Manager Material – The Skills And Qualities Every Boss Needs

So you think you’ve got what it takes to get that promotion, become a manager, and lead your own team? You may think becoming a manager isn’t that much of a step up from your current role. After all, you just need to be responsible for a few extra people, right? Wrong! In fact, there is so much more to being a brilliant boss. First of all, you need to have the following skills and qualities.

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People Skills

This is probably the main skill every manager and boss needs. You need to be able to communicate effectively with everyone you work with. That includes those above and below you in your company’s hierarchy. By liaising effectively between different people, you are opening up communication streams. And this will help those working under you feel like their voices are being heard. You also need to be able to let everyone know exactly what you expect from them. That way, operations continue to run smoothly. If there ever is a problem, your employees will not have a problem raising it with you.


It is super important to be aware of what is going on the company. You also need a keen eye so that you can tell if something is ever going on with your staff. If you believe that one of your employees is having a tough time at home, it may be worth having a chat with them. Then you can see if you need to make things easier for them at work. You will find that managing sickness absence will help you keep track of employees and to figure out when things may be going wrong.


You need to be able to know when to manage other people and when to get on with your own work. When it is time to do your own stuff, focus is a very important skill to have. You will find that there are many distractions in your office. These can range from noisy coworkers to people continually asking you questions. You need to be able to filter all this so you can get your work done. Otherwise, all your employees might end up working harder than you! And that won’t do office morale any good.

Know What Won’t Work

Don’t beat yourself up if you start a strategy or project that doesn’t get seen all the way through. Nothing is guaranteed to work, and you have to understand that not everything you try will be a success. Once you realize that something isn’t working as you expected, leave it and move on. It’s time to think of a new strategy. Once you know what doesn’t work, stay away from those methods and concentrate on what does. Don’t just try and stick with something to try and save face!

Getting a promotion to a management position will certainly do wonders for your career. Just don’t forget about these all-important managerial skills and qualities. It could be the end of your new position!

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