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Most people today always have a smartphone close by or are checking their emails.  They are always looking out for the latest email or tweet.  Being continuously busy has its downside and can be quite exhausting which can in turn lead to decreased productivity.  This is why most people today are looking for the easiest way to do things which will make their lives easier and more productive.  Productivity apps are everywhere and can be found for both Android and iOS. These apps will help people increase their productivity.

Password App

The 1password app will help users remember all the many passwords that they have to use each day.  It is important that users have good strong passwords for each of their accounts, whether they are for their banking or playing the online blackjack Canada has to offer. This becomes a problem especially when using so many different accounts.  It is dangerous to use one username and password for all accounts as this is much easier to hack.  This app keeps all of the passwords in one place and also keeps them safe and secure.  The app also has a feature which can generate random passwords that users will not have to remember. The app can sync with other devices such as smartphones which allows users to access their accounts no matter where they are.

Social Media

Many jobs now include dealing with social media such as Facebook or Twitter and the Buffer app is great way to maintain control over these.  This app assists users in scheduling what they post as well as when.  Users are able to schedule their posts for a certain time and the Buffer app will do all the work.  The app will also be able to give stats on the performance of posts and also how many likes, shares or retweets the post is receiving.  It is a simple app and can be set up easily and linked to all social media accounts.


Google Keep is an app used for note-taking and is available for both Android and iOS.  This app is great for taking notes which includes things such as lists, images as well as audio.  Google Keep has features which allow text to be extracted from images and is useful for transcribing voice recordings.  For super organised people the notes can be in different colours.  The app enables users to create a note board and pin things to it such as checklists, reminders and photos.  The app will backup all the information up on Google Drive so the information is safe and can never be lost.

Email Organiser

Everyone receives emails and inboxes can often become overfull and the Mailbox app will help users organise their inboxes by using straightforward gestures.  Mailbox supports both Gmail and iCloud and users can move their mail into archive or put less important emails away for later.  This enables users to prioritise important mail first.  The app is intuitive and will learn how a user operates by remembering actions and also which emails are less important and even muting others.


For people who need to track expenses Expensify is helpful and also eliminates errors.  This app will track all financial transactions and has many useful features and best of all it is free. The app allows users to take a picture of a receipt and the software will the analyse it and save it.  The app can also track car mileage using the GPS on a phone so that users can claim their refunds.  This app is available on all platforms.

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