Elevate Employee Morale With These Simple Changes

Since starting your business, you’ve probably discovered that it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be. While you may have a lot more freedom compared to your last day job, there’s far more responsibility and varying factors to worry about, and you’ve probably had to work a lot harder than ever before. Remember, working at a start-up isn’t just stressful for you; your employees are going to feel the sting too! If you’re not seeing as many smiles in your office as you’d like to, here’s a few ways to elevate employee morale.

Be A Nicer Boss

I thought I’d start this post off with the simplest tip I can offer: be nice! Okay, you’re here to make sure the business continues to turn a profit, and grows according to the plan you’ve set out, not to be popular. However, working under a boss who goes out of their way to make your work more enjoyable can be a huge morale booster. As rushed and hectic as things may be, remember to use those magic words you were taught as a child whenever you’re interacting with your staff. When you do have some time spare, instead of just reclining in your office, have a walk around and chat to someone. Ask them how things are going outside of work, and what their plans are for the weekend. Little touches of courtesy can go a long way!

Clean Up

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Like many business owners, you might have started the company all by yourself, setting yourself up online, working late nights, and living on a diet of takeaways and energy drinks. While I admire anyone who can dedicate themselves to any kind of project like this, it may have made you a little too comfortable around dirt and clutter. Now that you’ve grown your operation enough to have an actual commercial premises, those dark days should be well behind you! Consider hiring a full-time cleaner, or outsourcing some professional office cleaning, and upping cleanliness standards throughout your office. First of all, this will reduce the chances of your employees getting sick, which is never good for a person’s mood. Furthermore, a clean and tidy office is more welcoming and attractive, and will encourage your employees to take more pride in the business they work for.

Recognise and Broadcast Achievements

One of the biggest things which will diminish a person’s morale is pushing themselves as hard as they can at work, and feeling that their work goes unappreciated or unrecognised. One way of giving your workforce a great morale boost is by recognising achievements, and broadcasting these throughout the entire workforce. As long as they’re not prone to get embarrassed, this will be a great ego boost to any of your workers, and will push them to try even harder at their next piece of work. It may also motivate other employees to get stuck into their work when their attention is waning. Every couple of weeks, think of things people have done that have really benefited the business, and send out a group email about it. Just make sure you’re not playing favourites!

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