s dress code for the dance. Some schools have guidelines stating formal dresses must be just above the knee, where others allow dresses to be mid-thigh, or around 17 inches long. Pay attention to your school’s theme and colours, so you don’t select a colour combination that will totally clash.


  • Don’t buy a dress purely on style. Remember to consider your body type and never buy a dress that you need to lose a few pounds to even squeeze into. There are so many elegant dress options that hug your curves beautifully, such as chiffon fit-and-flare dresses.


  • Avoid buying neon and bright colours as they come across as tacky and cheap. Neon colours can be really hard to pull off, especially with complimenting your skin tone.  If you like bright colours, try rich reds or royal blues or even gold or silver, instead of neon green or the like.


  • Don’t look like a dressed up princess and look like you belong on the Toddlers and Tiaras television show. A little bling on your dress is classy, but when’s totally covered with sequins or includes a poufy ball gown skirt, it’s becoming tacky. The ball gown skirt may look more like a decorated upside down wedding cupcake and even if you choose a flowing skirt, endless sequins and sparkles are too much for homecoming.  Try looking at sexy yet classy homecoming dresses.


  • Avoid wearing long white or other pastel dresses to homecoming. These floor-length dresses are more appropriate for prom as are pastel hues. Keep your dress casual and fun, with a bandage hugging silhouette, two-piece dresses, or trendy chiffon options.


  • Don’t overdo it on your accessories. Know the rules for pantyhose and appropriate footwear; such as if you choose to wear pantyhose, make sure it’s in a shade close to your skin tone. Generally, you wear heels to formal dances, but if you plan to dance most of the night and your heels are not comfortable, consider wearing or bringing some ballet flats or decorative sandals.


  • Don’t spend too much money on a dress. Figure out if you have other semi-formal events that you may wear the dress too, and then set a realistic budget, remembering you don’t need to buy an expensive homecoming dress. You can find some lovely dresses that are under $200.


Now that you know what not to wear to Homecoming, do you know what you’re going to wear to this year’s dance?  In addition to the always popular fit and flare dresses, this year you’ll find floral two pieces, hip-hugging bandage dresses, and some softer pinks are popular this fall.

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4 Styling Tips That Can Make Tee & Jeans Super Chic



Everyone dresses in this combination. At least once in your life, you turned towards the famous tee & jeans combo to get you out of a sticky situation. After all, if celebs can pull it off, then there’s certainly no problem for you to do it. Although it’s a definite comfortable combination, you might be tempted to think that it’s a bit of a cop-out choice, which is a statement of despair.

Can you make a T-shirt and a pair of jeans look chic stylish? You can – and this is why we’re here. We’ll tell you how, with the right accessories, you’ll be able to look like you’ve come straight off the catwalk of a glamourous fashion show.

#1 Wear a colourful Scarf

Scarves are our faithful allies in case of a fashion emergency, as they are often the spice and pepper of an outfit that we’re trying to improve. Drape a patterned scarf around your neck, play around with the way you fold it, and you’ll undoubtedly elevate the chic-level of your whole attire.

Scarves go extremely well when paired with some nice western-looking boots and a pair of subtly coloured shades. You can avoid looking too much like a cowgirl (unless you’re willingly going for this style) by throwing in some retro accessories to balance it out, such as classy rings or a long-chained necklace with a small watch pendant.

#2 Go Bold with Colours

This is what you should be majorly aiming for here. Denim isn’t a particularly colourful material and it often fades into the outfit. If you benefit from a richly patterned T-shirt, then perhaps you don’t need to worry about making your apparel pop out more. But especially if it’s a classic “white tee, blue jeans” combination, then you need to channel all craziness, colours, and patterns into everything else.

Opt for a pair of sneakers embellished in spots that resemble a painted canvas or ones decorated with feminine floral patterns blended in with bubblegum pink and white. Clothe yourself in pastel – on the bag, on a nice hat with little gems embedded in it, or on a cute watch or pair of earrings.

#3 Decorate with Pearls

Yes, pearls. We live in a time of possibilities and, with the right eye, anyone can pull off even the most surreal of combinations. Pearls are always a pinch of elegance and refined style to any outfit. While it’s easy to match them to a little black dress or a ball gown, they can also add a stunning touch to a casual outfit.

Clip around your neck a classic bead of pearls or put your hair up in a messy bun and unveil a cute pair of fishhook slip-in freshwater pearl earrings. Whether it’s a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a ring, they will suddenly make you feel like you’re strolling through Paris and about to be photographed for a big fashion publication.

#4 Rock out with Spikes and Leather

Fear not, for you can also make this outfit be incredibly sexy. One sure way to achieve that is by putting on a black leather jacket. No matter the time of the day or situation, the mystery and elegance of black combined with the boldness and sex-appeal of leather will cloak you in an air of sensuality and confidence.

You can further accessorise by trying to follow a desired style – for example, a minimalist glam rock appearance. Opt for a gold spiked necklace with black accents that will definitely bring to light your inner tigress. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to slip your feet into that pair of leopard-print pumps to make you completely irresistible.

Cheers for debunking one more fashion myth. This is what style is all about, in the end – knowing how and when to add the right accessories. It’s all in the little things, which can make a great impact and ultimately completely change the vibes you want to transmit through your outfit.

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Dressing the Part: Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, a big part of the brand you’re selling is yourself. The way you present yourself is really important, especially for those crucial first impressions, and looking (or feeling) put together on the outside can actually give your confidence a massive boost.

So, just how do you dress the part? These five steps – which cover everything from emergency stain removal on your lucky suit to tips on wardrobe organisation to make your morning routine smoother – have all the secrets you need to know.

  1. Invest in a few classic pieces. Not everyone can afford to update the contents of their wardrobe regularly so instead try and invest in a few key pieces that fit you well and will pass the test of time – both in terms of quality and style. Avoid seasonal trends that are likely to go out of date quickly and opt for timeless style staples like a well-cut shirt, dark suit, and smart shoes. Once you’ve made your investments, take special care of those items to help them last. Take shoes to a cobbler for resoling instead of replacing them and use wooden or padded coat hangers to keep the shoulders of your suit jackets and blouses in good shape.
  2. Dress for your background. If you’re working in a creative environment, chances are that you’ll be expected to dress less formally than your peers who may be lawyers or accountants. However, this doesn’t mean that you should arrive into the office in pyjamas! A good rule of thumb is to emulate the smartest-dressed person in your work environment, whatever that might be. If your office is more casual then you can leave the full suit at home but equally should avoid slogan t-shirts, jeans or other forms of leisurewear.
  3. Organise your wardrobe. This might mean decluttering and coming up with some storage solutions, but organising your wardrobe will be so worth it when scrabbling around in the dark to find an outfit appropriate for your 7am breakfast meeting. Different methods work for different people: you might want to keep all your blouses hanging in the same section, or organise by colour. Rotating your clothes by season can also be really effective.
  4. Follow fashion advice. Making a few simple changes, like matching colours or patterns within your outfit, can instantly make you look smarter and more put together with minimal effort, we’re not saying you need to pull out the Overlocker, but, avoid more than one statement piece of jewellery, as it can be distracting, and have an idea of which accessories go best with each outfit – you might want to set aside an evening to model them to yourself. Other simple ways to look more put together include getting a lint roller to give yourself a quick once-over before leaving the house (especially if you have pets), and having a few smart go-to dresses that you can throw on in the morning when you’re low on time or just feeling indecisive.
  5. Look after your clothes. Nobody looks their best arriving to a presentation covered in coffee stains. If you can, start stain removal immediately after the spill to keep your clothes looking fresh and stain-free. There are different fixes for different fabrics and stains; if you’re unsure about which method is best, you can use Persil’s stain removal calculator. Finally, one of the most common ways clothing loses its shape and colour is washing, so make them last longer by washing at lower temperatures and air dry rather than using a tumble dryer. This will also save on energy bills and is better for the environment.

So there you have it. With these 5 simple steps you’ll be well on your way to dressing like the businesswoman you were born to be.

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Top 12 Beauty Tips For Kids

All mothers are the same! They all like to doll up their little bundles of joy…

As we tend to be over cautious and vigilant on things concerning our little ones, you must be left wondering if there are beauty tips as well for the little ones. Well, the answer is a yes!

Kids will be kids, but they are growing up. They need extra care to keep that cherubic beauty. Many of us don’t know some of the most essential things that have to be taken care of for this. Read on to get the most important beauty tips to be considered for both young boys and girls.

Essential Beauty tips for Kids:

1. Eat right

From the beginning get them to eat right! Beauty is also determined by the kind of food they eat. So, inculcate in them a habit of enjoying better and nutritious food like meat, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, rice etc.

Don’t encourage junk foods and aerated beverages. But if you completely restrict them, they tend to break your hard rules, so to be on the safer side, allow it on an occasional basis. Snack time can be fun times!

You can whip up some interesting healthy snacks and discourage fried foods. Stock up with healthy munchies instead of fried stuff and it can be a good foundation for future health and beauty.

2. Get that beauty sleep

Sleep keeps your kids healthy & beautiful! Though the child may not be willing to go to sleep early, the trick is to allow them to have their share of fun outdoors and engage them in indoor activities – they are sure to hit the bed on time.

Napping is also essential for these little ones, because it is when they sleep; their brain improves its performance, feeds onto memory power and boosts skin and beauty.

3. No chemical products for your kid’s hair

We suggest you to stay away from the chemical products for your kid’s hair. A mild shampoo and regular brushing should keep the hair in good condition. Regular trims are a must as are oil massages. Use olive oil or coconut oil, as it is really good for kid’s hair.

At this age it is always better to keep hair short so that they are well maintained and healthy. Provide them nutritious food like lettuce that will improve their hair’s texture. Combing on a regular basis every day will also help in a big way.

4. Plenty of time outdoors

Time out playing in the sun is good for kids’ health and beauty. Let them soak in the sun rays but not between 12-4 pm because that is when the sun emits harmful UV rays that can affect your child’s skin. Just don’t forget SPF and sun hat before leaving for outdoors.

5. Delicate skin needs delicate care

Your kid’s skin is sensitive to chemicals and changes in weather. Skin is one of the most important and sensitive areas of your kid’s body to be taken extreme care of. Always say no to chemical soaps, only use mild and quality soaps.

Olive oil and coconut oil is good for skin health and has long proven its benefits for skin, health and hair. Massage their body with olive oil or coconut oil before splashing in the bath tub.

Moisturise the skin! Always remember to dab a mild and good quality moisturizer after your child’s bath. This way, it will keep skin healthy in a much effective manner than otherwise.

6. Shower everyday

For kids & even adults, a daily bath is a must, if possible twice a day! The daily shower will help them keep energetic and active for the whole day. On hot summer days, it’s sure to cool them off the whole day. A fragrant talcum powder will keep them feel fresh and clean. Say no to Deodorants before they reach teen age.

7. Teeth count too!

Healthy teeth contribute a lot to beauty! To maintain their pearly white teeth, teach them to brush twice a day and that too in the right manner on a daily basis.

Do teach kids the habit of good dental hygiene and make a visit to your dentist at least twice a year for best results. You are laying the foundation to an attractive, sparkling smile.

8. Nails

Take a look at your child’s nails. Are they long then dirt can be stuck in them. Clean them out. Make it a habit to clean them regularly & don’t let your kids grow nails long as a child. It can lead to many health issues. Keeping nails neat and clipped or well-trimmed takes priority over other things.

9. Lots of water

Water can work magic on your child’s beauty! Drinking lots of water has its benefits! Kids should drink plenty of water to keep their health and beauty. Wash their face at regular intervals so that, your child will always feel fresh.

10. Dress them right!

Weather conditions and the activity define the choice of your little one’s clothes. Easy and quick access styles would be an advantage when clothes need to be changed often. Buying children’s clothes that have colorful buttons and press studs will help to make changing jobs easier and also look smart on the kids.

11. Colourful clothes are the key

Kids look and feel good when they dress in bright & happy colours! They should wear clothes that excite them. Colourful clothes would certainly help their moods. Animal and cartoon prints are always popular picks for kids and babies.

12. Foot care

Good foot care even when kids would mean a good style of walking. Walking and exercise are needed to keep in shape. Hand-me-downs should be avoided. Comfort is of the utmost importance and you should go in for straps or lace ups for young children.

Basically all kids are beautiful one way or the other. Hope these beauty tips have helped you to enhance the beauty of your kids, as they address their beauty needs both internally and externally. Inculcate good habits right from the very beginning, and give our kids a beautiful, healthy advantage. But remember your love makes them naturally beautiful…

Author Bio:

Melvin Mathews is the Chief Promoter and Marketing Head for– An online clothing store for kids based at Kerala, India. We provide a wide range of party wear dresses and accessories for baby girls at affordable rates. We take pride in our excellent after sales service and timely delivery.

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How to own your wedding without breaking the bank

With the rise of online sharing and visual documentation comes huge pressure to be the best and look the best. There are certain events that certainly feel the raff of these changes, weddings are one of them. Making your wedding day look like a page on Pinterest is increasingly difficult and expensive. Like a lot of things in life, with great expectation and planning comes huge expense. Weddings are certainly no exception. As our tastes become more advanced our budgets certainly feel the weight of our imaginations. For this reason, I’d like to share some top tips to help you save the pennies. Here’s how you can create your dream day without breaking the bank and feeding your beloved guests sausage rolls, as lovely as they are, it won’t look good on Instagram.

Your day is about one thing and one thing only, you and your loved one making a beautiful commitment. When wrapped up in the excitement of it all it’s important you have somebody documenting the day for you. Wedding photographers are a perfect way of making sure you have a keepsake that will remind you of the special moments. However, they come at a cost. Look for photographers starting out in the industry. This does not mean you are going to lose quality, arrange to see their body of previous work in detail and of course outline your needs for the day. Another top tip and a great way to bring an element of fun and participation to the day is by placing disposable cameras on the tables for your guests to use at their own free will. This encourages your guest to get on their feet and be involved. Not to mention how great the disposable images will look placed in a frame and added to your new home. The photos are sure to capture the fun filled aspect of your wedding.

With regards to music, I’d like to think we are behind the days of your typical ‘wedding DJ’ assuming we are all huge ‘Take That’ fans and love nothing more than Robbie Williams on repeat. That’s not to say that we didn’t love it at the time but tastes are shifting and we are ready for something more alternative. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a friend who plays in what happens to be a great live band. Question if discounted ‘mate rates’ would be an option, maybe you have something you could repay the favour with at a later date. Better yet, invest time into making your own playlist. Buy a docking station and suitable speakers that are sure to get people on their feet. Indeed, making a playlist that will last the entire evening of your wedding may seem like a daunting task but there’s nothing like asking for a little help from your friends. Combine your own and your partner’s favourite jams and additionally include the top picks form your guests, this way you’re sure to have tracks to suit everyone’s party needs.

There is however, no party without a venue. Finding affordable wedding venues can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Ways to try and scrimp back the pennies when booking your venue is to consider marrying on a day that isn’t a Saturday. Yes, we all want to get married on the weekend, it makes life easier for our guests and means nobody has to take time off work. Give your loved ones enough notice and I really don’t see how this will cause an issue. Fridays are a great choice, not many people will argue about having to take a long weekend off. Open your venue search to areas, stretching out further than the city. Barns are fast becoming a popular choice, granted they too can still be pricey but generally they have already been done up with all the swanky fittings. Using your skills and anyone else you can convince to help, get creative designing your own venue decorations. I’ve learnt there is nothing a bulk pack of fairy lights can’t solve.

Finally, every bride wants to look their best on their big day. Another area you can certainly cut back on is hair and make-up. Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you scrap this all together. I do understand it’s just as important as the dress, I certainly would not be seen without it on my wedding day. I would however grab a friend and together teach ourselves the tricks of the trade. Especially when it comes to make up, the internet is jammed video tutorials telling us what new expensive make up to buy next and how of course we should be applying it. Invest time learning the ropes and you and your friend can make use of your new skill come the big day. You are of course free to do as many try outs as you so wish.

It’s important you don’t get too bogged down with the financial side of planning your wedding. Sure, it’s important and requires thought. But know that you can still achieve a beautiful day without having to spend your entire life savings. Know that so long as you encompass what makes you and your husband or wife to be so special, both you and your guests will be happy. Not to mention the bank balance. Happy wedding planning!

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Staying Chic in Business Suits

The decade of the 80’s witnessed the surge of suit-clad women clamoring for recognition and success in the corporate ladder. But with fashion’s finicky state of mind, women’s business suits have since evolved and flourished over the next decades. From the boxy and heavily padded suit jackets of the 80’s to the 90’s tailored silhouette, fashion has rolled with the times and women willingly adapted to it.

Today, women’s bespoke suits, shirts, or jackets can be made in every shape and form, with a slim fitting silhouette as the popular choice among women.

When it comes to women’s style, a navy colored suit or blazer can instantly transform your chic style. Women probably have more fun out of all the fashion choices available to them, but bespoke tailoring for women resulted with the success of men’s bespoke.

Given with a consumer freedom and all the versatile clothing options, women now rely on more bang for their buck to maximize their style.

Today’s fashion has also allowed women (and men) with more flexible wardrobe pieces. The navy suit jacket isn’t just exclusively paired with the trouser anymore. With a tailored cut and worn as a blazer, the navy suit jacket is a chic companion to a lovely dress, turtleneck sweater or jeans.

And when buying a suit, women can have it custom made in a solid color or patterned design to either trousers or skirts to accompany the jacket.

Tailor made suits may be designed for business-worthy pursuits, but you can certainly dress it up or down for a stylish look beyond the confines of your four-walled office space. Now who says you can’t be chic wearing a suit even after hours?

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6 Style Tips for the Long Waisted Woman

Do your tops feel too short? Do your pants feel too long? Do you carry your weight in your hips and bottom?

Chances are you are long-waisted. Being long waisted means the distance between your shoulders and natural waist is longer than average. In other words, you have a long torso, shorter legs, and your natural waist sits very low. Picture celebrities like Cher, Clair Danes, Kelly Clarkson, Kiera Knightley and Olivia Wilde and you get the idea.

The problem with being long waisted is that it can make you seem shorter than you really are. You can also look bottom heavy, so it is important to know how to dress to balance your shape.

The goal if you are long waisted?….To shorten your torso, raise your waistline and make your legs look longer. Here are 6 simple ways to do that:

1. Wear Longer Tops and Tuck in

If your waist sits really low it can be a challenge to find tops that are long enough. You don’t want that, “I shrunk my top look”, or to have your tummy hanging out if your top rides up. Tops for long waisted women can be hard to find because you need to have a top or shirt that is long enough to reach your naturally low waist. (A tall women’s store is a good place to shop for clothes for long waisted women) Tucking your top in will raise your waistline and make you look more in proportion.

2. Empire or A-line – The Best Clothes For Long Waisted Women

Empire waist tops and dresses that are narrow up top and gently taper outward create the illusion of a raised waist. The focus remains high, away from your low center point. A-line dresses have a similar effect. They’re perfect for women with long torsos because they have no waistline.

Keep hemlines at, or just above the knee, to reveal your legs and make you look taller. Detail at the neckline like a statement necklace or a fancy collar will also help direct the eye upwards.

3. Avoid Low Rise Pants

Low slung pants will make your legs look stubby. Instead, try mid-rise. They’re the best type of pants for long waisted women because they raise your waistline. High rise pants are also an option and will elongate your legs. Tuck an elegant blouse into high-waisted pants, add heels, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous look! Avoid cropped pants that cut you off mid calf; they will only shorten the legs more. Pants with cuffs will do the same. Stay away from them too.

4. Match Your Shoes to Your Pants

A simple trick to make your legs look longer is to wear shoes the same color as your pants. For example, gray pants with gray shoes creates an unbroken line that makes you look taller and thinner. Heels also help to pump up the height, but avoid chunky heels because they will make your legs look heavy. If you prefer flat shoes, buy pointy toe flats, not round, to visually add a couple of extra inches to your legs.

5. Wear Short Jackets

Jackets that end higher up on your torso work best if you are long-waisted. Choose a shrug, a bolero or a cropped jacket, no longer than your hipbone.

6. Try a Wide Belt

Long waisted women have a lot of room between the ribcage and waist so if that’s you, fill that up that space with a belt. By wearing a medium to wide belt a touch above your natural waistline you gracefully break up the length of your upper body.

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