4 Tips On How To Open Your Store The Correct Way

Many small business owners spend a good amount of time considering how best to open their store on a day to day basis. Is there any correct way? What is best for your business and customers?

In this article, we look at 5 solid tips to help you open your store like a professional so that customers keep on coming. 

  1. Be There An Hour Early

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One of the biggest frustrations for customers is when they arrive at store for the open time only to find the doors locked or staff still setting up inside.

You and your employees should aim to arrive at the store at least one hour early to start preparing the store. This way you are fully prepared for your actual opening time and any early birds are well catered for when they arrive. 

Failure to prepare your store before the opening time can leave customers feeling disgruntled and unlikely to come back. 

  1. Assess from a Customer Point of View

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The best way to assess your store is to treat it like a customer each day when you walk in. After you have switched the alarm off and the lights come on, how does your store look? 

Is their rubbish lying around? Are there products missing from shelves? Are the kids mannequins in the wrong position or wearing the wrong clothes?

By assessing your store as a customer you can make notes on how you want the store to look like by the end of each day. Relay these notes to your staff and ensure that the store is always presented the way you want it before close. 

  1. Focus on the Customer Experience

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When you own a brick and mortar business, the experience you offer to customers is vital. Are customers happy and excited when they enter your store? Is the layout in line with best shopping practices

Start to think about how you can adapt the store so that when your customers arrive they receive the best experience possible. This may include moving around the products so they are presented more clearly, creating a better changing room or making your pricing labels more clear.

You want your customers to enjoy their shopping experience with as little confusion as possible. Make your store user-friendly.

  1. Focus on Your People

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Preparing staff for a day usually includes a greeting, small morning meeting and laying out any specific requests for the day. However, you should focus more time on preparing your staff to sell.

Employees need motivation in order to sell your products the best way they can. This can be as simple as having a friendly conversation with them, ask them how they are feeling, and ask them if there is anything that could make their day easier. 

This will help to build a bond between you and your staff as well as motivate them to sell more of your products. Always offer more knowledge if they need it. Ask them if they don’t understand certain products so that they can sell better.

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