Easy ways to start investing your money

As an entrepreneur, you may run your own successful business and have a little money built up in your bank account as a result. While you could leave it sitting there, the low interest rates that most bank accounts offer don’t make it work as hard for you as it should. That is why many entrepreneurs will look at investing some money to get a much better return on it. Whether you run a beauty salon doing fabulous nails or a boutique selling the latest amazing clothes, investment is something that all entrepreneurs should consider.

Which are the best investment sectors when starting out?

Of course, for many people, the thought of investing money can seem a little scary. With so many things that you could invest in that all have their own terminology, choosing your first investment can be tricky. If you need some great tips on investing money as a beginner, then read on.


If you love your fashion and clothes, then why not make this an investment option to consider? As you know all about the industry anyway, you already have a great head start in choosing what to invest in that may go up in value over time. Whether it is designer Chanel handbags or one-off Armani jackets, using your knowledge of the fashion industry could be the best way to dip your toe into investing.

Stocks and shares

Many successful entrepreneurs will start their investment journey here. It is easy to see why – it is quite simple to understand, there are brokers that you can use to advise you, and you don’t need lots of cash to get going. Just be careful to educate yourself if you will be trading alone or fully research any brokerage that you use to handle it for you!


Many people do not realise this, but the FX market is actually bigger than the stock market, with over $5tn being traded on it each day. The idea is to pick a currency pair and then predict if the price will go up or down. Trading on this market is very popular now as it is easy to access, simple to actually trade, and offers pretty good returns if you do it right. Always check reviews of any broker that you use to trade with online though, to ensure that they are reputable.

Peer-to-peer lending

A great introduction to investment that will also make you feel good is this one. A relatively new investment class, it sees you lending money to other business owners who need it. When they have enough, they pay you back with any interest agreed as profit. This is brilliant if you have a business in the fashion or beauty world and want to help others get into it.

Take it steady

When it comes to taking your first steps in investing, it is wise to go steady. This will ensure that you make correct, informed decisions and invest in a sensible way. When done right, investing can give you a much better return on your money and ensure that it is working as hard as you do.

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