A Couple Easy Tips to Improve Your Sleep

We all know that first movement of the day. That awkward way we’re forcing our brain to send signals to raise our lifeless arm, reach out into the nothingness and hit that snooze-button. Repeat a few times and the routine is complete. Like some kind of vampire, awaking from his slumber after a few decades, arising from his coffin we slowly and painfully make our way out of bed. Desperately trying to rub the sleep from your eyes the only thought you’re able to process is “I hope I remembered setting the timer on the coffee machine”. As you perform the rest of your morning rituals, you’re promising yourself to sleep earlier the next day, just like you promised yourself the day before that. If this sounds all too familiar to you, read on and learn how to propel out of your bed with a smile!

Sleep. Obviously, this is vital to our existence. Surprisingly, we actually don’t know all the reason as to why, but we have solved some of the mysteries around our need of sleep. It’s a way for our brain to process all the information we’ve gathered throughout our day, and store all those precious memories where they belong. Our body and brain are actually highly active during our sleep! One quick way of increasing the quality of our sleep is to drink plenty of water. Think of sleeping as our bodies way of going into maintenance. Throughout the night, the body is cleansing itself of toxins, and we can help that process simply by staying hydrated throughout the day and having a glass of water before bed!

Exercise. You knew it was coming. Exercise, but not just your body but also your mind! Stimulate your brain to improve your sleep. Solve some Sudoku or Crosswords, put your brain into hyperdrive by doing some betting betting or pick up a new phrase in another language and repeat it throughout your day! Yoga, jogging, weightlifting and all other physical activities are great, but remember to properly exercise your brain.

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