Start A Business, Save The Planet: Eco-Friendly Tips To Go Green

According to Green Biz, small businesses account for more than 52 percent of employment across the entire economy. As a result, entrepreneurs are responsible for a significant chunk of all of the world’s environmentally harmful waste.

But there’s good news: now a whole generation of women are setting up businesses with the goal of being environmentally friendly. Here are some ways female entrepreneurs can reduce the overall impact of their business and still turn a profit.

Put Your Website In A Bunch Of Green Directories

It’s not just business owners who are concerned about the effects of small businesses on the environment: there’s a bunch of customers out there who care too. That’s why so many companies with a green bent advertise their businesses on green directories. They want to connect with clients who believe in what they’re doing and who share common goals with them.


Getting your name out there on green directories is also a good way to do some quick and easy search engine optimisation. The more places your business crops up, there more seriously search engines will take it.

Encourage Green Behaviour In Your Own Business

Often it’s not the nature of the business itself to be wasteful: instead, it’s the habits of staff. Perhaps your employees always use disposable cups for their coffee, or maybe they don’t use reusable shopping bags. If you want to run a green business, it’s a good idea to inculcate your staff in a “green culture” where sustainability and recycling are emphasised. Make a point of making things reusable, and the people that work for you will quickly understand what you’re going for.

Use New Forms Of Mailing To Reduce Energy Use

If your business sends out flyers or menus to customers, the energy costs can be substantial. A truck is needed to take your printouts to a depot, and then yet more trucks have to transport the mail all over the country. A hybrid mail service helps to reduce the amount of energy you use by doing all the printing under one roof. All you do is virtually send your design to be printed out and shipped, skipping a lot of the transport costs.

Use Shredded Scrap Paper As Packaging


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If your business generates a lot of shredded paper, why not put it to use as a packaging material? It’s certainly a lot better for the environment than the usual polystyrene balls used in most commercial shipping.

Incentivise Green Behaviour Among Your Customers

Some companies that want to help the environment get their clients to change their behaviour too. Say, for instance, your company is holding a “clean up the park” event. You could offer all customers who take part 20 percent off their next purchase with you.

Hold Your Meetings Remotely

Digital technology has moved on considerably since the early days of Skype. Now platforms like Zoom allow members of your team to dart in and out of group meetings, without having to travel to your office. Soon, we’ll have even more interactive and immersive meetings, thanks to VR.



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