Is Your Website a Failure? Fix It Now!


A lot of people say that failure is a dangerous, dirty word. And I can see the logic behind that. Focussing too much on how something is a failure can lead you to think pessimistically. And optimistic thinking is definitely important when it comes to succeeding in business! But let’s face it. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta call it how you see it. Sometimes, there is such a thing as failure. And if there’s one thing small businesses often fail at in tremendous fashion, it’s their website.

Never underestimate the importance of your website. This is foolish. Your website is, for the vast majority of people who will hear about you, the first impression your business gets to make. You need to ensure that your website is a thing of beauty. At the very least, it needs to not actually turn people off. And this is precisely what so many small business websites do. They actually make visitors click them away as soon as possible. And just like that, you’ve put them off your business.

If you’re not getting the attention you want from your website, then there are several ways you can improve on it. Here are improvement suggestions for the most common problems on small business websites.



A design overhaul

Sometimes, you come across a website that you’d wish you’d never laid eyes on. I’m talking really bad. Chances are your website isn’t the eyesore than any of those websites are. But if your website isn’t aesthetically pleasing, then people aren’t going to hang around for long. You need to look into a professional design overhaul. If you designed it yourself, you may want to consider getting someone else to help! You can actually find affordable solutions here. Look into pay monthly websites if you want affordable design!

Tasty content

Okay, so maybe the design of your website is great. But what about the actual content? A sexy website can only take you so far. You want people to actually spend a decent amount of time on your website. And to achieve that, you need to have content. Sometimes, your business won’t lend itself to a website filled with content. That’s why you have to look into features like a blog. This encourages you to create content frequently, keeping you on the tips of people’s tongues. Of course, you need to ensure that the content is actually good!



Keep the focus on the user

Business owners often want the website to focus on the business more than anything else. This mindset often seeps into the way the website actually feels for the end user. The fact is that you need to make sure the website is actually easy and pleasant to navigate. Before you launch a website, you need to make sure you get a fresh pair of eyes on it. See how someone interacts with your website. It needs to be intuitive. If a user wants to see a particular feature, it should be obvious for them how they can accomplish that. They shouldn’t be deluged with ads. There shouldn’t be any slowdown. The user experience needs to be amazing!

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