Quality Leather and Masonic Gloves at Great Prices

Gloves are an often overlooked accessory these days, yet they do more than simply keep your hands warm. Indeed, gloves are seen as being elegant and stylish – on women as well as men – and sometimes they take on a symbolic significance. We’ll talk more about that in a moment, but first, what is it that we find special about leather gloves?

First, leather is a luxurious, hard-wearing and versatile material, and one that is widely use in fashion. Where cloves are concerned it is the perfect material as it has the right combination of soft and comfortable feel with excellent insulation. It can also be coloured in many ways, although it should be said that the most stylish leather gloves for men are those in the more natural black and brown shades.

Gloves and Symbolism

It may not be obvious to everyone, but throughout history, gloves have often been associated with symbolism. This could be in religious or cultural terms, and in military circles there have often been symbolic gloves.

Perhaps the most obvious example of symbolism in relation to gloves comes in the shape of Masonic gloves. Freemasonry has been in existence for many hundreds of years, and gloves bearing Masonic symbols have always been a part of the order.

White cotton masonic gloves are a symbol of purity of heart and innocence, and are still worn to this day. You can even buy them new – Masonic Gloves is a new company offering a full range of such items, and much more – with a wide range of symbols on other than masonic imagery.

Indeed, for a fee, Masonic Gloves will happily add any logo you wish to gloves – both in cotton and leather – and has a range of standard symbols that they can put on gloves, too.

Quality and Style

Masonic Gloves supplies a full range of quality leather gloves for both men and women, either with or without symbols, and is introducing new ranges to include kid leather gauntlets. They take their inspiration from societies of old such as the Knight’s Templar, and continue the tradition in the present day.

They also supply a selection of masonic accessories such as apron cases – as well as aprons themselves – all made to a very high quality and with the traditions of Freemasonry to the fore. This is a company dedicated to continuing the fine traditions and practices associated with masons for centuries.

Whether you need one pair of gloves or several, and whatever symbol you need, Masonic Gloves are the people to talk to, and the website displays all their products and also features a safe and secure shopping portal. Based in Edinburgh, they are one of very few companies providing such products in the modern age, and have a commitment to quality and adherence to tradition that is admirable.

For more information on masonic gloves, aprons, bags and accessories – and a range of quality leather gloves – have a look at the website now, or get in touch and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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