Five Tips To Take The Growing Pains Out Of Going International

When businesses reach a certain level of success, they need to start looking at ways to grow even further. New markets to explore. Out of all the options, going international can be one of the most lucrative. But it can also be a dangerous new world for businesses who aren’t prepared for what it takes. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how you can be better prepared.



Make a big deal out of it

One of the first things that any business going global needs to know is that you need to start a marketing plan all over again. This means a whole new launch and considerations for audiences who don’t know about you. Domestic success and testimonials collected over the years can work significantly in your favor. It’s the start of a new business, or a new era at least. So be prepared to hunt for clients and make yourself known all over again.

Understanding the market

Of course, part of finding the customer base you need is understanding the market you’re going into. There are big differences for different countries and knowing them can help you get more hands on with your approach. Sometimes you can find publically available data. Through networking with local businesses, you can also get the information you need to work off. The trends, advertising, pricing and consumer behavior. You need a comprehensive overview of whatever new markets you’re heading into.




There are also those all important differences in language that you need to understand when going multilingual. Even if you’re expanding business from the States to the UK, it’s not just changing up spelling for some words. You need localization services to help you understand the culture of the language as well. There are some phrases and terms that simply don’t translate well to another country’s audience.

Getting cost effective

You also need to consider the costs that go into expanding overseas. You need to think about your delivery services and how you find discounts to make those long sends less expensive on the company. It also means setting up a delivery system inside the office. If you’re moving high volumes of product, you need warehouses and workflow to be as smooth as possible. Make sure you source your supplies from bigger providers. This way, you can get things like wholesale mailing tubes and packaging services at less cost.




Of course, you’re not going to do it all yourself. Unless you’re opening an overseas location for your business, you will need some help. That’s where the distribution systems come into play. You should be in talks about this process well before going ahead with your plans for expansion. Whether you’re using a distributor or collaborating directly with retailers. It’s a good idea to do your research on whomever helps your distribution. This involves visiting them in person as well as talking to other customers of theirs.

Hitting the global market can be a great opportunity for your business. You just need to get yourself prepared. Knowing the market. Getting in touch with distributors. Have an efficient, organized delivery system.

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