Top 12 Beauty Tips For Kids

All mothers are the same! They all like to doll up their little bundles of joy…

As we tend to be over cautious and vigilant on things concerning our little ones, you must be left wondering if there are beauty tips as well for the little ones. Well, the answer is a yes!

Kids will be kids, but they are growing up. They need extra care to keep that cherubic beauty. Many of us don’t know some of the most essential things that have to be taken care of for this. Read on to get the most important beauty tips to be considered for both young boys and girls.

Essential Beauty tips for Kids:

1. Eat right

From the beginning get them to eat right! Beauty is also determined by the kind of food they eat. So, inculcate in them a habit of enjoying better and nutritious food like meat, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, rice etc.

Don’t encourage junk foods and aerated beverages. But if you completely restrict them, they tend to break your hard rules, so to be on the safer side, allow it on an occasional basis. Snack time can be fun times!

You can whip up some interesting healthy snacks and discourage fried foods. Stock up with healthy munchies instead of fried stuff and it can be a good foundation for future health and beauty.

2. Get that beauty sleep

Sleep keeps your kids healthy & beautiful! Though the child may not be willing to go to sleep early, the trick is to allow them to have their share of fun outdoors and engage them in indoor activities – they are sure to hit the bed on time.

Napping is also essential for these little ones, because it is when they sleep; their brain improves its performance, feeds onto memory power and boosts skin and beauty.

3. No chemical products for your kid’s hair

We suggest you to stay away from the chemical products for your kid’s hair. A mild shampoo and regular brushing should keep the hair in good condition. Regular trims are a must as are oil massages. Use olive oil or coconut oil, as it is really good for kid’s hair.

At this age it is always better to keep hair short so that they are well maintained and healthy. Provide them nutritious food like lettuce that will improve their hair’s texture. Combing on a regular basis every day will also help in a big way.

4. Plenty of time outdoors

Time out playing in the sun is good for kids’ health and beauty. Let them soak in the sun rays but not between 12-4 pm because that is when the sun emits harmful UV rays that can affect your child’s skin. Just don’t forget SPF and sun hat before leaving for outdoors.

5. Delicate skin needs delicate care

Your kid’s skin is sensitive to chemicals and changes in weather. Skin is one of the most important and sensitive areas of your kid’s body to be taken extreme care of. Always say no to chemical soaps, only use mild and quality soaps.

Olive oil and coconut oil is good for skin health and has long proven its benefits for skin, health and hair. Massage their body with olive oil or coconut oil before splashing in the bath tub.

Moisturise the skin! Always remember to dab a mild and good quality moisturizer after your child’s bath. This way, it will keep skin healthy in a much effective manner than otherwise.

6. Shower everyday

For kids & even adults, a daily bath is a must, if possible twice a day! The daily shower will help them keep energetic and active for the whole day. On hot summer days, it’s sure to cool them off the whole day. A fragrant talcum powder will keep them feel fresh and clean. Say no to Deodorants before they reach teen age.

7. Teeth count too!

Healthy teeth contribute a lot to beauty! To maintain their pearly white teeth, teach them to brush twice a day and that too in the right manner on a daily basis.

Do teach kids the habit of good dental hygiene and make a visit to your dentist at least twice a year for best results. You are laying the foundation to an attractive, sparkling smile.

8. Nails

Take a look at your child’s nails. Are they long then dirt can be stuck in them. Clean them out. Make it a habit to clean them regularly & don’t let your kids grow nails long as a child. It can lead to many health issues. Keeping nails neat and clipped or well-trimmed takes priority over other things.

9. Lots of water

Water can work magic on your child’s beauty! Drinking lots of water has its benefits! Kids should drink plenty of water to keep their health and beauty. Wash their face at regular intervals so that, your child will always feel fresh.

10. Dress them right!

Weather conditions and the activity define the choice of your little one’s clothes. Easy and quick access styles would be an advantage when clothes need to be changed often. Buying children’s clothes that have colorful buttons and press studs will help to make changing jobs easier and also look smart on the kids.

11. Colourful clothes are the key

Kids look and feel good when they dress in bright & happy colours! They should wear clothes that excite them. Colourful clothes would certainly help their moods. Animal and cartoon prints are always popular picks for kids and babies.

12. Foot care

Good foot care even when kids would mean a good style of walking. Walking and exercise are needed to keep in shape. Hand-me-downs should be avoided. Comfort is of the utmost importance and you should go in for straps or lace ups for young children.

Basically all kids are beautiful one way or the other. Hope these beauty tips have helped you to enhance the beauty of your kids, as they address their beauty needs both internally and externally. Inculcate good habits right from the very beginning, and give our kids a beautiful, healthy advantage. But remember your love makes them naturally beautiful…

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