Is Bigger Always Better? Issues With Larger Teams

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You might think that having a larger staff is always going to lead to better results on the market. After all, having a bigger team means that you can take on more jobs. Or that you can handle the jobs that you already have more effectively. A larger staff could ultimately also help you attract the important key clients that can take your business to the next level on the market. Although, it would be foolish to say that taking on a bigger team is devoid of problems. There are certain issues that you’ll need to be prepared for once your business begins to expand in this way. Let’s start by thinking about lost relationships.


One of the major issues with a larger team of staff is that there is typically a disconnect between different areas of your business. People aren’t working together and are instead pushing towards their own private goals. This in itself isn’t a problem. In fact, individual work can lead to a great level of high output. But at the same time, it can mean that when a large contract is taken on, employees aren’t able to work together to complete it. Instead, there are areas where a quality service is delivered and others where it isn’t. Ultimately, that’s going to damage the reputation of your company.

This level of disconnect is often made worse because people don’t feel connected. Particularly when they are working from different areas. For instance, you might have some workers operating from home. Others, on the other hand, are in the office. How do you ensure that both these groups of workers, still function effectively together? The answer is you can, but it’s just another challenge that will be added onto the daily workings of your company. You’ll have to figure out how to ensure that your team works as it should.

Managing Quality


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As your company grows with more members of staff, you’ll need to hire other individuals to watch over different sections of your company. Essentially, your business becomes modulated. So, you might have a big team of staff. To keep things simple let’s make that number ten thousand. Then, you might have that team divided into ten different sections of your company, each with one thousand members of staff. After this, each separate section is split, controlled by four managers. These managers are at the head of 250 members of staff and so on and so forth. Eventually, you reach that one employee who might not be pulling their weight. They could be throwing your whole business model off balance, but guess what? You don’t know that, and this member of staff is actually quite happily slipping underneath the radar. However, every time he delivers a poor service, the reputation of your business is damaged. With a smaller staff, it’s easy to see when an employee is failing. In larger teams, the problem often goes completely undetected. That’s why a lot of larger businesses often have issues with keeping quality levels high.

Hiring More Staff

Essentially, it’s more money and more problems when you hire a larger team of staff. There’s no real way around this because you need them to essentially look after your new employees. A simple example of this would be your payroll. With a large team of staff comes a potentially massive payroll that needs to be taken care of. You’re going to need to hire a professional to do this for you. They can be found from a payroll recruiter or a payroll recruitment agency. This will ensure that you find the best team member for the job.

This isn’t the only position you’ll need to fill when you hire a large team of staff though. You will also need a full team for human resources. Think of human resources as the legal support system for your business. If there is a legal issue with your company you can bet it will come from workers. For instance, most businesses are currently experiencing severe issues with premises liability. A HR team can help you avoid the dangers of legal issues like this and ensure your business functions as it should.

Heavy Costs


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It should go without saying, but when you hire a large staff, you are also taking on more costs. For instance, at the most basic level, you’re going to have more people to pay. This is effectively the crutch of the problem. Are they worth the extra cost? You might think that the answer is yes but it does depend on how skilled they are. A large group of unskilled workers will be less profitable than a smaller team that is highly qualified. In fact a larger team that doesn’t have the necessary skills will, more than anything, be a liability.

That’s why you need to think about investing in training for a team of staff, no matter how large the business is. This is the only way to make sure that you will be getting a healthy ROI when you hire new team members.

If you are spending more on your team, you should be looking for ways to save in other areas. For instance, when you take on a larger team your energy usage is almost certainly going to rise. For this reason, it is worth looking at how to go green in your company. One of the ways you can do this is by investing in solar energy. With panels on the roof of your business you can save a fortune through the summer months.

Or, how about just making sure that the cost of your business property isn’t a massive expense. Remember, a bigger team doesn’t have to mean a bigger office. Some workers can stay at home while others can be outsourced from different companies. You can even hire freelancers to ensure you don’t have to pay a full team a massive amount in incentives.

We hope you find this advice helpful, particularly if you are planning on increasing your staff numbers next year.


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