Coworking Cliques – How a Shared Office Could Help Grow Your Business Network


Your coworking space can help solve some of the doldrums of networking. London, Manchester, Birmingham, or any other English metropolis might not have the same small town sensibilities so networking can be difficult. However, your shared office can remove many of the hindrances that go along with trying to establish a network by creating a nurturing environment. Furthermore, your coworking space essentially sets the tone for developing relationships simply through the office’s organisation.

Through your typical coworking office, the ability to create opportunities to form relationships can occur throughout the day. Whether sitting at your hot desk or hanging out in one of the staff lounges, the coworking space presents many opportunities to engage the office so you can network. However, developing a network depends a lot on your own initiative.

Continue reading learn how the coworking space can help grow your business network and make better connections in the UK.

Meeting People And Making Friends

Probably the easiest way to build your network begins at your hot desk. While dedicated desks and a private office provide you more privacy, hot desks can be the first place you can begin to meet people in the space. See Servcorp London’s coworking spaces at to see the typical way offices can promote social interaction. Get to know your coworking neighbours because you will find that striking up conversations is the easiest way to develop relationships in the space.

Talk about anything. Talk about your work and ask people about theirs, and even exchange information. You might be able to a get a referral or two from some of these conversations. The point is your network begins easily in a place where social interaction naturally occurs.

Participating In The Community

More than just attending functions that the space holds, consider participating in the running of the space. Some of the activities you can volunteer for include helping with events that are hosted in the space, creating an online newsletter that discusses the many happenings, organising events yourself, and putting together themed events to draw in the community. Get to know the managers and proprietors of the space, so your input is taken into consideration seriously.

Boosting Your Online Persona

One of the most obvious ways to make connections is to create an online presence. An online presence through the various social media sites and other tools can really help you make connections to the public, but it also makes it possible for you to promote your brand. Today’s professionals are all about making relationships and the social media landscape can be an easy, unintimidating, effortless way to establish connections before developing relationships with others.

Peddling Your Wares

The whole point of creating these relationships and establishing a network is so that you can possibly collaborate with others in the coworking space. One way to gain the attention of the coworking space is to promote your brand in an understated way to the community. When doing this, be prepared to engage in public relations in getting others interested in the product or service. This means being prepared for questions that arise in response to any interest shown in the product or service. This exposure can translate into business directly from professionals who work in the coworking space, and more importantly, possible opportunities to collaborate.

Creating Relationships Through The Coworking Model

The coworking model is one of the only few that features developing relationships as a part of its mission. In this more relaxed environment, businesses have the liberty and flexibility to do a number of activities within the space, namely building relationships. The office without walls or borders becomes an open space where relationships are fluid and can develop without the limitations of competition.

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