Entrepreneur’s Need Down Time Too

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Entrepreneur’s work hard, indeed they sometimes work so hard they end up living their lives for their business rather than for themselves and it’s important they get some down time.

Today, we are so digitally connected that it’s hard to switch off from checking our emails and social media notifications, even when we should be relaxing for the night or doing something fun with our friends or family. Indeed, the idea that once upon a time when people used the expression “chained to their desk”, nowadays, it’s more that they’re glued to their devices.

There is so much fun and happiness to be squeezed out of life, yet for some of us, we simply don’t seem to be able to find the time to fully switch off, disconnect and enjoy our lives – it’s like we’ve stopped making time for fun and instead we’re on a constant treadmill that is often referred to as the rat race; yet just ten years ago that race was confined to working hours, but now, the boundaries are being blurred and several people are going to bed with their work laptop, writing emails at midnight to be sent first thing in the morning.

The truth is, we need to make time for fun stuff; whether this is involves you cutting off from the world with a good book or getting so into a computer game you end up finding yourself engrossed in a guide for Final Fantasy XV each night before bed. Whatever it is for you, it’s vitally important you find the time to detach from work and have some down time.

That said, we can all benefit from time management hacks as sometimes when we are trying to relax and unwind, our minds are still focused on work because we didn’t get everything done we need to. It’s important to work when you work and rest when you rest; meaning if you are sitting down to work – ensure you have a singular laser like focus on the task at hand in a distraction free environment.

Today, particularly when working from home, people multitask by working with their laptop on their lap whilst having the TV on in the background, or even dropping in and out of a conversation with their spouse. By fully working when you work, you can reduce the amount of time you are needing to work – and you’ll get the added benefit of being able to fully rest when you rest.

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule encourages us to focus on the tasks that are going to have the greatest impact and get these done first. Often, we can get lost in the small tasks that create a lot of “busyness” and detract from the time we need to manage our “business” – be that in a commercial or personal context.

The best way to determine what your most valuable tasks are, is to write out a list of all your tasks for the day, week, or month and then determine which tasks are going to create the greatest impact; then make sure you focused on these tasks above all else.

In summary, it’s important to find the time to unwind; even the fittest of athletes needs some downtime between competitions, and you’re no different.

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