Create Wonderful Window Displays to Attract Customers


Your shop’s window display is one of the first things that customers will see. Both people who are already planning to come in and those who are just walking past will see your displays and should get a good idea of what they can find inside. You can use your window displays to show off your products and boost your brand. You need to use them to draw people inside, so keeping them fresh and attractive is important. Changing your displays regularly will help you to keep things exciting, but first you need to know how to make a good display.

Tell a Story

A good window display tells a story and shows people how they can use your products. You might set up a fun scene from homewares or create outfits out of your fashion items. Select a mannequin for sale that suits the look you want for your brand, and it can help you to create hundreds of different window displays. Pick a theme for your window or perhaps even create a narrative that continues over a series of days. Think of creative ways that you can use your products to put up a fun display that draws people in.

Create Movement

Light, sound and movement can help to draw people in when you create window displays. There are a few ways you could create movement to get people to stop and look in your window. Hanging items on wires or string can sway gently or, if you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you could consider mechanical displays or animations on screens. You can reuse some more expensive items in different ways to make them worth the investment. An easier way to create some movement is to use a fan, which can move light objects, from clothes to streamers.

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Use Seasonal and On-trend Themes

If you’re looking for themes to use in your window displays, think about seasonal occasions, as well as current trends and cultural references. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that relates directly to your products. Anyone can create a Christmas or Valentine’s display if they’re creative enough. You can also make references to pop culture or anything that might appeal to your customers, whether it’s the latest video game or a classic movie. People enjoy things that feel like an inside joke or a reference that only those in the know would get.

Put Key Items at Eye-level

Before creating a window display, go outside and take a look at where people’s eye-level would be. You can mark it with tape so that you can see from indoors. It’s important that you put the most important things at the right level so that people will spot them first, and then look at the rest of your display. Remember that your eye-level when you’re inside is probably not the same as what people will see on the other side, so it’s important to check.

Attractive window displays can help a lot with foot traffic. Keep yours exciting to encourage customers inside.

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