Illegitimate Children in Will Contestation



The Sanctity of a Will

When a will has been prepared and the author has died, it is normal procedure for the wishes of the deceased to be followed and courts are generally very reluctant to get involved with what seems to be a valid will. However, it is possible for a party to make a challenge, if certain criteria are met, or other criteria have not been met. The Succession Act 2006 and the amendments made within the Family Provision Claim section allow challenges to be made regarding the mental health of the writer, the fairness of the provisions and the financial dependency of those who may be entitled to some of the estate.

Reasons for a Will Disputation to be Considered

A will can be challenged for several reasons. One is where the will is ambiguous or unclear in its intentions, and the court can be asked to intervene when the instructions are not totally obvious and precise. A challenge can also be made if the provisions can be shown to be grossly unfair, leaving one or more dependants without any benefit. Another possibility for a dispute can occur if there is more than one will, or it can be shown that the person writing the will may have been tricked, or deceived into making provisions, that were essentially the fraudulent or deceptive will of another person, thus depriving potential beneficiaries from receiving their just percentage. If you feel any of these are applicable to you, it is best to discuss your case with expert will dispute lawyers.

Persons Who Have the Right to Contest a Will

A will is considered an extremely important document, which should be followed to the letter, though there are occasions when someone may have unintentionally been left out, or a mistake is felt to have occurred. Those who can make a challenge are tightly restricted and are generally immediate family members, such as a current or former partner, children and grandchildren, or someone who was in a close relationship at the time of the person’s death. There may have been changes in circumstances between when the will was written and when the death occurred, which may not have been documented, especially if the death was sudden and unexpected.

Illegitimate Children’s Rights

It has long been recognised that a significant number of children are born out of wedlock, and it is obviously unfair to penalise them from receiving an inheritance, especially since families today often contain children from different relationships. Under Status of Children Act 1996 No 76 illegitimate, or exnuptial children are essentially granted exactly the same status as those born within wedlock, and as such are entitled to make a claim upon an estate, in exactly the same way as those born legitimately. Hence, when a parent leaves something to his “children”, it will effectively mean all of them. The will maker can leave anyone out, however, they must clearly state exactly why they have done so, and in the case of a child, cannot do so, if they have a legal obligation to the child’s welfare.

Contesting a will is a complicated thing to do. The first thing you should do, if you feel you have a claim, is to discuss it with your local legal professionals to obtain very clear advice on how to proceed.

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Is Work Life Balance For Entrepreneurs A Myth?


Work-life balance is a hot topic as more and more of us come to realise the insidious effects of stress on our mental and physical wellbeing. For a whole generation of people, achieving some kind of synergy between a focused career and a fulfilling personal life is now more important than other motivators such as status and job title. In fact, it’s a big driver behind why many choose to go it alone and set up a business, and yet, becoming a entrepreneur, at least initially, generally means less free time. As you work to establish your business and before you can employ other people, your time and energy becomes pretty stretched. But the idea that running your own business and being able to decompress are incompatible isn’t true. Achieving a balance doesn’t have to be impossible. There are ways that you can combat stress and try to keep things in balance, with a few simple tricks to make sure that you get the time away from the grind that you need and that ultimately will help you to run a better business!

Set Your Hours

It’s a simple thing but something we tend to forget in today’s always-on, twenty four hour culture, when our emails are constantly calling for attention. Combat the low-level pressure by setting working hours that work for you – and being strict about sticking to them. If you let work seep into every area of your life, things can quickly get or if hand, and before you know it, you’re heading for a burnout. Better to set your working times and then give yourself permission to switch off outside of those times. There’s very little that won’t actually wait a few hours while you get some downtime. Many find that doing a split working day allows them to feel like they are more contactable while also factoring in some time away from the desk.

Make Time For Hobbies

Hobbies may seem trivial when you’re trying to get a business off the ground, but actually having a more relaxed focus in your life can be incredibly valuable, helping you to let off steam. Even better if you balance a sedentary desk job with some exercise that you enjoy – whether that’s fitting in an early morning run, or getting some practice in with your taylormade m4 driver on the fairways. If you have a creative hobby like painting or music, that can also benefit your business by encouraging you to think laterally. Think of your hobby as an asset that encourages diverse and adaptable skills rather than time away from work.

Schedule In Your Priorities

Have a recurring intention to spend more time with your family, but find yourself forgetting or blowing out plans when a work commitment comes up? Use the power of scheduling for every aspect of your life. Put family occasions and hang-out time in the diary, just as you would a business meeting, to ensure that you factor in time for them and don’t get double-booked. An app like Google Calendar can help you to share dates with family, social circles and work contacts all in one place.

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New 3 Golden Opportunities To Help Your Business Look Fantastic


Businesses are odd things. Not only are they intensely competitive and increasingly try to undercut one another, but they are nothing if not reliant on the impressions that their audience has of them. This strength and vulnerability in equal measure can be quite interesting to reflect on when you take a step back. As a new business stepping onto the scene, it can be very tempting to try and reduce your business vulnerability to a profound degree, as obviously stepping forward with the strongest footing is always superior to the alternative.

There are better and worse methods of doing this. In this article,, we’d like to share with you three golden opportunities to help your business look fantastic. It’s amazing how a little community and customer support can help you in the early days. With this list, taking care of that should be a breeze.

Excitement & The Brand Of The Future

It’s important for your business to seem as though they have the future in mind. When it comes to investing or purchasing from a business, many customers want to know that they are making the forward-thinking choice. This comes from what products you sell to what brands you are associated with. It goes from what exhibition stand contractor you use to custom design your own show at an Expo later this year to what real utility you might have in the long term. positive reactions to both of these increase excitement among your audience and helps you seem like the brand of the future. Not bad.

Care & Social Good

Businesses taking part in social good can not only increase their bottom line, but do well as a result. For example, consider the business that helps children eat with every purchase. This shows you are committed to making the world a better place, and not only that, you put the keys to achieve this in the purchasing power of the customer. It might sound like a relatively scammy and gross method of doing things, but it depends how honest you are, and how transparent you’re willing to be. Even if you’re profiting, so is someone less fortunate than you. In these instances, pays to keep:

Transparency & Future Goals

When you are transparent, you seem confident. People know that they can trust you because you might divulge information about your profitability, and how that affected your good work. It might be showing your future narrative for how the firm will work in the next 3 – 5 years. It might be adjusting your mission statement and ensuring you know what it means, as does your staff.

This also goes for in-house. During intense order loads, it can pay to stay upfront in advance for the need of overtime – this way it doesn’t feel like you’re springing it upon them unannounced. It might be that you continually express how your products will be supported for a time in their life, allowing for trustworthy purchases from the majority of the market.

With these simple guiding opportunities, you can resolve most business PR issues and instead, operate with a healthy audience at your side.

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8 Ways To Deal With A Difficult Customer



All businesses have their fair share of difficult clients, and most often you have to deal with these clients on the phone. In this post, we discuss how to deal with those difficult clients over the telephone.

  1. Listen to Them

This is crucial. When you really listen to your callers and what they are telling you, you show concern while also gaining insight into the issues they’re having so you can in turn find the right solution. Try to avoid talking over your customers.

  1. Offer Validation to Callers

Often, the person getting mad at you on the phone just wants you to understand that they’re upset for a valid reason. Don’t talk down to your customers, rather let them know you understand and you are going to find a solution. Often, your staff may be hurried or stressed and unable to provide calm validation. This is where the help of a call answering service can be the ideal solution. The service can not only ensure the calls get to the right people, but can also handle your callers calmly, professionally, and offer them the time on the phone they need.

  1. Always Be Pleasant

Take the time to practice your tone of voice. The more experience you have handling clients, the more proficient you will become. Try to train yourself to maintain a calm and pleasant tone, no matter what the caller may be saying to you.

  1. Discover the Root of the Issue

As you are listening and gathering information from your caller, you can begin to determine what the root of the issue may be, and this is vital. Once you have figured out the root cause, you can solve the issue and end the call on more positive terms.

  1. Offer Several Solutions

Always express an apology for the problem the caller is having. But, you can’t keep apologising. Give your caller a single, clear solution if there is one, but aim to offer a variety of solutions for a difficult issue so that the caller can decide for him or herself how they want to proceed. We all like to have options.

  1. Try Not to Keep Your Customer Waiting

If it’s possible, try to back avoid placing your caller on hold as this is likely to irritate them even more. If you do need to check something in order to find a solution, try to do so while they are on the line, if you can.

  1. Always Be Honest

It’s only natural when we’re being yelled at to tell the caller what they want to hear and try to get off the phone quickly. If you can’t figure out what the issue is, he or she is only going to keep calling or take their business to your competitor. The caller needs a valid solution, so tell them what you know, be clear and honest and if you don’t have a solution, say so. Just be sure to reassure them that you will find an answer for them.

  1. Show Empathy

Even if the person is a complete stranger, and you’re not personally involved with the issue, you can still show them empathy and help to calm them down.

A difficult caller is a difficult situation. Use these tips to deal with your next difficult customer.

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Are You Trained To Run Your Business?

This might sound a little odd to you, especially if you have been in the business for a long amount of time. But think about it, are you actually trained to run your own business? Do you have what it takes to run it, and are you doing it as you should be? A lot of company owners out there are just ambling by, trying to make a living, but barely breaking even. Then you’ve got the ones that think they know it all, but are leaving a long trail of mistakes behind them. You don’t want to be like these people. You want to be someone who is trained to run a business, and armed with all the skills a business owner could possibly need. Not sure what we mean? Well, here’s just a few skills we think you’ll benefit from having some training in.

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We know you manage a business, but do you know how to manage the people within it? So many of you reading this now will confidently say that yes, you do know how to manage a group of people. But we can guarantee nearly all of you are wrong. Running a business comes with its hardships, and boy do people find that out the hard way. When you have a team of employees under your wing, there’s so many things you need to consider, from their safety, to their happiness. So, if you haven’t had any management training before, we recommend that you book onto a course. Some of them are paid for and ones you do with directed learning, others are ones that you can do on the internet. But whichever one you chose, it’s going to give you that little bit of knowledge to make you a better boss, which should give you better working employees.


Technology is one of the greatest things that your business can become mercy to. The power of technology can break a business, but it can also make it. What you need to do is focus on the later, by giving yourself training in areas such as office 365 and other services that could benefit your business. Most of the training you’ll find with regards to this will all be online, so it’ll be much easier for you! You could also get yourself up to speed with all the latest marketing technology that can help to boost your exposure, and manage the income you’re making from your marketing efforts.


Your finances are going to be one of the hardest things for you to sort. To be honest, you’re probably not going to be able to manage them on your own. But what you do need to think of is having the knowledge to know where your profits should be coming in, and when to know if you’re making a loss, and how to fix it. Again, there are plenty of online courses that offer information with regards to profit management, which could help your business in the long run!

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Practical Advice for Your Next Trade Show Appearance

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There are many tips that you can discover on how to get noticed at trade shows. But sometimes you just need a few practical tips to ensure that your time at a trade show goes smoothly. There’s a lot to organise, and it can be hard to keep everything on track and get the outcomes that you want from going to a trade show. If you want everything to go well, you need to get the basics right first. Anyone who struggles even to make it to a trade show on time isn’t going to have much luck getting the right attention.

Take a Modular Display

You’re always going to have some essential supplies to take with you to a trade show. Having a bespoke exhibition stand is a great way to get noticed, and to also immediately set up a strong visual presence. However, if you want to avoid too much hassle, you should make sure that your display has a modular design. Transporting your stand can be difficult, but it’s easier if you can break it into pieces. It might mean the difference between being able to take it in a car and having to hire a van.

Create a Schedule

Being punctual is vital, especially at an event. If you want everything to run smoothly at a trade show, make a schedule of when you need to do each task. If you get a program from the venue, use that as your starting point. Make plans for when you’re going to arrive, how long to spend setting up and what you’re going to do at different points in the day. You might have times when you want to carry out product demonstrations or have some staff circuit the space to engage people or hand out materials.

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Have a Checklist

You should also make sure that you take everything you need. Create a checklist of all the things you’re going to need during your time at the trade show, and don’t miss anything off. You don’t want to arrive and find that you’ve forgotten an essential cable or even turned up without any pens. Even if it seems like a pointless thing to put on your checklist, include it anyway. You can end up having a lot of things to take with you, from tech essentials to promotional materials. Don’t forget to make plans for who is bringing what and whether anyone needs to pick anything up.

Train Your Staff

Before the big day, it’s a good idea to check that your staff knows what they’re doing. Whoever is coming with you to the show, don’t just assume they will know what’s happening and what their responsibilities will be. It’s worth spending some time going over what everyone will be expected to do, and the best ways that they can engage people and spread brand awareness. Work out what your tactics will be and what everyone needs to do during the event to bring your plan together.

Take care of all your practical issues before packing up for your trade show. Being organised will help you to take care of everything else.

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Achieving Your Financial Goals

Everyone should move gracefully through into adult life with financial goals. We hope you remember your first taste of getting money, and imagined all of the cool things you were going to be able to do with it. Well, we’re talking something a little similar to that, but maybe with a bit of an adult edge to it. Without financial goals, we’re just sort of floating through life, hoping that our next paycheck comes in because we feel as though we’re living on the edge until the end of the month. Without financial goals, you have nothing to look forward to, and nothing to motivate you to do more with your money. Well, we’re the people who are going to change this for you. Here are some financial goals we think you should set, and how you can achieve them.

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What To Set

There are some base goals that everyone should set. One of them is to get financially stable, and this is something that some people never have the pleasure of doing. So, one way you can do it is by minimising your debts, increasing income, and increasing savings. Don’t think that this is going to happen all over the space of a few months. This is a process that’s going to take years to master, so don’t panic. First work on any debts, then work on increasing your income, then smash out the savings. You can always get some financial advice along the way to help you. You could also have the financial goal of buying a new car, rather than renting it, or moving house to your dream house etc. Whatever you’ve always wanted to do in life that involves money, do it!

Achieving Greatness

There’s always ways to achieve financial greatness, you just have to be smart enough to do it. To achieve greatness, you have to learn to take risks. So, let’s put a holiday as a scenario. You’re dying to go on holiday, but you’re still at the stage of working to increase your income. So, why not check out companies such as to try and get a little loan for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re still working to build your credit score up, you can still take out a loan to go on the holiday you want. To achieve greatness, you should let anything in life hold you back, even money. But when thinking of this, you definitely shouldn’t be getting yourself into hot water with money. Any loans you take, aim to repay within 3 or 4 months.

Financial Growth

Once you’ve got to a stage in life where you feel as though you’ve achieved your financial goals, you need to work on financial growth. Sort of like a business, you should always be looking to increase the money you have. So, think about little investment options. Whether it be from a little home business, thinking about trading money, or anything else you can think of that might give you a nice little extra income!

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These Popular Winter Destinations Are Great for Summer Sun Too

During the winter, everyone wants to find the perfect winter escape. They’re either looking for somewhere with plenty of snow for a white Christmas, or they’re looking for sunshine. Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to find both. But just because some destinations are popular during the winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t seek them out in the summer too. In fact, many places are more affordable in the summer because they’re more popular in the winter months. Check out these destinations that aren’t just for winter if you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway.


We love a Christmas market in winter. Vienna has some beautiful Christmas markets, and it’s an excellent place for skiing and other snowsports nearby too. Don’t knock Vienna in summer, though. There’s still plenty to see and do. Start off by booking into the Renaissance Wien Hotel, where you can enjoy everything from the sauna to the restaurant. When the sun’s out, there’s plenty to do outdoors in Vienna. Try the barbecue at the Volksgarten Pavillon or visit during the film and food festival hosted in front of Vienna City Hall. You can also rent a bike for a couple of euros per hour (first hour free) and enjoy the bike paths, of which there are more than 1,000km.

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Iceland has grown hugely as a winter destination in recent years, mainly because of one natural phenomenon: the Northern Lights. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of them and clear winter days are the best times to do that. However, Iceland is impressive in the summer too. There are still plenty of outdoor activities to try, from hiking and sea kayaking to foraging and birdwatching. You can stay anywhere from a trendy hostel in Reykjavik to a traditional self-catering cottage or perhaps a modern, design-focused Airbnb.


Florida is a top choice for a sunny winter getaway. The weather is pleasant pretty much all year and, along with Spain, it’s the place you’ll see most frequently on ‘A Place in the Winter Sun’. But you might be surprised to know that Miami is less crowded in the summer than it is during the autumn, winter and even spring. While Orlando is the place to be for families, Miami is a where you want to go if you want a more grown-up Floridian experience. It’s an excellent destination for shopping, exploring art galleries, trying out a new restaurant every day, or just strolling along the beach.


Anywhere in Japan is a beautiful place to visit during the winter. Winter festivals are one of the top reasons to go when there’s snow on the ground. It’s also an excellent pick for skiing and snowboarding. But if you’re looking for a winter holiday, Japan is still an excellent choice. Everyone in Japan loves a good festival, so you’ll find even more of them during the summer, as well as lots of fireworks. Another great thing to do is spend your time in Japan exploring the food on offer, or head for a beer garden to eat and drink.

Some destinations might be more popular in the winter, but they still make great places to visit in summer too. Don’t miss out on what they have to offer.

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Money Isn’t Everything… But It Sure Does Help

That’s right. Money really isn’t everything, but do you think you could live your life with the bare minimum? No, you probably couldn’t. We’re living in a time where money seems to rule absolutely everything, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. We now live in a time where there’s not much you can do without having to spend money, even if it’s a drive to the park to have a picnic outdoors. You’ve still got to pay for the fuel, and you’ve still got to pay for the food for the picnic. But let’s not make this all negative. We know we can’t survive without money, so here’s how we can better manage it to make sure we’re never stressed, like most of us always seem to be!

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Do You Have Money Troubles?

Everybody has money troubles, but not everyone likes to admit it. Even those with tons of money have their problems, one of the main being that they probably have to pay a hell of a lot in taxes. But for the average person, we have a different kind of money trouble that plagues us. For one reason or another, a lot of us are struggling through like with debt looming over our heads. It might have been due to taking out a loan or getting a credit card to help through a rough patch, or it might be something as careless as not being sensible with money. If you are in debt, what you to look into is, debt consolidation loans with a guarantor. It’s a quick and easy way of clearing down your debts if they’re all over the shop, and putting it into one manageable pile, with one interest rate to burden you. Just be mindful of the interest rates that come with some debt consolidation loans. It could actually leave you worse off in the long run.

Are You Strapped For Cash?

If you feel as though you’ve got no money at all, all of the time, then you need to figure out what’s draining it so much. There’s no point working as much as you do to feel as though you’ve got no money! So, the first place you need to look is the purchases you have made. If you’ve financed a car, bought the most expensive electronics for your home, and you’re out every other weekend with friends, then you’re the problem! Some people just do have a really bad spending habit that they find hard to curb, and it leaves them in the dumps with money. Alway spend responsibly, and never spend more money than you actually have to spend!

Adventure Money

Everyone always talks about saving to have things to fall back on, and we bet you though that’s what we were going to do as well! But no, we’re going to tell you to save some money to go on adventures. Everyone is always so focused on spending on the little things, that they forget there’s a world out there to explore. We recommend going on a holiday once a year to really blow some steam and have a good time!

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Averting Disaster: Has Your Business Got A Backup Plan?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may have stumbled across some pretty petrifying statistics. It’s no secret that the majority of new businesses fail. There’s a multitude of things that can go wrong when you run a company, and this is why it’s always beneficial to have backup plans in place. If you can respond to unexpected obstacles swiftly, this could help you avert disaster. If you’re a company owner, or you’re thinking of setting up a startup, here is some useful advice to increase your chances of beating the odds.

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Investing in insurance

Insurance is a must for every aspiring mogul. You don’t want to devote time and money to a venture for your dreams to literally go up in smoke if a fire breaks out, or for your entire stock range to be damaged by flooding or your investment to be lost to an opportunistic thief. Insurance policies can cover business premises and their contents, and they can also offer protection if you encounter issues, such as an employee making a mistake that affects the service a customer or contractor receives. Insurance is one of the first things you should invest in as a new business owner. You may never need to make a claim, but it’s always best to have a cushion to fall back on if things don’t go to plan. Insurance can reduce the financial impact of potential disasters, and it can also speed up the process of getting back on your feet. For more information about business insurance, take a look at

Combating cash flow problems

It’s very common for company directors to encounter cash flow issues. There may be times when orders come flying in, but most businesses also have to endure quiet spells. If you’re waiting on a payment from a client, you’ve just invested in expanding the business, you’ve recently bought new equipment and machinery, or you’re waiting for an insurance payment to come through, you may be short on cash temporarily. In this case, it’s useful to be aware of your options. You could take out a loan, you could come to an arrangement with suppliers who are waiting for payment, or you could consider options like those available at If you identify a shortfall in advance and you know how you can plug the gap, this will help to minimise the impact of the issue and enable you to continue operations as normal. Budgeting can also help to prevent cash flow problems.

Solving problems

It’s not unusual for business owners to hit hurdles. The key to survival lies in being able to get back up when you’ve been knocked down. One of the best ways to do this is to solve problems before they even occur. Consider what could go wrong, and think of ways you could respond to those scenarios. Take the example of a number of employees being struck by illness. If this happened, what would you do? Would you be forced to close, or could you contact a recruitment agency and arrange for short-term cover? If you can act immediately when an issue arises, this will keep you on the right track.

Every budding mogul lives in fear of disaster striking. If you’re keen to make it to the top, it pays to be prepared and to have backup plans in place.

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