These Popular Winter Destinations Are Great for Summer Sun Too

During the winter, everyone wants to find the perfect winter escape. They’re either looking for somewhere with plenty of snow for a white Christmas, or they’re looking for sunshine. Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to find both. But just because some destinations are popular during the winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t seek them out in the summer too. In fact, many places are more affordable in the summer because they’re more popular in the winter months. Check out these destinations that aren’t just for winter if you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway.


We love a Christmas market in winter. Vienna has some beautiful Christmas markets, and it’s an excellent place for skiing and other snowsports nearby too. Don’t knock Vienna in summer, though. There’s still plenty to see and do. Start off by booking into the Renaissance Wien Hotel, where you can enjoy everything from the sauna to the restaurant. When the sun’s out, there’s plenty to do outdoors in Vienna. Try the barbecue at the Volksgarten Pavillon or visit during the film and food festival hosted in front of Vienna City Hall. You can also rent a bike for a couple of euros per hour (first hour free) and enjoy the bike paths, of which there are more than 1,000km.

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Iceland has grown hugely as a winter destination in recent years, mainly because of one natural phenomenon: the Northern Lights. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of them and clear winter days are the best times to do that. However, Iceland is impressive in the summer too. There are still plenty of outdoor activities to try, from hiking and sea kayaking to foraging and birdwatching. You can stay anywhere from a trendy hostel in Reykjavik to a traditional self-catering cottage or perhaps a modern, design-focused Airbnb.


Florida is a top choice for a sunny winter getaway. The weather is pleasant pretty much all year and, along with Spain, it’s the place you’ll see most frequently on ‘A Place in the Winter Sun’. But you might be surprised to know that Miami is less crowded in the summer than it is during the autumn, winter and even spring. While Orlando is the place to be for families, Miami is a where you want to go if you want a more grown-up Floridian experience. It’s an excellent destination for shopping, exploring art galleries, trying out a new restaurant every day, or just strolling along the beach.


Anywhere in Japan is a beautiful place to visit during the winter. Winter festivals are one of the top reasons to go when there’s snow on the ground. It’s also an excellent pick for skiing and snowboarding. But if you’re looking for a winter holiday, Japan is still an excellent choice. Everyone in Japan loves a good festival, so you’ll find even more of them during the summer, as well as lots of fireworks. Another great thing to do is spend your time in Japan exploring the food on offer, or head for a beer garden to eat and drink.

Some destinations might be more popular in the winter, but they still make great places to visit in summer too. Don’t miss out on what they have to offer.

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