Ways To Change Your Entire Look In Under 30 Minutes

There comes a time for us all when we look in the mirror and wonder what on earth has happened! We seem to have lost our style, our look, and our sparkle. So it’s good to know there is a whole host of ways we can not only refresh our look but give ourselves a much-needed boost of confidence.

We all lead busy lives, so let’s give ourselves the challenge of a 30-minute makeover to change our entire look.

Let’s start at the top and give your hair a refresh. If you’re feeling bold, then try a new hair colour! Before you ring the hairdresser, explore the amazing range of home hair colours. They offer a quick, safe and fun range of shades that will condition and protect your hair. You will find some can even offer you highlights. Plus you can pick either permanent or semi-permanent. What’s not to love?

You may want to take the plunge and try a new hairdo. But in our 30-minute challenge, consider home kit hair extensions or even a wig! Yes, they have both undergone a huge revolution in styles, quality, and authenticity. They are a great way to change your look in a matter of minutes! Don’t play safe and stay with your own hair colour. Try a wig in a bright new colour; you might be pleasantly surprised! If you decide to stick with hair extensions, have a read of these hair extension tips.

If you want to give yourself a whole new sparkle then why don’t you consider coloured contact lenses? You will find the wide range available, and they’re exciting and fun. They are easy to wear and remove, and you will find the transformation stunning! They will complement your face and along with your new hair you are now well on the way to the new you!

So, now you have your new eyes, you can check out the multitude of makeup tutorials online. They will give you step by step guidance on contouring, new eye makeup or enhancing your neglected eyebrows! These tricks and techniques will truly help you make the most of your looks.

You can also change your entire look in less than 30 minutes with a little help from your friends. Choose a friend who dresses in a different style from you and do a clothes swap. If she is a dress girl but you always find yourself in jeans, then take the plunge! Borrow one of her outfits. Do you find yourself always wearing flats or trainers? Then try some heels or pretty sandals. Taking her shopping with you can be life changing if you allow her to choose the clothes you take into the changing room! It may take a bit longer than 30 minutes, but it could be so worth it!
You can now consider taking just one of these tips to help you change your look and boosting your confidence.

It is guaranteed that however you change your look, next time you glance in the mirror you will smile! You might just have a bit of fun, or you might find the new ideal you! Either way, you might as well have a go!

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