How To Excel At Getting Customers On Your Side

How To Excel At Getting Customers On Your Side

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Marketing is about more than getting recognised. It’s even about more than getting people to buy from you. It’s about getting customers, yes. But it’s about getting people on your side. Building loyalty and a connection that goes further than just a purchase. So, how do you do that? We’ll look at a few of the ways.

Find what’s unique about you

There’s a lot of competition in just about any industry when you take your business online. You might be the only one providing your services in your area. But online? There are people far flung willing to go toe-to-toe with you. That’s why you need to identify your niche. Find your unique selling point and make it the key to your online identity. A focus on certain aspects of the service can win the confidence of some undecided customers.

Get the professional look

You also need to make sure that what you have online, it’s giving the right signals. You need to have a site that stands out, not just for use of tactics like SEO. It needs to look professional. It needs to be clean and accessible. This might mean taking it onto mobile platforms as well. A site that can’t be accessed in different formats without hideously deforming isn’t a website fit for your business.

Keeping it all organised

Running an online business is wrestling a lot of issues at once. Social media, the website, customer service. You need to keep it all organised and keep all those plates spinning. To this effect, outsourcing can be the solution. From content produces to Magento enterprise developers. Having the contacts to help you engage in a strategy can be an effective way to allow you to keep up with the others.

Going all out with customer service

As for customer service, you can’t skimp on it. Not if you want the word of mouth about you to be positive. You need to be able to engage, or be engaged by, customers no matter what format they’re using. This means keeping a concise ‘contact us’ page on the website as well as you app. It means having people on hand to answer right away, not two days later. It means taking complaints seriously, even if they seem irrelevant to you.

Feedback is a vital resource

Providing you’re getting enough attention in the first place, word of mouth is going to happen. So how do you make sure it’s positive? By taking steps to react to it first. Don’t just accept customer feedback. Solicit it. Send thank you emails and ask for participation in surveys. Welcome testimonials and be communicative with your clients. There are companies who never get to the point where they can actually get feedback. If you do, embrace it.

If you want to be a truly successful business, you want to be a ‘business of the people’. You need to have them in mind and they need to know it. Find what you deliver and shout to the roof about it. Get customers involved in the process.

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