How to Cater for a Wedding in France



The selection and preparation of the food and drink that is to be served at your wedding reception is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of the planning process for what should rightfully be the most special and important day of your life.

In particular, many couples love the idea of having a French-style wedding that also draws upon the country’s reputation for the most stellar and tasteful cuisine.

You may even go as far as holding your wedding in France itself for added authenticity – so if this is the case for you, what do you have to think about as far as the catering side of your nuptials is concerned?

First of all, make sure you have the right venue

When so many of us who wish to get married contemplate where we wish to formalise our union with that special someone, the image that often comes to mind is an exceedingly romantic and idyllic one… the impressive backdrop, perhaps, of a historic and noble stone-built property set in large grounds of spectacular manicured French gardens.

Inside the property, meanwhile, you may picture the finest interior decor, crystal chandeliers and all of the trappings of the kind of refined elegance that speaks to your sophistication as a couple.

In short, you’re probably imagining somewhere like our very own highly exclusive and spacious property over four floors, the truly resplendent Château Bouffémont. Admittedly, we are biased as this is our own property, but it is also difficult to imagine a more extraordinary or luxurious option for chateau rental in France.

That impression is only maximised by the sheer practicality of our private venue from a catering perspective. Not only do we have a private chef on our staff who can answer to your most specific requests with regard to the catering for your French wedding, but if you would like to take even more control over the food and drink served, we can give you 24-hour access to an entire equipped guest kitchen.

There are so many ways to make your catering truly French

If you are to hold your wedding in France, you may consider that it would be a waste of one of the most admired gastronomic cultures in the world to fail to imbue your wedding menu with a truly French character.

This is why so many people looking to tie the knot in France are keen to serve food incorporating the highly festive ingredients typical of French weddings. Perhaps you would like to serve the likes of foie gras, scallops or lobster as your starter options, followed by a main meat dish of duck breast or beef fillet, or a main fish dish that could be John Dory, monkfish, salmon or red mullet?

This may be rounded off with a dessert presenting your diners with a choice of exquisite macarons, crème brulée or any of an assortment of French pastries such as tart, éclair or millefeuille. You may also be interested in having your food served in a distinctly French manner involving the tableside preparation of dishes, as is explained in greater detail by home website The Spruce.

Make the remarkable Château Bouffémont your luxury wedding venue, and you will be able to look forward to making the most of our extensive and refined halls, suites and facilities, together with the wider cultural resources of a country that embodies the highest standards of cuisine.

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