The Dog Ate My Marketing And Other Excuses You Need To Stop Making About Why You Can’t Go Freelance

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For most of us, the prospect of going freelance is pretty daunting. We may hate our day jobs, but they offer us security. When you work for someone else, they develop the products. They also ensure that you have a secure and predictable pay packet.

By comparison, freelancing means doing everything yourself. You won’t have anyone to delegate work for you, and won’t be able to predict how much you’ll earn. That’s a whole load of uncertainty and extra work. It’s no wonder, then, that you’ve convinced yourself this lifestyle isn’t for you.

But, despite the downsides, you’ve watched countless friends make this transition in recent years. And, you can’t help but notice how happy it’s made them. Still, you may continue to reason that the lifestyle wouldn’t suit you. You may even have considered the reasons why. Many of us fall back on familiar excuses to justify why we could never make a freelance career work. Call it a survival instinct. But, it’s time to stop making yourself miserable. We’re here to show you why none of those excuses should be enough to prevent you from pursuing this dream.

I’m terrible with numbers

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If you aren’t any good at maths, you may rule yourself out of freelance work. The mere idea of pricing and accounts sends you weak at the knees. But, few freelancers have maths degrees behind them, and they manage to make this lifestyle work. It’s entirely possible to freelance without crunching many numbers. You can settle on pricing through basic sums. Even keeping on top of accounts shouldn’t be too difficult to start with. The moment business starts to pick up, you could even hire an accountant who can deal with all your numbers for you.

I’m no good with words

You may also avoid going it alone because you don’t have a way with words. There’s no chance you could impress with your emails or start a blog to sustain you. You can’t even string two sentences together. Again, though, this is no reason not to try. Checking all written content with an app like Grammarly could see you writing like a best-selling author in no time. If your skills are that bad, you could even hire content services from a company like Figment Agency. They can write content for you based on your ideas, and ensure language troubles never impact your freelance reputation.

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I don’t know the first thing about marketing

Even if you have a decent freelance idea, you may worry that you have no idea about things like marketing. But, you can join the club. The majority of freelancers start out with zero business experience. That’s why there are endless websites out there to help you. The chances are that you would also learn about things like social media marketing on the job. Instead of letting this hold you back, see it as a hurdle you need to overcome. If you manage that, nothing should stop you from winning the freelance race.

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