Tell-Tale Signs He’s Cheated

Living with a partner whom you suspect of cheating is a horrible place to find yourself. All your emotions and finances are tied up in one person. And that can leave you feeling left out in the cold. In a word: you’re vulnerable. But a sneaking suspicion isn’t enough to convict him. What are the tell-tale signs that suggest he’s cheated?

He’s Suddenly Come Over All Shy With His Technology

Do you remember the days when he used to pass you his smartphone without a second thought? “Babe, would you mind punching in the address on the sat nav?” Or “would you mind seeing who that was who just text me?” Well, if he’s cheated, those days are long gone. Now he always gets up to read his phone or ignores it when he’s driving. You offer to read out the messages, but he declines. That’s not how he does things anymore, apparently. No, now only he and he alone can read his texts and posts on Facebook.

Of course, he might not be cheating at all. But in all likelihood, he’s keeping something from you. These days many women are hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it all, if only for peace of mind.

You’ve Noticed Drastic Changes In His Sexual Appetite

You might think that if he’s found a new partner, he’s going to be less interested in you. But this is not always the case. Some men, like some women, find it a turn on to have more than one partner at once. Remember, a new partner can initiate a rush of sexual appetite. Also, keep an eye out for changes in behavior in bed. Perhaps he’s just trying something new. Or maybe he learned it elsewhere.

Suddenly He’s Got Lots Of Friends And Work Responsibilities

It’s the most cliched cover story for affairs: working late at the office. But, surprisingly, it’s still used by men who cheat on their partners. Recently, Charles Orlando of Your Tango interviewed 50 married men who had cheated. They revealed their take on this standard alibi. One person interviewed said that he had flexible working options. He started seeing a new manager at work. And soon he was going to the office far more often than he used to. He told his wife that it was all part of the demands of his new job. But the reality was just that he wanted to hook up with his colleague. Rather than being a single night, business trips turned into affairs that went on for two or three days.

Rapid Changes In Appearance

Did your man always sport a beard? Did he always look so trim and athletic? If not, then it might be a sign he’s found another partner, especially if it seems to come out of nowhere. One man reporting to Orlando, said that he lost about ten pounds in a week after starting his affair. Why? Because of the body’s primal response to courtship. Our bodies know what looks good, apparently, so they start toning up for the occasion.

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Trending Slot Apps

Trending Slot Apps



Ever since the release of the first android smartphone, there has been a increasing and constant development of great apps and although there are a lot of popular social media, music, organisation and game apps; by far one of the most popular types is casino games and slot machine apps.  If you are a fan of gambling and like to have a flutter, but haven’t already experienced the joys of online casino gaming or using a gaming app, now is a good time to try it.

The reason slot machine apps are so popular is likely a few things.  They offer you the chance to play casino style slot machines from the comfort of your own home.  So you don’t even have to leave your comfy chair or even bed.  Just log in or download and log in and you are ready to go.  Because you play them from the comfort of your own home, there is also a distinct lack of distractions.

As marvellous and enticing as casinos are, they can also be off-putting, especially if you are trying to concentrate or need to keep your wits about you to know when to call it a day.  When you play online slot machines or slot apps at home, the only real distractions are the things right there in front of you.

This perhaps ties in with convenience, but if you commute a lot or find yourself looking to kill some time during your working day, the fact that you can just bring out your device, log on to an app Vegas style slows, while having the chance of winning some money makes it great for all gambling fans.

If you look down the Most Downloaded and Most Popular App lists you will see that slot apps always feature highly.  For the rest of the article we felt it might be a good idea, if you are unsure which app you should try, to look at some of the trending slot apps available at the moment.

Me Girl Slots

A great Android app, the offers a variety of options in the way of video slots with 3D graphics.

Caesers Slots

Another popular slots machine app that aims to put you into Vegas without leaving your home.

BGO Games

This app is famous thanks to the funny advertisements that promote it.  This features a lot of popular Marvel themed slots.

My Konami And MyVegas

Interesting choices for the last spots on our list, but MyKonami slot app and MyVegas slot app are both free to play.  By free we mean, absolutely and completely free.  You don’t have to deposit any money at all into an account on either of these apps.  When you win, you win rewards and these rewards can amount to real life savings on a variety of different amenities in the actual Vegas.  So if you are planning that trip of a lifetime to the city of sin, you should consider using this app to try and win at the slots and accumulate savings on a variety of things from restaurants and entertainment to hotels and other accommodation.

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How To Prepare Your Business For Growth In 3 Steps!

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Starting a business is difficult, we all know that. But, after a while, things start to become easier – if you’re successful! Successful companies will soon run into another hurdle; expansion. There’ll come a time when you need to think about growing your business to make even more money.

Bearing that in mind, here are three steps to help you prepare your company for growth:

Do Some Market Research

Growing your business means that you’ll start operating on a wider scale. What this means is that you’ll be selling your products to different markets, in a bid to make more money. So, things are going to be a bit different from what you’re used to. You might find that certain things aren’t as effective in other markets in different countries. My advice is to do some market research before you think about growing. Get to know the other markets that your company is going to grow into. This is something that every business owner should do when they’re thinking about growth. If you run a local business, you might consider expanding on a national level. You want to take your company elsewhere in the country. You’ll still need to research the markets to ensure you do the right things. This helps your business expand without any growing pains.

Focus On The Operations Side Of Things

For small businesses, the operations side of things can be fairly easy. You’re only catering to a small market, so it’s easy to source everything, create it, and sell it on time. However, when you expand and grow, this can become much harder. And, don’t just take my word for it, top business owners say the same thing. If you read this Forbes article here about Hampton Creek in it, the Hampton Creek founder was talking about how difficult it was to scale the operations side of the business. He found it much harder to get everything done on time, when things are on a larger scale. This will be a problem for your business when you grow as well. So, you have to be prepared before it happens. Have plans in place to ensure you can manage the operations of a large scale business. If you do this, then you’ll be ready to grow and expand your company.

Get Ready To Make More Hires

As a business grows, it will need more employees. So, you need to prepare for this and think about making new hires. What you need to do is come up with a strong idea of the perfect employee. You should make notes about specific values that you want everyone to have. And, think about whether you’re looking for experience or not. Try and come up with killer interview questions that will tell you whether or not you’ve found the right employee. A good example is to have a multiple choice question at one point in the interview. Of the three answers, one should align itself perfectly with your brand values. If the candidate picks that answer, then you know they think the same way as you and would be good for the job.

Take these tips on board and your business will be ready to grow. Soon, your small startup will become something even bigger and better!

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Most Unique Places to Get Married At

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the years and they’re a great option for all couples who wish to experience something new and perhaps even combine their honeymoon and their big day into one magnificent event. If you’re feeling adventurous and are in urgent need of some inspiration, then perhaps these breathtaking places will help you decide on the best location for your big day.

Up in The Air

This wedding idea is certainly not for the faint hearted. Couples who wish to experience their special day on the fly can now say their vows in mid-air. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, couples are granted an opportunity to tie the knot in a hot air balloon at the International Balloon Fiesta. Not only will you have the chance to see the world from the bird’s-eye view, but hundreds of other colourful balloons flying around you will make your day simply astonishing. The best thing is that there are balloons that can accommodate up to 12 people, so your closest friends and family members can spend this special day with you.

Conserve Your Love


For those willing to experience the enchanting appeal of Mother Nature, surrounding themselves with species of extraordinary plants and colourful flowers, the best choice is to choose a conservatorium as your wedding venue. The high glass ceiling, stunning water features and alluring scents will create a magical setting for your wedding reception. The United States has a great number of botanical gardens that can serve as wedding venues, such as the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, but these spaces are available all around the globe, so it’s a good idea to check with some local greenhouses.

Caved In

The sound of waves breaking onto the shore, the smell of the sea and the gloomy visual of the surrounding stalactites should be enough to persuade you to create an unusual cave wedding. The archaic setting on the seaside cliffs and the magnificent view of the open sea, gives this location a truly surreal touch. Such Bridal Caves exist in Missouri, but if you’re craving that Mediterranean ambience, you can always choose a seaside cliff wedding venue in Southern Italy.

A Grain of Sand


Can you imagine a faraway land without a soul in sight? A place where the days are permeated with endless sunshine, the night sky is filled with dazzling stars and all you can hear is the winds howling through the golden sand. Yes, a place such as that exists and gives willing couples an opportunity to experience the true splendour of the Sahara Desert. In the midst of the sparkling sand dunes, there is a luxurious desert camp, enriched by the Moroccan allure, with nothing else in sight but a few camels passing by. A truly mystical setting for all those couples wishing to dive into the enchanting world of the Middle East.

For more urban, and yet far enough lands, look for a wedding venue in Sydney. Nothing strikes the right cord as the beach wedding “down under” does.

Medieval Fantasy

If you have finally found your prince charming, that means that all you need is a delightful castle to organize a perfect medieval wedding. Not everybody has the chance to realize their dreams and if you want a true princess bride wedding day, then you deserve a castle wedding venue. Depending on your desires, you can find a castle fit for a king and queen in New

York City, Honolulu or even in Sicily.

In the last couple of years, many couples have decided to ditch the classic wedding norm and do something out of the ordinary. After all, this special day should be a representation of you two, your love and your whole relationship. This is exactly why it’s important to create an unforgettable wedding day, something memorable that is going to last a lifetime. These ideas can certainly help you find a perfect place to celebrate your love.

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4 Sources Of Tech Help For Technophobes


If you are a technophobe, the modern world can be a scary place! There is so much technology out there now. And many of us need to use it for work. And, even though it isn’t really necessary, many of us also use it a lot for social media. But what happens when something goes wrong? Maybe a device or computer breaks, or you end up with a virus? As a technophobe, it can be easy to panic as you won’t have an idea how to fix things. However, fear not! Here are four sources you should go to for all your tech help.

Friends And Family

There must be someone in your close circle who knows a thing or two about tech! And they can be your first point of call. If someone you know likes tech, then they will be able to help you out with the basics. If they work in tech, even better. Then they can help you if your issue is slightly more advanced. You’ve really hit the jackpot if you know someone who works with computers as they might be able to repair your machine!



Online Blogs

There are now loads of online blogs dedicated to technology and the internet. They regularly post articles about various tech topics. Take a look at some blogs and see if you can find an article that relates to the problems you are having. If you are lucky, you might even discover a step-by–step guide on how to solve your issue.

The IT Department At Work

Almost every company has an IT department in their office these days. And nearly all the employees in IT are bound to know everything there is to know about technology. No problem will be too big for them! If you are having problems with a laptop or tablet, take it in for your tech co-workers to take a look at. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to help out! They can also discuss anti-virus software with you and how to protect your home devices from hackers.

Ask The Professionals

If none of the above work for you, there is one last option. Ask the professionals! You could, of course, skip straight to this point rather than trying the top three points. That’s the best course of action if you need things fixed in a hurry! There are loads of companies out there that specialize in computer repairs and other IT services. For an idea of the kinds of services they offer, take a peek at websites such as Computer Support from Computer Geeks. If your computer or tablet is broken, you might need to send it into a repair firm for a couple of days. But once you get it back, you can guarantee it will be as good as new!

Hopefully, this blog post will have helped save all you technophobes from some stress! Just because something goes wrong with your computer and devices, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You can get help from the above four sources!

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Corporate Events

Business owners have a lot of decisions to make about their companies. And, one of the big decisions you’ll have to deal with is corporate events. These are not just things you arrange for your clients. You’ll also need to use them with your staff as well. There are a lot of reasons why you need to make full use corporate events and away days. These are some amazing reasons why you need to make sure you use corporate events to benefit your business.


They’re Fun

An important thing to remember about corporate events is that they’re fun. And this is one of the reasons why your company has to use them. They provide some fun and excitement for the team. And they make the job that little bit more interesting. If you’re planning a corporate event or an away day, you can visit Clevedon Hall Corporate and choose anything. And it would be beneficial to choose something that’s going to be fun and exciting.

Team Building

One of the key aims and focal points for your business should be team building. You need to have a close knit and well-run team. This is vital for working towards business success. You’ve got to have a team that works really well together, and that gets on well. And the best way of doing this is to use corporate events to help build a strong bond. You can make your business boom through team building ideas and exercises.



A Change of Pace

It’s really important to offer your employees a change of pace now and again. Stuck in the same office doing the same thing every day can become monotonous. And, you need to make sure you make things more interesting. Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. Your employees will appreciate getting out of the office and doing something different for a bit.

Improve Morale

You have to keep in mind the importance of staff morale in the workplace. The better your employees feel, the better they will work for you. And, you’ll find that corporate events are a good way of boosting this morale. They help you to give your staff a change of pace and provide them with amusement. You have to make sure you focus on developing and nurturing your workforce in the best possible way.

Positive Reputation

Having corporate events on a regular basis helps your company to develop a positive reputation. You want a positive reputation as a business that looks after its workers. And a company that provides something extra for your staff. Corporate events and team building trips are a vital part of running a modern business.



As a business owner, you have to come up with ideas to help you improve things. And it’s important to look at how to make things better for your workers. Staff are the heartbeat of a business, and you have to understand the role they play. You need to make use of corporate events to help improve team building and make your staff happier.

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The Secret To Success: How To Make Your Business Boom

Are you a small business owner with big ideas? Are you preparing to launch your own company? Or are you desperate to increase profits quickly? If so, here are some secrets to success. Hopefully, your business will be booming in no time at all.

Launching a new business? Shout it from the rooftops

Any successful business needs to catch the attention of the customer. It doesn’t matter if you have an ingenious product if nobody knows who you are or what you’re selling. If you’re setting up on your own or bringing a new product to market, shout it from the rooftops. Get people talking, and generate a buzz. Host a launch party, or invite some investors or buyers to a showcase. Attend networking events and build your list of contacts. Carry out demonstrations in shops, or offer discounted rates for trial purchases. Are you selling a new board game? If so, send some prototypes to local toy shops. Are you setting up a building firm? Put some flyers with discount vouchers attached through letterboxes. The more people that know about your business and what it offers, the better.

Image from

Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing will play a key role in the success or failure of your company before you’ve even started trading. Before you’re open for business, use marketing techniques to drum up interest and let people know that you’ll be up and running soon. Do you run a restaurant or bar? Place an advert in the local papers and use billboards to let people know when you’re opening. Put some flyers through the door, and post notices on the shop front.

Once you’re open, focus on building firm foundations and attracting new clients. Reward loyal customers, and offer incentives for new business. You can use all kinds of different marketing techniques. Social media is one of the most effective modern strategies. Millions of people use social media platforms on a daily basis. You can reach a massive audience in a matter of seconds. You can also sites like Facebook and Twitter to create relationships with other businesses and suppliers.


Image source:

Increasing margins

The key to maximising profits is increasing margins. If you can buy for lower prices and sell at higher rates, you’re onto a winner. Never underestimate the value of good negotiation skills. If you’re selling products, ensure you have positive relationships with suppliers and buy in bulk. The more you buy, the lower the unit price. If you sell jewellery, for example, check out elf925 stainless steel jewelry wholesale. If you run a restaurant, strike up a deal with local butchers and fishmongers. Monitor sales, and keep an eye on competitors. If items are flying off the shelves, and competitor prices are higher, you should be able to raise your prices.


Image credit

Every business owner dreams of success. If you’re setting up a new business, or you’re trying to expand an existing firm, take these handy hints on board. Focus on getting your company name out there and use marketing methods to bring in new clients. Negotiate deals with suppliers and aim for the lowest unit price possible. Never underestimate the importance of strong relationships in business. Build up your contact list, and come to mutually beneficial arrangements with other firms. Good luck!

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What Can Sports Teach Us About Running A Successful Office?

Photo: Google Images

Despite being an advocate of yoga and running, I’ll be the first to admit that sports aren’t necessarily my greatest forte. Nevertheless, I’d need to be very ignorant to think that the lessons learned from sport couldn’t be transferred to business.

In particular, the office areas can be improved greatly by taking some of those simple tips on board. Here are some of the most pertinent. Embrace them now, and you should see noticeable upgrades in next to no time.

There’s No I In Team

When it comes to team sports, no one player can without the support of their team. We recently saw that at Euro 2016 as Portugal beat France even after Cristiano Ronaldo got injured. In business, you need to appreciate that every staff member has a crucial role to play.

As an entrepreneur, paying close attention to the recruitment process is vital. As with building a sports team, it’s not all about the skill. You need to consider how the personality and talent of each candidate will fit into the group. After all, the best employee is the one that works best for your business.

Likewise, team chemistry is as important in the office as it is on the sports field. Establishing a better atmosphere through staff training, perks and team building exercises is key. In fact, it could be the difference between success and failure.

An Organized Team Achieves More

If it were all about having the best players in sport, there’d be no need for a coach. Similarly, team leaders, including you, are crucial to your business. Organization is key to the overall team strategy, and you must use every tool to improve your efficiency.

Communication is a key element. In addition to streamlined meetings, you should use pin boards and other visual aids to ensure that each team member knows their role. After all, following the same tactics is the only way to achieve great success. If different members are following varying blueprints, everything will become muddled.

For your team, time is money. Being organized will allow you to achieve far more from the working day, which is what will turn a defeat into a win.

Risk Reduction Is Crucial

When playing a team sport, defense is as important as offense. You cannot attack the challenge ahead if you haven’t protected yourself first. Similarly, it’s imperative that your business and office is secure.

Every business should incorporate the best safety and privacy measures. Not only will you be protecting key data and items, but you’ll also build a better brand image. For the sake of the relationships with your customers as well as the staff, this is vital.

Getting those fundamental features into great health is crucial if you want to build a successful office environment. However, the biggest risk is encounter excessive overheads. Learn to keep those expenses to a manageable level, and you should be just fun. As with sports, seeking the edge over your competitors is key. Quite frankly, it’s the only formula for success.

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My Number One Tips To Ensure You Secure An Online Sale

When thinking about online business, most entrepreneurs focus on SEO. If you don’t know by now, SEO is the different methods website owners use to get customers to their site. In the past, this meant adding keywords and links to the website, ensuring it was at the top of the search engine. Now, it includes everything from social media to content writing. All of these factors combine to make sure customers can find your website when they complete a search online.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make for an online business is thinking SEO is all you need. That just isn’t true. You need a lot more to make sure that your business is a hit online. If you have SEO, your company or website will get the views, but it might not get the sales. Customers might click on and immediately click off again. This is a problem for bloggers too, because it’s going to affect how attractive your site is to advertisers.

To assess this issue, I’m going to walk you through some of the key features I considered designing my blog.

Overall Design

Credit Image

The first issue you need to consider is the overall design of your website. You need to make sure it is appealing to your target customer and audience. Take my blog as an example. I cater to people who are interested in fashion. That’s why my blog looks modern, minimalistic and stylish. It has a contemporary feel that my readers have responded well to. You can style your site yourself, but sometimes it’s best to use a professional designer. The website cost can be expensive but the design is a crucial part, and you should spend a little cash on this area.

Easy To Use


File Image Location

Another reason for my minimalistic design is to ensure that my blog is easy for readers to use. That’s important when you think about attracting customers and making sure they stay for the sale. You need to guarantee that they can find exactly what they are looking for. Using links is a great way to make your site easy to navigate. As an example, I’m referencing how to build a website. I’ve already written a post on how to improve your existing website. By linking to that post, you can get the reader to another area of your site that they will find useful. You can use this tactic to initiate a sale if you have a shop section on your site.

Target Appropriate Content


Link To Picture

Adding content to your site is important, and you should be doing this on a regular basis. However, it does need to be the right content, and it must be target appropriate. You need to make sure that it is content your readers or viewers will find interesting. It should relate directly the specific role of your site.

Introducing You


Flickr Image

Finally, you do need to make sure customers know who they are buying from. A stylish and clear about page is another key to securing the sale. In my case, I’ve given a little detail about who I am and what I’m interested in. If you’re running a full business online, you may need to provide more info. Show why they should buy from you rather than your competition and you will win that sale.

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Vital Things That Can Make Or Break Your Business


Whenever you start an online business, there will be a steep learning curve to climb before you make any headway. And, you will find that the same issues crop up with alarming regularity. With this in mind, I thought I would take the opportunity to reveal the most important things that you will encounter when starting out online. Make yourself aware of them – because they can make – or break – your business.

Website design

First of all, be careful to invest in a robust, intuitive, and simple website. It is vital that your customer is aware of who you are and what you do the second they arrive on your site. And, it should be designed with them in mind – in a clear and logical way. Yes, a beautiful, clever site will draw admiring glances – but only from fellow web professionals and designers. The average customer won’t appreciate it, however – and it’s these people you need to cater for.


Without visitors, your website may as well not exist. And, no matter what industry or niche you are in, it is always a struggle to get people to your online business presence. The Internet is an enormous place, and it can be hard to fight your way to the top of the tree – or the rankings, in this case. Your primary concern, then, is SEO. It’s something you can learn if you have a little time on your hand. But, if you want to move fast – which is advisable – then find an expert who can teach you and put a plan into action is imperative.




SEO doesn’t automatically mean more sales. You can get plenty of visitors to your site and still make no sales at all. The answer lies with conversion rate optimisation. It’s a marketing tactic that dips into a lot of different areas. As Neuro web marketing point out, these can include psychology, behaviour analysis, and neuroscience. If you aren’t converting your visitors, quite simple, there’s little point in being online at all.

Your authority

Once you have all the website basics out of the way, it’s time to flesh out your site. This can take a considerable amount of work, as you are trying to get over your professionalism and industry authority. People like to do business with companies that know what they are talking about. So, you have to get your credentials out there. A blog is the easiest way to start – you can look into things like help guides and industry news and comments. Make your knowledge work for you and you will find your visitors put a lot more faith in your business.

Customer service

Just because you’re an online business doesn’t mean you can take it easy with customer service. In fact, it can be even more important. There is no room for subtlety in the online world, and you don’t have the benefit of face-to-face contact with your clients and customers. You have to make every word count when it comes to dealing with complaints and making your case. You should concentrate on offering exceptional service with everything you do. That goes for everything from your social media presence to delivery schedules. Do so, and your online business and profits should boom.

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