Tips For Saving Money On Fragrances


Perfumes and fragrances are an almost essential part of your wardrobe, yet they are so expensive.  The good news is that your favourite fragrance doesn’t need to cost a fortune, if you are clever and shop with a keen eye.  To help you out, here are some great tips on how to save money on smelling great.

Shop For Fragrances Online

Trying to save money on fragrances at the local department store can be something of a hit and miss affair.  Shopping online however, makes it a lot easier to find big savings on all your favourite designers and brands.  There are even some sites that specialise in selling designer branded fragrances and perfumes at discount prices.

Shop For Fragrances At Wholesalers

Following on from the first tip, another great way to save money on smelling great is by shopping for wholesale freagrances.  It is not just wholesale clothing you can get at these specialist stores, and as you are getting the items at the same price many retailers would buy them before adding their own price on top, you know you will save something.  Check out for more information/

Look Out For Sales And Coupons

Although, much like any other piece of clothing or accessories, perfumes do go on sale, you have to keep a close eye on stores and retailers to spot when these sales happen.  Valentine’s Day and Christmas are usually the periods of the year you are likely to see the biggest reductions on items such as perfumes.

Look Through Clearance Aisles

One of the best ways to save money on the fragrances you want is by looking through the Christmas items clearance aisles.  Depending on the shop you go to, you are likely to find some fragrances that didn’t sell well over Christmas at greatly reduced prices.

Invest In Bigger Bottles

If you are particularly fond of a fragrance and know it goes well with what you wear and how you look and your natural body odour and want to save money, it may be worth your while buying a bigger bottle of your usual fragrance.  Although it will cost a lot more money upfront, you will save in the long run as you will have a bigger bottle that will last longer and generally the per ounce or litre price is lower, the larger the bottle you buy.

Watch Out For Samplers

If however, you are still looking for that one scent to call your own, fragrance samplers are definitely the right option for you.  These are usually free, as they are meant to serve as introductions to particular scents, with the hope that once you like your sampler and it runs out you will pay the full price for a bottle

Consider Generic Perfumes

Have you ever seen those generic versions of designer fragrances that claim to smell just as good.  While it is true that a great number of these do not live up to their bold claims, if you look a round a little you will definitely find some that are as good as their more expensive counterparts.

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