3 Things You Didn’t Know About Synthetic Diamonds



Synthetic diamond is one of the most sought-after materials in the world. However, despite its popularity, there’s a good chance you’re not too familiar with exactly what it is and how it’s used.

As Element Six points out in its eBook ‘Ultimate Supermaterial: The Diversity of Diamonds’, this artificially made material is diverse and features in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to aerospace. To find out more about synthetic diamonds, here are three things you may not know…

  1. They’re not just used for making jewellery

Although synthetic diamonds are often used for creating jewellery such as rings, necklaces and bracelets, they are actually used in a whole host of other ways too. For example, many car manufacturers  harness this artificial material in the production of their vehicles, using it for engine and gearbox components, as well as wheel assembly and body panelling. Synthetic diamonds are also used in the healthcare sector, especially in surgery. This material has helped to develop tools and procedures, meaning surgeons have the opportunity to use more precise, bio-compatible equipment and patients can benefit from shorter operation times as a result.

  1. They’re super strong

Just like natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are extremely strong. In fact, they’re so hard wearing that they are commonly used in aerospace and the manufacture of planes. Due to their superior wear resistance and strong edge toughness, these diamonds are an obvious choice in industries where there is a high demand for materials that can handle tough conditions.

  1. They can be tailored for a specific purpose

Synthetic diamonds can be tailored for specific purposes, meaning that they are versatile enough to be used in the manufacture of many different products. For instance, when they’re produced using chemical vapour deposition (CVD), synthetic diamonds can be moulded into complex shapes – a process that is often used in the production of speakers. A speaker that has been designed using CVD diamonds has the ability to deliver supreme sound without any hint of distortion.
Do you have any facts about synthetic diamonds? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Premier Legal Solutions Birmingham Alabama

The law can be complex, which is why it is always best left to the professionals to handle legal issues whether they are corporate or personal. The worry lies in finding legal experts who you can trust, who have a reputation for excellent work and who are local and affordable, and this can be difficult. If you are in or around the Birmingham, Alabama area then we can happily recommend you check out Moses & Moses PC, who offer a full range of quality legal services and solutions in the region, and who come highly recommended by many satisfied customers who have already made use of their services.

If you want to check out the full range of services from Moses and Moses PC then the website is comprehensive and tells you all you need to know, so have a look and check out the section that applies to you. They have expert attorneys and a team that can turn their hand to everything you need, so you need look no further in Birmingham for the very best in legal help, whatever you may need.

Probate Solutions

One area of the law that can be distressing and needlessly complex is that of probate law. Death is, sadly, an inevitable part of life, and one that leaves behind many factors that need to be addressed legally. A good firm of attorneys such as Moses & Moses PC can attend to all your requirements both after death and, if you want to make things easy for those you leave behind, can also help you arrange for certain trusts to be put in place that mean there is no need for complex legal proceedings once you are gone – all assets will simply be transferred to the persons concerned in a smooth and simple transaction.

Moses & Moses PC can also help you with business law – whether you are setting up a business or are already trading they have experts who can help you make sure everything is above board and legal – and also have a team of experts who are well-versed in contract law so that they can make sure your employees are all properly accounted for in the eyes of the law.

Local and Respected

One of the advantages of the team of attorneys and experts at Moses & Moses is that they are locally based in Birmingham, so understand the needs of local people and businesses perfectly well. This is a major bonus for people who want to deal with a friendly face that they can rely on, and a local and trusted person is always available to help.

With many years of expertise in all areas of the law, and that local knowledge and understanding as part of the package, there is every reason you should choose Moses & Moses for your legal needs, and we recommend that you check out their website now, and get in touch so that one of the friendly, expert team can answer any questions you may have.

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Dispelling Common Homeowner Myths


Building a happy home situation is a priority shared by everyone. After all, this forms the foundations for your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to fall into the common traps that are largely created by the wrong mindset.

Here are three of the most common problems that could prevent you from unlocking the real potential of your home life.

Owning A Home Isn’t The Only Answer

Society tells us that getting married, having kids, and buying a property is the way to do things. However, the most important thing is to do what feels right for you. If you’re not ready to settle down in a location, renting is probably advised. Not least because you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

If you do buy a house, there are several ways to find your dream home. Alternatively, you could consider the prospect of building the property from scratch. Keeping the options open will inevitably give you the best chance of finding the perfect solution for you.

Council houses can be an excellent option for those that want a comfortable living space without the same level of expense as owning a property. While many people find that the standard homeownership is the best option, appreciating the options is vital.

Patience Isn’t Always A Virtue

Most of us are taught to be patient with money from a very early age. In truth, saving up for your holiday or a luxury necklace is always better than taking on extra debt. When it comes to the home, however, some issues need to be fixed ASAP.

Leaving a leaking roof untreated, for example, can lead to far greater problems than if you’d acted early. Even if your current cash flow is tight, instant loans from Payday Pixie can fund the jobs needed to get your home back to its best. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Green upgrades like water-saving appliances and better insulation should also be made at the earliest stage. After all, they’ll pay for themselves in the long run by reducing your energy bills.

Size Isn’t Everything

Most people have aspirations of living in the big house with a fancy garden and huge living spaces. You need enough space to satisfy your needs. Nonetheless, the way in which you use it is far more critical. So, accepting a slightly smaller property needn’t be the end of the world.

The HouseBeautiful guide to maximising the potential of smaller spaces will serve you well. One of the best things you can do, however, is learn to sell or recycle items that you no longer need. You’d be amazed by the amount of space that is being consumed by those products.

Another common mistake is to have a guest room. If it’s not going to be used, you might as well turn it into an office or home gym. Aside from adding value to the property on a financial front, it’ll boost the value of the home to your family.

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5 Summer Dresses Your Wardrobe Needs Now

Summer dressing can be tricky as it’s sometimes difficult to strike the right balance between professional and breezy during scorching temperatures that have now hovered in the high twenties for weeks at a time. Finding something that will take you from the office to an evening of cocktails, preferably outdoors of course, is proving more problematic than usual. Trousers are out on the basis of too much material and shorts aren’t exactly appropriate for every office environment; skirts present too much effort, especially when paired with the need to tuck tops in. Enter the dress. Probably summer’s most versatile piece, ideal for a variety of occasions, and we’d like to propose the five key dress shapes every summer wardrobe needs in this heat!

The Wrap Dress

This universally flattering shape inspires images of the Italian riviera and classic movie heroines. It’s an ever-present item in many women’s wardrobes and with good reason. The wrap is at once dressy and casual, exposing just the right amount of skin with a chic V-neckline. They’re available in prints, solid colours, and a different lengths. Go for a midi if you like to play it a little safe, and look to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration, or get a mini number if you feel brave enough to face the breeze.

The Maxi Dress

Every year the search for a great maxi dress begins. The shape can be tricky, but this is more to do with the pattern and less with the actual cut. Tall and short girls can wear this style, just be mindful of proportion and look out for ‘tall’ and ‘petite’ sections, respectively, to ensure the best fit. A note on prints: avoid anything resembling an 80s floral curtain instead looking for florals with a sophisticated edge or sticking to solid colours altogether.

The Linen Dress

Ah, linen – where would be we be without this breezy summer staple. It will crease, so maybe save this one for brunches and holiday strolls, but otherwise we say lean into the relaxed aesthetic. Pick the shape and colour you like most and don’t be afraid to add a straw hat and a tan leather shoe, the combination is failsafe math in the style books.

The Tea Dress

Another flattering and versatile pick which lends itself beautifully to floral patterns. Thanks to its length, usually a mini, the dress is great for picnics, when paired with sneakers or flat sandals, but can be transformed into a great evening option with the addition of lipstick and a chunky heel. This style does a lot of the hard work for you, skimming over hips and highlighting the waist area – all without looking too try hard.

The Cocktail Dress

Much of summer’s enjoyment lies in the unpredictability of plans, a friend can call up at any point with an invite to a last-minute event or you may decide to finally check out the restaurant on your must-try list! Moments like this call for the perfect cocktail dress and the choice of style is really yours. Some say that the colour black should be retired for cooler months, but we say that a black cocktail dress with a hint of tan (fake, of course) is the height of chic in any weather, though you could always brighten it up with some tassel earrings and a great clutch.

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Where To Find Help and Inspiration When You Have Zero Business Experience

Who gets to start their own business should not be decided by who has worked in a big company for years on end. There are plenty of people with good ideas out there, and they deserve to have a shot at creating their mini-empire just like everyone else. But it’s just a fact of life that experience counts for a lot. So does that mean that people with zero business experience need to give up on their dreams? No way. They just need to look at other places for advice and guidance, that’s all.

Source: Pexels.com

The Masters

Well who knew, you can really learn a lot from books! Virtually all of the big players in the history of business have written books, and they’re full of golden nuggets of information. The best part about these books is that many of the biggest names weren’t “company men and women” who then struck out on their own; they did it their way from the beginning. While the business climate may have changed, things like innovation, self-confidence, and perseverance will always be useful assets to have when it comes to pursuing business success.

Current Practices

But it’s not just in history that you need to look. There are plenty of places where you can find the best current business practices! Take a read of https://www.templafy.com/blog/. and you’ll find useful information about modern business concerns, such as how to brand and boost productivity. You can also keep your eye on Forbes and similar general business websites, as they often publish advice and tips from current business leaders. Once you’ve got the lessons of the past and present under your belt, you’ll know as much as anyone.

Find a Mentor

Having a mentor is vastly underrated. More people should have one! They help to point you in the right direction when you’re not sure where to go, can tell you how to conduct yourself, and all-around provide a useful idea when you need to bounce some ideas around. If you’re entering the business world without any prior experience whatsoever, look at identifying and contacting a potential mentor. They’ll fill you in one any need to know pieces of information that might make your journey a little easier.

Talk With People

If it’s inspiration you seek, then look no further than the general public. As you go through life, make sure you’re opening your mouth and keeping your ears open; people will tell you everything you need to know about the direction in which to take your business. They’re an excellent source of information!

Look Within

Finally, it’s vitally important that you’re not overwhelmed by your lack of experience. It counts for something, but not everything! It’s better practice to see your lack of experience as an opportunity: you’re not tainted by the thoughts of others. You can do things your way. There are few absolute rules when it comes to starting a business – the ideas you’ve got kicking around your head might just be valuable, so trust them!

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Simplify Your Life and Save Money at the Same Time

Is your life a little more complicated than it really needs to be? If you’re not sure about which direction you should go in or how to save some more money, you should definitely think about simplifying your life. You will find that when you make things simpler than they currently are, you will pretty much always improving your finances and saving money at the reason in there.

Declutter and Aim to Own Less Stuff

Decluttering is one of the perfect ways to make your life simpler and less stressful. Simply owning less stuff and having less stuff taking up room in your living space is will make you feel so much better about yourself. And of course, you will spend a lot less money if you’re buying fewer items. It’s good for your mental health to focus less on material possessions as well.

Image Source

Work Out the Cheapest Way to Commute and Seek to Reduce Stress

Commuting is stressful and no one enjoys doing it. It’s just one of those things that has to happen in life. Try to work out the cheapest way for your to commute and see if you can make it less stressful too. Not driving your car is often the solution to both of these issues. It won’t be the solution for everyone out there but it works for many people.

Find an Efficient and Easy to Drive Car

You definitely need to simplify and streamline your approach to driving because this is one area in which it really pays off to be smart about things. You don’t want to end up driving a car that’s difficult to manoeuvre and expensive to keep running. Places like the Smart car dealership might be worth a visit if you want to upgrade to a more efficient and easy to drive car.

Take Pleasure in the Simple (and Free) Things in Life

There are many things to take pleasure from in life, and you should definitely try to enjoy as many of them as possible. Many of the best things in life are entirely free and you shouldn’t forget that. Spending time with friends, walking in nature and a million other pleasurable things don’t cost you any money at all so should be embraced.

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Maintaining Professionalism

Maintaining professionalism is a constant battle with business, because so many people have a different view of what professionalism should actually be. The image that we like to uphold of ourselves is all in order to please the customer, but as people in business, we know how hard it is to please the customers. So, if you feel like you need to do a little something different to maintain your professionalism, then we think we’ve got a few bits of advice for you. Pleasing your customers isn’t hard. But looking professional to the public eye can be, especially when you have so many big companies out there leading the way. If you follow the bits of advice that we’ve got below for you, we think you should be able to easily maintain professionalism.

Image Source

Virtual Offices

Your office is always going to be your main hub for business, nothing is going to stop that. But think about all the potential that you’re missing out on, just because you only have the one office, in the one location. It’s something that restricts thousands of companies around the world, but the benefits of a virtual office can resolve it all. It gives you a fake address, sometimes a fake phone number, and a fake PO box. Having all of that gives you a higher status in the business world, and helps to make you look so much more professional in the eyes of your customers. It allows you to bring in more customers as they’ll think you’ve got an office in different countries, and it can help to expand your business. Mail gets diverted to you, and the only way to plan can be flawed is if the customers start asking to come into the office for a meeting. There are ways of getting around it however, so don’t view a virtual office as a negative, view it as a place to expand your business.

Public Image

Public image should be so so important to you, and a lot of it is going to be portrayed with the way that your business conducts itself. If you run a shop based business, or even a business that operates through the internet, you still have to maintain professionalism. Think about how you’re talking to customers, and how you’re dealing with complaints etc. Word spreads so fast if you or your employees are rude to customers, so always give proper training on how to deal with difficult situations, and how to behave in the public eye.

Marketing Efforts

It goes without saying that marketing is such a huge part of your business. But you need to be really careful with what you’re doing, and the message you’re trying to portray. Think about companies such as H&M who innocently ran a campaign that was called racist. The public are so sensitive, and what you say is really going to influence your success. Always make sure you’re running all marketing campaigns through outside opinion to make sure that it’s pleasing in every way.

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Affordable Accommodation for Young Families and Couples

Finding a home where you want it and at the right price can be a chore, as although there is plenty of property on offer, everyone wants the perfect place to live. If you want to live in a larger town or perhaps in an area that serves a university or college you may find that competition is rife, and also that prices can be hiked beyond what you believe you should be paying. Fortunately, some developers are keen to continue providing affordable homes – suitable for young families, couples and even students.

For example, take the lovely town of Auburn, Alabama, a very pleasant place with an excellent college – Auburn University – and fine amenities. This is a great place to live and if it happens to be where you are hunting for a home, you may well be in luck. Auburn Village is a collection of five carefully developed apartment communities, each with its own appeal and all in excellent locations in this very pleasant and welcoming town, and you won’t find better at the rates on offer.

Rental Properties

Auburn Village apartment communities are located in some of the most impressive parts of the town. Three of them – Savannah Square, Williamsburg Place and The Bungalows – are very close to the university campus and also within easy reach of the many fine shops, restaurants and other facilities in the town. The remaining two, Parkside and The Cottages at Donahue, are close to the town centre with excellent access to everything and also within walking distance of the campus.

All of the apartments are beautifully finished and available for rent at sensible rates. Most feature fully managed landscapes, wooden floors and granite worktops, plus carpeted bedrooms and a deck or balcony. You also have access to communal swimming pools, up to date security systems and everything you need for comfortable living. A choice of single bedroom or two or three bedroom properties – plus various numbers of bathrooms – means everyone from a student to a small family can live in Auburn Village and enjoy friendly, comfortable living in a wonderful place.

Great Facilities

Auburn is a town with excellent facilities – not least the college and the excellent Charleston Court Retail and Business Centre which is home to some impressive shops and many commercial businesses – and also one that has great transport links. The college itself has a great reputation and is very popular, and it has to be said that the Auburn Village complexes are among the most comfortable places to live in Auburn.

If you think that Auburn Village is the accommodation choice for you, whether you are a student, a couple or have a family looking for a home, there are few better places to live in this wonderful part of the USA. Why not get in touch now and check out the details and differences between the five locations and the apartments available, and find yourself a comfortable home in a beautiful town.

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Making The Working Day Seem Shorter

If you find that your working day often has a way of feeling far too long, the truth is that there could be any number of reasons why that is happening. However, there are a few things which are particularly common and which you might want to look into if you are finding this happening to you a lot. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you might be able to make your working day feel so much shorter, all without actually making any big changes to your working pattern or lifestyle at all. With these simple tricks, you will find that you are able to enjoy the working day that much more, get more done, and even feel rejuvenated when it comes to clocking off for the day.


Get Comfortable

Probably the most important factor in all of this is comfort. If you are not truly comfortable sitting at your desk, then you will find that it makes the working day seem so much longer simply by virtue of the fact that you are having to feel uncomfortable all day. At its worst, it can even lead to genuine pain and possibly even cause you damage, especially when it comes to your spine. There are a number of things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and also look after your body in the process. For a start, you might want to take a look at these Gaming Chair Reviews. Obviously you’re not gaming, but these chairs tend to be made in such a way so as to be particularly supportive for your back, so it could really make a world of difference. You should also make sure that you use a cushion if so inclined, as that could really make a difference too.

Slow Down

It might not seem like it makes much sense, but the truth is that the faster you work, the longer the day will seem on the whole. If you are someone who likes to rush through your work, that’s fine – but you will be surprised how different it can feel to actually slow down every once in a while and work form that place instead. You might find that you are able to enjoy the work more, which will also mean that you are able to feel that time is moving more easily. Try this out if you are frequently guilty of speeding up and not allowing yourself time to rest.


Make Goals

If you are working aimlessly with no particular goal in mind, then you might find that the day drags on endlessly. But if you think of some specific, action-based goals which you might want to try and achieve, then you might find that that makes it so much easier to get through the day in record time. The working day will feel so much shorter in this way – and you will have probably got more done as well.

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4 Tips for Achieving Work Life Balance Against All the Odds

Image via Pixabay

So you’ve just finished another gruelling late shift at the office, fought your way home through a seemingly endless amount of traffic on your return commute, and are now staring blankly at your computer for a few precious minutes, before collapsing into bed and repeating the whole process again tomorrow.

For many ambitious people, managing to strike a good work-life balance isn’t just an abstract concern, but a very real, vivid, and ever-present issue.

Perhaps you’ve been steadily climbing the corporate ladder for years and feel that you have to go all out, all the time, in order to achieve your lofty career ambitions. Or maybe you’ve just been successfully scouted by a portfolio procurement recruitment agency, and are working around the clock to make a good impression at your new job.

Whatever the case may be, you find yourself feeling more and more like you have no time for your own personal life whatsoever, and you’re worried that the future is going to be nothing more than a long, drawn-out sequence of workdays ad infinitum.

Fortunately, there are various things you can do to try and improve your work-life balance. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Use the 80/20 rule and focus on your most critical tasks for each day

Productivity gurus often talk about the 80/20 rule, also known as The Pareto Principle.

In short, this rule states that 80% of the positive results you experience in the workplace will come from 20% of the actions you take.

This principle seems to rest on mathematically sound ground, and typically applies to a wide range of different phenomena.

The great lesson of the 80/20 rule is the realisation and understanding that, at any given moment during the working day, you’re likely spending a very substantial chunk of your time on activities which will yield you few, if any, benefits.

While you’re almost certainly going to have to complete at least some of those generally “wasteful” tasks in your average working day, unless you’re an entrepreneur, you might still be able to improve your workplace efficiency quite dramatically, simply by identifying your core “20%” tasks, and making them the centre of your focus.

One of the great secrets of time management is that you need to focus your efforts as precisely as possible, so that they have maximum effect, rather than just wading through an endless list of undifferentiated “to-dos” and “maybes”.

The more efficient you can be in the office, the more time you can free up for your personal activities and pastimes.

Realise that everyone has the same number of hours in the day, and look for ways to be more time efficient

Laura Vanderkam, writing in her book “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”, does a very effective job of detailing how some extraordinarily productive people manage to juggle high-flying careers with family time, personal fitness, and assorted hobbies, side-projects, and educational pursuits.

The key takeaway message of the book is that all of us — from the most productive and successful to the least — have the same 168 hours per week at our disposal. No amount of wealth, success, or fame has ever won anyone a 25 hour day.

Keeping this basic truth in mind can serve as a very powerful reminder that the way we use our time is absolutely vital. Among other things, Vanderkam’s book includes anecdotes of people so dedicated to getting the most out of every spare moment, that they’ll take out their Kindle and read whenever they’re caught alone for a block of 5 minutes.

Use your time like the priceless resource it is. Instead of casually surfing the web over and over throughout the day, force yourself to read a book in those spare moments. Instead of spending every evening watching TV shows, spend a good few doing online courses.

Whatever it is you want to get done on your own time, make sure you’re dedicating as many of those spare minutes as possible, gathered here and there, to the task.

Begin waking up earlier

Waking up earlier is one of the great productivity hacks of the ages, and has been touted as a magic bullet for productivity by some of history’s most prodigious creators, thinkers, and doers.

Waking up earlier to get more out of your day is generally preferable to staying up later, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, morning hours are typically more energetic and productive than evening hours.

Secondly, morning hours are usually constrained by the fact that you’ll soon have to get to work, which means that they’re more likely to be focused and result in you actually doing things intentionally, as opposed to getting drawn away into a world of procrastination and inattention.

Even just waking up an hour earlier than usual can seem like an entirely new lease on life.

That extra hour can be spent working on your novel, undisturbed, getting your daily workout in, reading your favourite novel, working on your side hustle, listening to that new album everyone’s recently been telling you about, or planning a great family outing for the weekend.

Work on optimising your energy levels

No matter how good you might otherwise be at organising your time, if you don’t take steps to optimise your energy levels, you should expect to find that, sooner or later, your plans just go off the rails.

There’s little good in trying to get more free hours in your day by cutting out sleep, but this is exactly what many people do.

Yet you’re far less likely to enjoy your free time, to feel positive about life, or to be productive at work, if you’re constantly, chronically sleep deprived.

The same applies for skipping meals, or doing anything which drags down your overall daily energy levels.

Focus on improving your health, and focus on improving your energy levels, day by day. You’ll find that all your free time goes a lot further when your vitality is high.

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