The Missing Piece: Turning Staff Members Into Team Members

There’s a difference between being happy at your job and being truly engaged with it. Someone can really love a company and be intent on staying there, but they’re not a member of the team. You’re not getting the full benefit of their knowledge and their efforts. It’s no fault of their own. Turning a group of fairly happy workers into a group of driven, team players is all down to you. There’s no magic wand, just a few tricks that will help you get the job done.

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Turn their goals into your goals

In doing their work, your employees are already fulfilling their side of the deal, just as you are fulfilling your side of the deal by paying them. If you want them to get invested in the success of the team and the business as a whole, you have to go a little further, too. If you want them to consider the goals of the business, then consider their goals. For most employees, it will be a career that they’re trying to build. As you take up most of their day, you have the most opportunity to help them do that. Create a development plan for them, helping them find skills and potentially internal sources of promotion.


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Make sure they have a place in the office

It doesn’t have to be an office, of course. But whatever the workplace is, it shouldn’t just be a place that people come to do their job. It should be a space for them to operate and contribute as comfortably as they can. For instance, make sure they have a safe space like locker storage to keep all their possessions safe. Then give them the option to feel a little more at home by adding some of themselves to their own working space. You might want your branding to shine through the office, but giving them the opportunity to personalise their own desk is going to go a long way towards making them feel at home. If they feel at home in the place they work, they’ll care more about it.


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Be engaged with their work

Engagement isn’t just something you can expect. It’s a dialogue that goes both ways. It’s entirely possible employees might become more engaged because of their own personality. But there’s also a good deal you can do to get them more engaged. To make them more prone to contributing in staff meetings and conversations. Simply put, talk to them about their work. Find out what their day involves. See if they have any problems with their productivity that you could spare some resources to fix. Encourage them to talk more about the problems and questions they face as an individual. They might think about themselves initially, but they’ll soon start opening up about thoughts outside their own place in the business.

When your workforce turns into a cohesive team, you can ensure everyone is on the ball. Morale improves, communication improves, and personal investment in the business will be at an all-time high. You can’t afford to neglect the bonds between those in the business any longer.

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