Employers – This Is Where You’re Going Wrong In The Recruitment Process

Are you trying to hire amazing employees to help get your business to where you want it to be, but you just seem to flounder every time? Maybe you get employees on board and you realize they were never right for the role in the first place. Maybe you have noticed that your employees just aren’t rising to the potential that they seemed to have during the interview stages. This could actually be down to something that you’re doing, and not necessarily something that the employee is doing.

If you feel like there may be something that you’re doing wrong during this stage, read on to find out what it could be:

You’re Not Giving Potential Candidates A Great Overall Experience With Your Company

Ok, so one big mistake that many employers make is not making the effort to give all potential candidates a great experience with the company. You should make all candidates feel the same from the minute they enter the building – and that includes whether you think they’re going to be right for the job or not. The experience doesn’t just end when they leave your premises, either. It’s good practice to keep people updated on how the employee search is going and whether they got the job or not. You shouldn’t leave them waiting too long to hear anything back, and you should thank them and send them a sincere message for taking the time to apply for the role. This person may be right for a role you have in the future. Even if they aren’t ever going to be right for your company, do you really want them to tell everybody they know that your recruitment process is awful, that they didn’t feel welcome, and that all they got was a quick email a month later to say ‘no, sorry’.

Treat them like people and make sure you consider how you’d like to be treated. You want to uphold the reputation of your company.

You’re Not Doing Background Checks And Looking At Referrals

Maybe you aren’t taking the time to do background checks and look at referrals. These are essential for making sure that a lot of what you’ve been told by the candidate is truth, and that they really are suitable for the job. You may like the candidate during the interview process, but you should never just give them the benefit of the doubt, as this can lead to big trouble later on down the line.


You’re Not Willing To Train Your Hires Further

You can’t expect the majority of hires to be ready for the role without some form of training, even if that training is just getting integrated into your company and figuring out how things work. Throwing them into the deep end and expecting them to be able to navigate this themselves is bad practice. Training should be ongoing for all employees, and it’s how your business should stay up to date with a high quality of work.

A formal induction program will help with this. The new staff should appreciate the culture and values of your organisation. The first few months is imperative to new staff as it is during this period when they carry an evaluation of their decision to join the company. It is also during this period when new staff tend to be most likely leave for other organisations or go back to their former employers if they realize they are unhappy or have made a big mistake.

You’re Not Making Sure That These People Fit Right In With Your Company Culture

Maybe you’re looking too much at skills and experience, but you’re not actually considering whether these people are right for your company culture. Personality matters too! Can you see this person getting on with the rest of your employees? If you bring the wrong person on board, it could lower morale and make things harder for everybody.

You’re Trying To Find The Right People For The Role All By Yourself

Maybe the issue is that you’re trying to find the right person for the role all alone and you simply don’t have the time. You could look at HR recruitment specialists, Portfolio Group to see if they can help you get the right people on board. Getting help will cost you a little more, but it’ll save you money in the long run and you could end up with a better employee.

You’re Not Giving Yourself Enough Time To Find The Right Person

You can’t expect to put out a job ad and have the right person on board within a few weeks. This process does take time, so you need to be prepared. Be prepared to go through resumes properly, shortlist people, take your time with the interview process, and even have more than one interview stage.

You Haven’t Set The Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria should be set before the process begins, as this ensures that there isn’t too much subjectivity during the process. It can be tough to narrow down the candidates if you haven’t got this criteria already laid out, so consider what is truly important for the role.

You’re Being overly secretive

Sharing your recruitment criteria openly is so important. This ensures that wrong candidates pull out early! Make sure you’re as open as possible so that employees know exactly what they are signing up for and you only end up interviewing suitable people for the role.


If you end up hiring the wrong person during this process, there are all kinds of issues this can present. You’ll notice lost productivity in your business, you’ll have to spend more money and time to start hiring process again, and you’ll often notice lower staff morale. The best thing you can do is avoid these things altogether by hiring the right person in the first place. Make sure you take your time, figure out where you’re going wrong in this process and make the necessary changes so that you find the right people from now on.

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