He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not … How Bosses Make Employees Love Them

When it comes to “love” in the workplace, the statistics aren’t good. According to a Right Management survey, more than 84 percent of staff wanted to end their relationship with their bosses and find a new position elsewhere. That’s not a good sign. It says that the state of love in the nation’s offices is actually worse than the state of love in the nation’s marriages.

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But here’s the good thing: you don’t have to be like the vast majority of bosses. You can make your workers love you, and when they do, they’ll be happier, more productive and go out of their way to bring you more business. Remember, your employees are among your greatest promoters.

Here’s how to make your employees love you.

Find Out What Makes Them Want To Stay In Bed

Chances are, there’s something about your employees’ jobs that makes them groan. It could be a working practice that makes it really hard to spend time with their family on the weekends, or might be a slow-loading computer. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity for employers to improve their relationship with their staff by showing an interest in the things that ail them.

Make Meetings Great Again

Meetings are an essential part of like in the workplace. But for some people, the very mention of the word “meeting” is enough to make their stomach turn. A study by Young Gin Choi and others recently found that “fun” is a big reason why people stick around in a particular company, even when they know that they could get a slightly higher paycheck elsewhere. Fun might sound frivolous to some, but making merry is actually an excellent way to invest in the talent in your company. See it as an investment in the future of your team, even if “fun” isn’t your thing.

Focus On Safety

When workers show up to work, they want to be confident that they are going to make it through the day without being terribly injured. Unfortunately, many companies, especially those involved in construction and manufacturing, don’t take all the necessary precautions. To get their employees to fall in love with them, bosses need to follow PUWER regulations to the letter, making sure that all the plant and equipment they use is safe. By focusing on safety, you’re sending a strong message to workers that you genuinely care about their safety. Higher standards of safety mean fewer lawsuits, worker absences and sick payments.

Make Members Of Your Team Stars

When people are in love, they can’t help but talk positively about their loved ones. Bosses should do the same whenever members of their team create value. It’s a good idea to make individual team member’s achievements visible to all. This could mean posting an article about their successes on the company blog or sharing examples of their work within the company network.

Whatever you do, don’t take credit for their achievements. Always praise the individual members of your team who helped you achieve your goals.

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