Have You Ever Wondered What Your Employees REALLY Think Of You?

So you’ve got a team of people working for you. When you head into the office each day, you get greeted with a smile and friendly conversation by your team. But, did you know those smiles might be masking some resentment towards you?

The sad truth is that most workers are afraid of speaking out about unfair work practices. As a result, they let that resentment and frustration fester inside of them. And then they will get to a point where they look for a job elsewhere and resign from your company. Of course, they won’t tell you the “real” reasons why they are quitting!


When you run a business, it’s hard to devote 100% of your time to everything! You have to juggle your attention towards the most pressing of matters. Plus, it’s likely you will feel somewhat weary as you’ll need to work long hours too. With that in mind, some company bosses fail to spot the telltale signs of when their staff aren’t happy.

Here are some of the reasons why your workers may have a negative view of you and what you can do about it:

The work is tedious

Every single human being on the planet needs mental stimulation. If we didn’t have challenges to overcome, life would be incredibly boring! As you can imagine, if you do the exact routine every day in your job, you’d have little mental stimulation.

Sure, you might ensure that your staff get treated fairly in their work. But, if that work isn’t varied, they could end up becoming unproductive. That’s because their minds might wander and they could start to make epic mistakes in what they do. And that’s not a good thing to happen, especially with mission-critical tasks!

The way to avoid that problem is simple: make everyone’s jobs more enjoyable. One example could be to give your staff special projects to work on. Another may involve carrying out different tasks each week.


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They get no respect from you

When you hire employees, you are paying them to carry out a series of tasks for you. Some business leaders forget that employees are people with rights. They aren’t slaves! As such, bosses shouldn’t treat their staff with contempt.

Instead, it’s important to make employees feel valued. And it’s vital that you show them how crucial their contributions to the company are. If you don’t treat your workers with respect, expect a high staff turnover. And even investigations into unfair working practices by local government.

You aren’t paying them enough money

Let’s face it. Money is a big motivator when looking for a job. The sad truth is some people feel compelled to take on a job that pays a low wage. Why? Because earning some money is better than being broke and jobless at home!

It’s no secret the job market is in a state of flux. The harsh reality of business is that some bosses take advantage of that fact. They feel they can pay only minimum wages for highly-skilled staff. When, in fact, they should pay according to the person’s skills, experience and value.



Many employers also offer their staff a range of benefits. Again, offer little to no benefits, and your team will feel aggrieved with you.

Some companies are unsure what to pay their staff. Is that the case for you? If so, consider getting an employee pay and benefits guide by Croner, for example. You can also do plenty of online research from notable recruitment websites.

Inflexible working hours

Many employees will have a plethora of commitments outside of work. The most notable ones are children! As you can imagine, parents often find it hard to juggle child care with their working days. If their bosses ask them to stay back to finish a project, it can screw up their plans for that day.

The good news is that more companies are offering flexible working hours to their staff. And, thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to spend some time working from home remotely. If you’ve not given much thought to flexible working hours for your staff, now is the time. Not only will it boost morale in your firm, but your team’s productivity will increase too.

Poor leadership

Last, but not least, some employees might hate you because you aren’t a good leader. Staff need someone at the helm of the ship, as it were. They need to know what goals they should be aiming for. And they must understand why they need to reach those targets.

If you’re not a good leader, consider hiring someone that is.

Good luck!

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