Smart Moves For Super Swish Small Businesses

Even if you are a small business, you will need some tools under your belt to help your company run smoothly and give a seamless service to your customers. Add to that, running a small business can be even more stressful when you have limited staff and may be doing a lot of the work yourself. So why not take some of the stress out of it by using the smart moves below to create a super swish small business?

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Travel Management

If you are a small business, you may not have the luxury of a PA to organize all your travel arrangements and conference meetings. This is where a smart tool comes into place. There are many companies out there that offer travel agents for business travellers. Using a management company will help you lower your expenses as they will be privy to all the best deals for business travelers. It also takes the stress out of sorting out venues for conferences and business meetings. Such services will offer competitive rates and can organize all your plane, rail, and ferry travel. This will save you hours of scouring the internet for flights and rail journeys that match up with your schedule. And travel agents may also be able to offer you discounts on tickets. Keeping all your travel arrangements under one umbrella is a much more organized approach for small businesses.

Accounting Tools

Having software available to you for personal budgets and business finances is essential for a small business. For peace of mind and safe financial health is crucial to have software in place. And if you cannot yet afford to employ an accountant it is the easiest way to keep track of all your monies, invoices, expenditure and tax deductions. Companies such as ClearBooks, FreshBooks and Kashoo are all good places to start when researching the best online accounting tools.

Content Creation

It is fundamental to have a luxury website for your small business in this day and age. If you are creating your own content and images, you will also need to have some content creation tools in place. Websites such as Canva and PicMonkey are fantastic resources for designing graphics. They make it easier to create images and texts that you can use in blog posts, on social media, and on your website. You will also want to create marketing mailing lists and design emails to send out to customers. MailChimp remains one of the easiest and most reliable tools in which to do this. Add in Hootsuite and Moz to manage your social media accounts and to check analytics such as where you are ranking in search results.


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Happy Staff

Our last idea is not a tool but a smart move to make your business thrive. Keep your staff happy! Statistics clearly show that happier staff are more productive, which only works better for your business. Always set out clear expectations for your staff but at the same time don’t forget to show your appreciation. Make sure you create an environment that is secure, happy and consistent, and occasionally includes a staff night out. Reward achievements and always be available if any member of staff needs to talk through an issue. And if there are opportunities where staff can utilize other skills they have, always give them the chance to do so. Invest in workplace happiness and see your small business thrive.

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