Moving Business Premises: The Checklist You Need

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In the middle of all of the stress and panic that are involved in moving business premises, somewhere, you have to try and keep a handle on your business. If moving home on a personal level is stressful (which, according to, it is), you tend to be able to multiply it by 10 with a business move.

That’s probably not what you wanted to hear, is it? You were probably more hoping for something along the lines of: “moving business premises is super easy! You’re going to love! In fact, you’ll love it so much you’re going to want to keep moving!”

Sorry, doesn’t work like that. (Though if anyone actually figures out a way for that to be the case – spread the news, would you? Do the world a service!)

Anyway, so, moving isn’t going to be great fun. That’s why you need a checklist devised to try and make sure you keep everything ticking over the way it should be. Speaking of…

Item 1: Client Communication

If you have regular clients, then it’s important that you keep them up-to-date about the move. If necessary, directly contact them individually in the cases of your biggest clients.

For everyone else, keep your social media up to date with the details of the move and how it’s progressing. If you have a mailing list, then utilise it to keep everyone informed.

Item 2: Redirect Everything

If you regularly take supply shipments, then you need to make sure they are moving with you. Contact anyone who might be due to make a delivery to you over the course of the move and advise them where best to send their items.

For anything you might receive that you were not expecting, there’s services like that can forward your post on to you. Use this address as a cover all, perfect for that awkward phase where you’re half in the old place and half in the new one.

Item 3: Switch Your Supplies

Gas, electricity, air conditioning, the people who deliver the water for the water fountain – all of it. Write a list of everything that your business consumes and then run through it. Try and do this in one (admittedly very boring) efficient sitting. It genuinely is easier to just try and get it all out of the way in one go, so you can keep track of who you have contacted and who you haven’t.

Item 4: Ruthless With Items

Look around your current premises and see how much you value them. Everything is now going to be an expense, an extra cost with the moving company. It’s a perfect time for a good declutter and sort out, making sure you’re only paying to move items that you actually need and will use.

Item 5: Insurance

You want to figure your insurance so that it overlaps. Don’t have your existing insurance stop on moving day if that’s the same day the coverage begins on your new premises. Remember, with any new policy there will be a “no claims” period (usually around 30 days) so you want to make sure you’re covered for the entire duration.

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