New Year, New You … This Time We Mean It

New Year, New You … or at least that’s how the saying goes. Most resolutions roll away quicker than Big Ben can chime to 12. However, there are a few which are realistic and can be stuck to for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Drink More

If your one resolution was to drink less alcohol, then have no fear – this will probably help you in the long run. According to recent research, as a nation we don’t drink enough water, leaving our bodies to go into dehydration and having to make up for the lack of H2O from other sources, such as food. We all know that it cleanses our body, makes us feel more energised and is generally good for us, so why don’t we do it more? Make it habit to have at least three glasses a day. Your body will thank you.

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Love Your Skin

Invest in some good quality skincare products and you will reap the rewards. Routines involving moisturisers, toners, cleansers and body butters are becoming increasingly normalised, and more people are cottoning on to the trend – a snoop around Natural Skincare’s website should point you in the right direction if you’re not there already. It’s not just about keeping your skin youthful-looking, it’s about keeping it healthy; it battles with some pretty tough stuff on a daily basis, give it some love!

Keep In Touch

Despite us having the means to get in contact with whoever we wish nowadays, a lot of us don’t utilise it enough. We are becoming a generation of recluses insomuch as we prefer to watch other peoples’ lives through a screen than be there in the moment enjoying it. When was the last time you went out with an old friend? Have you seen your group of pals lately? Make plans and start sticking to them; it’s a lot better than sitting in by yourself, and studies show social media is actually making us more depressed. What more reason do you need to put down your phone (after using it to make plans, of course…)


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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Now, this one is pretty scary and one that won’t come easily. Stick with it. By getting out of your comfort zone, you are essentially opening yourself up for trying new things. It doesn’t have to be something as radical as jumping out of a plane at 12,000ft or slamming a resignation letter in front of your boss before heading out into the big wide world (in fact, don’t burn your bridges at all) – it can be something as small as going out and grabbing a coffee by yourself, or catching a train to somewhere completely new. It can be as grand or minute a gesture as you wish, and that’s the fabulous thing about it all – you are in complete control of whatever you do.

So what are you waiting for? Go and clean your skin, down a glass of water, grab a friend and be off on your next adventure…

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Digital ASAP

There’s a saying that goes around in technology circles that every advancement we make as a human race has something to do with entertainment. Whether it’s virtual reality video games or high-speed race cars, every technological advancement makes it way into our leisure time in some form or another. However, the same advancements can also be applied to business.

Companies around the world are starting to get rid of paper records thanks to cloud technology and digital replacements. We no longer have to waste paper and ink sending invoices through the post, and there’s no risk of damaging our customer records if they are stored digitally and preserved forever. Unfortunately, many businesses still haven’t caught onto modern digital trends. If you’re one of those businesses that still hasn’t gone digital, then here are some tips to whet your appetite.

Digital records are accessible

Gone are the days of scouring through paper archives and hiring employees to catalogue every single record you made. Thanks to some clever computer engineering, we can store and search for files by simply querying a database. Need to find records of someone with the surname “Smith”? Then you can do a simple search instead of looking through hundreds or thousands of paper files and figuring out the most efficient way to categorise your documents. It’s also a great way to save on costs and time. You no longer need to ask someone to find the files for you which can be time-consuming and expensive. You simply do a search and find the documents you need. It’s so simple that any of your employees can do it with about 10 minutes worth of computer training.

Paperless is faster and cheaper than paper

Snail mail has served our businesses well for hundreds of years, but it’s time to let go of those slow methods and catapult your business into the future with instant mail. Emails and other forms of digital messaging arrive in mere seconds, cutting out the days worth of wait time (and ridiculous costs) of sending traditional mail. Your business clients and customers will get their messages instantly without a need to wait. It makes communicating and interacting with people who are physically far away from your office extremely easy, and it speeds up transactions to make your business more efficient and profitable.


Cloud storage can protect your business from disaster situations

Although you might not live in an area plagued with earthquakes and storms, you might still be the victim of an unlucky power outage, server malfunction or even an office fire. Cloud storage solutions such as attix5 software make it simple for your business to store information that is in a different physical location, rendering your data immune to accidents and disasters. Since your customer data is so important, it makes sense to have several forms of backup, and most cloud services are more than happy to secure your data with world-class security measures and regular data backups. Most cloud storage services operate on a monthly or annual fee which depends on how much space you need, but this can always be upgraded or downgraded as you need.

Work from anywhere in the world

Digital mediums also have the advantage of letting your employees work from almost anywhere. They can simply send and receive documents that need to be edited, changed or created. The documents can even be shared across cloud services. With an internet connection, your employees could work from anywhere in the world on a laptop the size of an A4 sheet of paper and with the thickness of a pen—the amount of power packed into a single laptop or tablet device would put all older mediums to shame. Equip your workers with the correct devices and equipment, and you could turn the entire world into your virtual office.


Collaborate and encourage teamwork

Cloud services also allow your staff to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets at the same time to increase efficiency and teamwork. Could you imagine five people crowding around a single sheet of paper making edits and highlighting changes that need to be made? It sounds ridiculous, but collaboration with digital mediums is possible and extremely effective. Many software packages allow your documents to be synced. This means you can create a project folder and share it with everyone in the team. They can then sync those files to their computers or laptops and whenever changes are made to the folder, every team member will receive an updated version of the folder so they never have to worry about working on outdated documents.

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Treat The Special Lady In Your Life To Some Quirky And Cute Cat Jewellery



If you are finding it increasingly hard to find interesting and unique gifts to buy that special woman in your life, it may be time to think outside of the box.  However, rather than straying too far from what is considered normal gifts for women, you should take a look at some of the fun items you can get from the cat-centred online store

To give you a bit of a head start, we have gathered together some of our favourite pieces of jewellery and hair accessories below.

Cute And Colourful Cat Earrings

Whether you are looking for something a little subtle or flamboyantly quirky, they have something suit all tastes.  For the more reserved girl, you could consider purchasing the Rhinestone Cat earrings, which from a distance away will not look anything other than spectacular.  It is only up close that the truly unique cat-shaped design will become apparent.  However, if you know they love to dress to make a scene, you could opt for the very vibrant Colourful Cat earrings that are anything but subtle and reserved, but still remain very stylish and would not look out of place paired with a nice evening dress.

Pur-fect Rings For That Pur-fect Girlfriend Or Wife

Excuse the really bad puns there but if your significant other likes to show of her pretty digits, why not help her highlight them while highlighting her love of the nation’s favourite four legged animal.  For the bashful, there is the rather simple but elegant Silver Plated Cat Ear ring, but for the more daring there is the Vintage Style Cat Figure ring that resembles a cat wrapping its body snugly around your finger.

Cute Hairbands and Hair-clips

Does the lady in your life take pride in her hair and how she styles it?  Does she use hair-clips or hairbands often?  You could capitalise on that and invest in a cute accessory for her hair that shows her devotion to our feline friends.  For the fun and unashamed, there is of course the Cat Ear hairband that is pretty much as self-explanatory as you imagine it must be.  It is probably going to be something they were to less formal and serious occasions, but it may provoke and promote a lot of laughter and who can every have too many laughs these days?

Although they may seem a little more childish, we also wanted to draw your attention to the extremely cute so-called “Super Cute Cat Hair clips” that attach to either side of her hair and make her look as if she has cut little cat ears.  Again, while this may be something reserved more for dress-up and casual occasions, not everything in life has to be dull and serious does it?

The above is just a glimpse of what is available from Catify, and therefore if none of the suggestions above seem to fit the lady in your life, we recommend you check out some of their other great products.

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Tips For VIPS: Hosting A VIP At An Event

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Managing events can be stressful enough without having to cater for VIPs. You may be hosting a business conference and may have specially invited a leading businessman to give a talk. You may be launching a product or a business and be using an important figure to sponsor it. Or you may be hosting a sports event or a local fare and you’ve caught wind that a celebrity or important community figure wants to be there. Whatever the reason for your VIP being there, here is how to prepare and ensure they get the most suitable service.

Shout about them during promotion

If you’ve arranged a workshop or launch party for your store and want people to come, the fact that you have an important figure there should be a key selling point. Include it in social media, on posters, in personal emails – however you plan to promote. Check that the VIP is definitely coming and if they are alright with you publicly using them as a selling point. Some celebrities may want to arrive as a surprise guest to limit paparazzi and hordes of adoring fans. Some VIPs may simply want to be treated as equals.

Check they have travel and accommodation planned

Many VIPs will have personal planners to arrange hotel rooms and transport to the venue if needed. Check just in case that this is all sorted and if any arrangements need to be made such as private access and parking, as well as letting them know they appropriate time to arrive.

Hire security

Your event may require security. A VIP may attract many fans who may attempt to sneak in. Some figures may even be so important that it could endanger them to not have protection. Hire security guards in order to keep the event running smoothly. Even events without VIPs may require security just to keep unwanted personnel away.

Give the VIP their own private area

Your important guest may want their own area to relax before, after or during the event. This could include a dressing room, a private tent, a place to park up their VIP vehicle or a private booth or seating area for spectating an event. Research your VIP in case they require any special equipment or food and drinks. Don’t go overboard – a local mayor or important businessman may want to mix with the crowd and not be treated with royalty.

Invite your VIP to take part in event proceedings

Don’t just treat your VIP like a decoration. Offer them the chance of getting involved. Have them give a talk at your conference or cut the ribbon of your new store. There should be a practical reason for them being there other than simply being a marketing ploy. Of course, if your guest has come along by their own will, they may not want to get involved (such as a celebrity spectating a sports event or going to a concert). Similarly, you should be wary of VIPs that want to steal the show.

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3 Powerful Pointers For Perfecting Your Website

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A website is a dynamic and powerful tool. It can be used to reach people all over the world and also make you a lot of money. Every business nowadays needs a website to enhance their marketing and make more sales. Bloggers also use their website as a home for all their content. But is your site as good as it can be?

Poor website design can lose you visitors fast. A lack of functionality can be even more problematic. That’s why you need to ensure your website brings people in and keeps them interested. Whether you’re a business, a web designer or a blogger, here are some tips for making your site perfect.

Give It The Perfect Design

Having a stand-out website starts with having a stylish design. Plan out how you want your site to look- think of layout, colour schemes, and other graphical features. If you have the right skills, you can work on it yourself. However, it’s best to seek the help of professional web designers.

Web design services can both create your graphical interface and implement it into a functional website with coding. Most businesses use these kinds of services to ensure they get a high-quality professional site. It also helps to learn some coding yourself- knowing the basics of HTML and CSS can help you make changes and fixes to your website on the fly.

There are also web tools out there which can help you create a site quickly and easily. Some bloggers use WordPress, which offers a host of stylish templates and an easy content management system.

Test It Thoroughly

You might think your website looks and works fantastic- but will it be good enough for all your visitors? You should test it to find out. A simple way to test would be to let friends, family, and employees give you feedback on a beta version. But there are more thorough ways to ensure your site is perfect.

One of the most effective ways to test your site is to put it through AB testing. It involves having people test multiple versions of your website to ensure you use the best features and design. You can get helpful, objective feedback this way.

Testing isn’t just to gather opinions on your site. It can ensure that your website works on all browsers- Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and more. You can also make sure your site is smartphone and tablet friendly.

Implement The Best Features

Your content is the real meat of your website, but you should also add helpful features to make it better. There are tons of tools and widgets you can add to help your visitors.

Businesses can use the web to its full potential by using analytical tools on their site. These can help you identify where your visitors are coming from and improve your marketing. You could also use ecommerce software to make sales.

Bloggers can boost the reach of their content by adding social media sharing widgets. These allow readers to circulate content on their social networks. These kinds of tools can also help business blogs. There are many other practical widgets for websites, so add whatever you think will help perfect your site.

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Three Digital Entertainment Trends to Look Out for in 2017



The world of digital media doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon and as the number of UK households with access to the internet reaches almost 90% and three in four UK adults own a smart phone, there is little area of our lives that isn’t being affected by the move to all things digital.

From the way we order our Friday night take away to the way we transfer money – digital has well and truly become an everyday part of the average Briton’s life and it is only predicted to continue growing. 2016 saw the launch of the UK’s first Digital Entertainment Festival – running alongside the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe – further highlighting just how much is influenced by the digital sphere.

As with the years before, 2016 has been another year for digital firsts and as we look forward into 2017 the way we consume our entertainment is about to undertake it’s biggest make-over yet.

Goodbye to TV Packages

2016 was the first year that some of the world’s most popular television series were never actually shown on television – but rather through apps, the internet or the ever-popular smart TVs. So many people are switching to the internet to catch their favourite shows that for the first time in it’s history the BBC made the controversial decision to charge a TV license for on demand and catch up television.

Many of the UK’s entertainment providers have been quick to jump on the digital bandwagon, launching apps and “red button” style on-demand services – however with some of the biggest names in entertainment streaming launching their own television shows, experts impatiently anticipate what British television providers will pull out the bag in 2017.

The Reduction of Highstreet Booking Shops

2016 saw the merger of two of the biggest high street bookies – which is predicted to close almost 400 booking shops up and down the country. Figures have shown that an increasing amount of revenue comes from online gambling, whilst the revenue from physical betting shops is decreasing year on year.

As the world of gambling follows the rest of the entertainment industry into the digital sphere, 2017 is thought to bring even more options to the market – and with so many attractive sign up bonuses to chose from, we can only guess that revenue from online gambling will continue to increase throughout 2017 and beyond – if you find yourself stuck sifting through the many sites, offers and bonuses offers a useful guide.

Wish you Were Here

Live streaming has been available to smartphone users for a couple of years now, however as seen in 2016 the practice is becoming increasingly popular and is now available across a number of our social media platforms. Gone are the days of sharing photos of our holiday or favourite concert through various social media pages – now with live streaming we can share our experiences with loved ones, live as it happens.

In addition to the launch of live streaming across multiple platforms, 2017 is predicted to be the year VR (virtual reality) becomes part of our everyday entertainment – with smartphone users soon being able to upload their own 360 degree photos – potentially changing the way we consume entertainment for the foreseeable future.

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Is Bigger Always Better? Issues With Larger Teams

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You might think that having a larger staff is always going to lead to better results on the market. After all, having a bigger team means that you can take on more jobs. Or that you can handle the jobs that you already have more effectively. A larger staff could ultimately also help you attract the important key clients that can take your business to the next level on the market. Although, it would be foolish to say that taking on a bigger team is devoid of problems. There are certain issues that you’ll need to be prepared for once your business begins to expand in this way. Let’s start by thinking about lost relationships.


One of the major issues with a larger team of staff is that there is typically a disconnect between different areas of your business. People aren’t working together and are instead pushing towards their own private goals. This in itself isn’t a problem. In fact, individual work can lead to a great level of high output. But at the same time, it can mean that when a large contract is taken on, employees aren’t able to work together to complete it. Instead, there are areas where a quality service is delivered and others where it isn’t. Ultimately, that’s going to damage the reputation of your company.

This level of disconnect is often made worse because people don’t feel connected. Particularly when they are working from different areas. For instance, you might have some workers operating from home. Others, on the other hand, are in the office. How do you ensure that both these groups of workers, still function effectively together? The answer is you can, but it’s just another challenge that will be added onto the daily workings of your company. You’ll have to figure out how to ensure that your team works as it should.

Managing Quality


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As your company grows with more members of staff, you’ll need to hire other individuals to watch over different sections of your company. Essentially, your business becomes modulated. So, you might have a big team of staff. To keep things simple let’s make that number ten thousand. Then, you might have that team divided into ten different sections of your company, each with one thousand members of staff. After this, each separate section is split, controlled by four managers. These managers are at the head of 250 members of staff and so on and so forth. Eventually, you reach that one employee who might not be pulling their weight. They could be throwing your whole business model off balance, but guess what? You don’t know that, and this member of staff is actually quite happily slipping underneath the radar. However, every time he delivers a poor service, the reputation of your business is damaged. With a smaller staff, it’s easy to see when an employee is failing. In larger teams, the problem often goes completely undetected. That’s why a lot of larger businesses often have issues with keeping quality levels high.

Hiring More Staff

Essentially, it’s more money and more problems when you hire a larger team of staff. There’s no real way around this because you need them to essentially look after your new employees. A simple example of this would be your payroll. With a large team of staff comes a potentially massive payroll that needs to be taken care of. You’re going to need to hire a professional to do this for you. They can be found from a payroll recruiter or a payroll recruitment agency. This will ensure that you find the best team member for the job.

This isn’t the only position you’ll need to fill when you hire a large team of staff though. You will also need a full team for human resources. Think of human resources as the legal support system for your business. If there is a legal issue with your company you can bet it will come from workers. For instance, most businesses are currently experiencing severe issues with premises liability. A HR team can help you avoid the dangers of legal issues like this and ensure your business functions as it should.

Heavy Costs


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It should go without saying, but when you hire a large staff, you are also taking on more costs. For instance, at the most basic level, you’re going to have more people to pay. This is effectively the crutch of the problem. Are they worth the extra cost? You might think that the answer is yes but it does depend on how skilled they are. A large group of unskilled workers will be less profitable than a smaller team that is highly qualified. In fact a larger team that doesn’t have the necessary skills will, more than anything, be a liability.

That’s why you need to think about investing in training for a team of staff, no matter how large the business is. This is the only way to make sure that you will be getting a healthy ROI when you hire new team members.

If you are spending more on your team, you should be looking for ways to save in other areas. For instance, when you take on a larger team your energy usage is almost certainly going to rise. For this reason, it is worth looking at how to go green in your company. One of the ways you can do this is by investing in solar energy. With panels on the roof of your business you can save a fortune through the summer months.

Or, how about just making sure that the cost of your business property isn’t a massive expense. Remember, a bigger team doesn’t have to mean a bigger office. Some workers can stay at home while others can be outsourced from different companies. You can even hire freelancers to ensure you don’t have to pay a full team a massive amount in incentives.

We hope you find this advice helpful, particularly if you are planning on increasing your staff numbers next year.


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Outsourcing vs. Insourcing: What’s Right for My Business?

Outsourcing vs. insourcing is a debate that commonly appears on startup discussions forums. It’s usually a choice between highly specialised professionals and less-qualified but still competent staff that can grow alongside your business. However, that’s only when it comes to employees and services. What about outsourcing factory production or keeping it in-house?

There are many tough decisions to consider when deciding between outsourcing and insourcing, but here’s a short guide on the major differences and the appropriate situations for each one.

Credit: Pexels

Legal Teams

Hiring an in-house team of lawyers and solicitors can be beneficial because they’ll understand every facet of your company. As with any employee, the ability to grow together with your business means that they’ll have a better understanding of how your company works and the legal situations that could arise. However, hiring a legal team can be extremely costly and doesn’t make sense unless your business regularly takes part in legal disputes. You’ll also be stuck with the same lawyers unless you hire more or fire some. It’s impossible to have a single lawyer that understands everything about law—the subject is just too big and you always have to specialise.

Outsourcing means you won’t have to worry about salaries, but you do need to consider what kind of lawyer you need. Whether it’s a general firm like Slater Heelis Solicitors or an attorney that specialises in criminal charges, there’s someone out there that will be a perfect fit for your case. Unfortunately, finding that perfect lawyer is a time-consuming process and it might be too late by the time you find them.


Unless your business can afford to purchase a factory, then you almost certainly have to outsource production. Constructing or taking over a factory is an overwhelming task that requires a lot of attention and research.

However, if you are able to own a factory then you’ll be able to control every detail of the manufacturing process and you’ll even be able to accept manufacturing orders from other businesses to gain extra income if your factory is large enough.

IT Teams

Setting up computers and networks is a specialised task. While anyone can simply buy a computer and hook it up to a power source, networking those computers and setting up file storage and sharing is a different matter. It makes sense to have an in-house tech team if things break regularly, the network fails on a regular basis or the use of computers is particularly important to your business.

However, if you just need someone to come into your business to set up a network and a couple of no-thrills computers, then it makes more sense to just outsource it so you aren’t paying someone a salary to work for a couple of hours a day.

Basic tasks such as replacing keyboards, restarting servers and sharing files shouldn’t need a dedicated tech specialist to do. It would be much more cost effective to train your employees in basic IT skills and have them manage most of the IT tasks. But if your business is large and hosts hundreds of employees and computers, then having an in-house IT team is a must.

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Bend But Don’t Break: A Guide To Keeping Gossiping Staff Focused On Their Jobs

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The fact that employees have a predilection for gossip is such a staple of life, it’s become a trope. The phrase “water cooler moment” entered our lexicon in the 90s; an Americanism designed to point an event that everyone is talking about.

Behind the phrase is the known reality: people talk at work, and they don’t always speak of business, sales or lead gathering. Every office has a gossip girl; a group of friends who socialise together outside of work and retell stories; the bro club who talk about sports between spreadsheets. It happens, and it’s fine… unless you’re the employer.

If you’re the employer, you don’t see it as friendly office banter. You see it as wasted time. Your staff earning money for not focusing on the business you have created – it’s an entrepreneur’s nightmare.

On the other side of your mind, you know you don’t want to be the big, bad boss. It’s going to kill your staff’s happiness if you try it, and miserable staff means a miserable business.

The alternative to the stick is always the carrot. There are ways and means of keeping employees on track without falling into the trap of indulging them to the point of uselessness. Curious as to how it’s done? Read on.

Your Office Floor Plan Needs To Be Genius

With people working in a confined space, your office needs to be perfect. What you want to avoid are small areas where people can congregate in groups, where they can stand and talk without being seen by a supervisor.

If necessary, talk to experts like Image Interior Systems Ltd who know exactly what you need from your office space. It’s worth investing in as a smart office design can keep your staff where they should be – and they don’t even know you’ve done it.

Give Them An Outlet

If there has been some kind of national event – an amazing TV show, a royal wedding, a football controversy – then don’t try and contain it. People are going to want to talk; it’s in our nature and to try and suppress it won’t work.

Instead, open up the day after with a meeting. Have a few basic points to bring up at said meeting so it doesn’t look like a cover – which of course it is. Then bring up the event and allow people to discuss it for around fifteen minutes. They’ll get it out of their system and can return to work soon after.

Bend But Don’t Break On Discipline

If you have constant issues with the same individuals and their distracted attention, then you may have to begin disciplinary proceedings. However, this should always be a last resort.

You can let some things go. If they had an issue at home and were venting to a colleague, be a considerate boss and let them off with a warning. Only when the problem becomes persistent – with at least three occurrences – should you concern yourself with discipline. And if you do have to do it, keep it quiet – you don’t want to broadcast the embarrassment of the employee. It’s all about staff morale at the end of the day, walking a fine line between being good for staff and being a pushover. Three separate events of misbehaviour can be considered that line.

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Are You Doing Enough to Earn Employee Respect?


A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking they are deserving of respect from their employees. After all, it’s the entrepreneur who has come up with the fabulous business idea – people should be happy to be along for the ride, shouldn’t they? The trouble is, respect isn’t something that you would give someone just because you work for them, so why should your staff?

Being a business owner is a step in the right direction, of course – but it isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s your leadership skills and abilities that employees will be looking at, as well as your personality, work ethic, and ability to interact with other people.

With this in mind, here are some ideas for you to think about if you want to gain the respect of your employees. Try them out, and you will find that your business becomes stronger, more productive, and enjoys an incredibly loyal workforce.

Work ethic

First of all, if you have become an entrepreneur because you see yourself as the Big Boss in a large office and comfy chair, it’s not going to go down well with your staff. That’s not to say that you need to do everyone’s job for them – far from it, in fact, as the delegation is vital to your success. But you will need to appear like a busy person, who is doing everything they can to improve and grow your business. A fantastic work ethic is a bare minimum your employees will expect from you. Anything less, and you can’t blame them if they follow your lead and take their foot off the gas.



Be positive

Being a lazy boss is one thing that will drive your employees crazy. But being negative can be even worse. Without a positive attitude, your workforce will go one of two ways. Either it will ridicule you behind your back, or it will become negative itself. And you don’t need me to tell you that an uninspired, fearful, uncaring bunch of employees will not do your business any favours whatsoever. If you want to win your employee’s respect, it is critical that you are positive in your dealings with everyone.

An open door

It’s important to take the time to get to know your employees. Talk to them, find out about who they are and ask them their opinions on core subjects that affect your business. It will help them feel welcome, for a start, but it also helps them feel valued. And a valued member of staff will always be loyal and feel like they have a place on the team. It’s also important for them to understand they can come to you when they have problems – and that you will listen to their concerns.


Inconsistent management can lead to all kinds of issues. People might accuse you of favouritism, for example, if you treat one worker different to another. Expectations should also be consistent, and you should always lay them out so whoever they affect will understand. A good way of doing this is to ensure you are operating within the law and are up to date with your employer’s responsibilities. HR experts Ellis Whittam suggest that achieving your corporate responsibilities can have an incredibly positive impact on your workforce.




Delegating isn’t just a process that makes your life easier – it also shows your employees that you trust them. Look at things from their perspective – how would you feel if your boss was always checking up on you, or micromanaging every task? You will either get infuriated or start to feel worthless. So, delegate tasks, and tell people what you want them to do – not how to do it. Start taking a more top-down approach to your business, and you will find that people are much happier than they were before.

Embrace diversity

It’s easy for business owners to hire people just like them. But is there any value in doing this in business terms? The truth is that a diverse workforce is a lot more creative, productive, and solves more problems than one that isn’t. And, if you can start embracing diversity, your employees of all creeds, colours and backgrounds will respect and be loyal to you for many years to come.


Listening is a bit of an art – but it is essential for excellent communication, which, as you should know, is a two-way street. When talking to employees, stop when you finish and listen to what they have to say. Be interested, question them further, and prompt them for their thoughts. Straight away, they will feel they are adding value, and they will also be more likely to approach you with new ideas on how to improve your business. In short, if you are a boss who can listen, you will win in more ways than one.



Have goals

Setting goals is one thing, but if you want respect, you must be able to state your own aims. Great leaders can explain their vision, and it’s that vision that will inspire your team to succeed. It’s also a lot easier for people to respect someone that has a clearly defined goal and vision – so if you haven’t done it by now, start working on developing your aims.

Walk the walk

If you say one thing but then do another, how can you expect people to respect you? Regardless of your position in life, if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Mixed messages, dishonesty, laziness – there could be a million ways of winding up your employees the wrong way. It adds confusion, too – people will be unsure of what you want if you say one thing and do something else entirely.

OK, so that’s all there is to it – think there are things here that could help you be a better boss? Or do you have any nightmare managers you remember that have failed to win your respect? If you have any more ideas, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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