Don’t Buy A Business Address Before You’ve Read This!

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When you think about setting up a business, you might want a home base for your company. An office or an establishment where your employees can work as a team every day. Or, you might set up your office in the comfort of your home. A home company certainly has it’s advantages with significantly lower costs and less responsibility. That said having an office automatically makes your business look more professional and well established. It’s your choice which route you take here. If you do want a business address though, I suggest you heed my advice.

Beware Of Old Properties

An old business property may look like a complete steal. Particularly, if you can grab a comfortably sized office for just under a hundred thousand. You might think that new office is a dream come true but do be careful. Especially if that office was built before 1981. 1981 was the last registered use of asbestos in a building. Buildings before this used asbestos for insulation purposes in roofs and walls. If you’ve ever bought a home, you’re probably aware of the issue with asbestos. It’s a potential health hazard and if disturbed, it can be quite dangerous. You might think, well I’ll just leave it alone then. Ah, but then it could seep out slowly and cause a health issue without you even realizing. It’s a risky game. Your best option is to get an asbestos survey after you buy the property. For more info, check out some surveyors online. If there is an issue you can get it removed before you start hiring.

Don’t Cheapen The Deal With A Lack Of Security


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You might go a different route and buy a new and expensive property. You can do this by saving cash in other areas but be careful which areas of your company you cut the costs in. Cutting costs of security could lead to new problems. If your business property isn’t properly guarded it may be targeted by criminals. They could steal expensive equipment and swipe customer data. It’s best to invest a little more into security and ensure your business acts as a deterrent. The best form of security is doing everything you can to guarantee thieves don’t even consider breaking in.

Careful Of Those Energy Prices

Energy prices aren’t a big deal as long as you have the freedom to change the company and get better rates. Unfortunately, some rented properties do not allow you to change your energy provider. Be careful renting a property like this because you could be stuck paying rates high above the market average. You always want freedom when choosing an energy provider. Particularly, now that so many are offering renewable energy to businesses across the globe.

A Prime Location Is Your Ticket To The Big Leagues


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Finally, make sure you buy a business property in a prime location. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get a property in the middle of the city. You could buy one in an up and coming business park. If you do this, you’re sure to attract the attention of big clients that could bring your profits skywards.

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