Got The Business Blues? Advice To Beat Entrepreneurial Stress

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The life of an entrepreneur is not without its struggles. While the job can, of course, be exciting and gratifying, it is also challenging too. Days are often cluttered with a variety of tasks, from monitoring and updating social media pages to sifting through business emails. Juggling these responsibilities and many more can certainly take its toll, leaving you burned out and less than relaxed. We all face stress now and then, but the relentlessness of entrepreneurial worries can have more serious consequences, affecting your mind, body, and everything else important, including your business. To avoid this, here are fifteen ways you can beat the business blues.

1. Tackle Dreaded Tasks First

When you have a job to do that you absolutely hate, it’s natural to put this task off for as long as possible. The only issue with this is that you’ll remain stressed about this job for the entire day, which will also distract you from all of the other work you have to complete. The simple remedy for this issue is tackling the jobs you’re worried about first. You’ll find them much easier, because your mind is fresh, and you won’t have to rush to get them done later when they become urgent.

2. Stick To A Routine

The business world is full of unpredictability, leaving entrepreneurs constantly on edge. Because of this, you should build structure into your life wherever you can. You can do this by taking daily habits and rituals and using them to create routines that work for you. When you wake up in the morning, for example, you could have a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and so on and so forth. This limits the amount of thinking that you have to do, which also saves time.

3. Head To Bed Early

Our bodies need sleep to be able to function properly. This means that, if you aren’t getting enough rest each night, or simply aren’t getting the quality of sleep that you need, then you’re going to wake up tired, which will leave you feeling stressed throughout the day. With that in mind, rest should always be one of your top priorities. Even if you have lots of work to do, you shouldn’t miss out on sleep to get it done. It will just have to wait for you until the next morning.

4. Let Out Your Troubles

Unfortunately, stress itself can make it difficult for you to nod off. However, there are, thankfully, a number of things that you can do to help you relax. Among the most recommended is journaling. By letting out your negative emotions on a page, you can gain a new perspective of them, giving you some clarity. If journaling isn’t your thing, you can simply talk about how you feel instead. You can do so with a loved one, another entrepreneur, or, more specifically, your business mentor.

5. Spend Time With Family

Your business itself doesn’t always cause entrepreneurial stress. Sometimes it’s rooted in the fact that you can’t spend as much time with your family as you would like to. This is especially true when you begin to miss important personal moments, like your baby’s first steps or your wedding anniversary. Because of this, you must ensure that you plan some time to spend with those you love. After all, it’s them that make you feel better after a tough day at the office.

6. Learn To Let Go

Business owners often want to handle all business activities themselves, which, as admirable as it may be, is almost always a mistake. Delegating work to employees and outsourcing to agencies and freelancers is much more sensible, as it frees up time for you to focus on more important things. If you’re considering CIS registration, a commercial contracting company can save time even further. It’s hard to let go, but it’s vital for the wellbeing of you and your business.

7. Work Out Every Day

When it comes to your stress, and health in general, one of the very best things that you can do is make time for daily exercise. Despite what many people believe, you don’t need to run marathons or spend hours in the gym for workouts to make a difference. A quick weight lifting session or half hour jog both provide worthwhile benefits. If you’re on a tight schedule, you could plan a walking meeting or exercise at your desk to get in your day’s physical activity.

8. Grab Yourself A Snack

Our minds and bodies are much more linked than most people imagine. Just like exercise can reduce your stress, eating the rights foods can too. Although you should steer clear of greasy and sugary snacks, grabbing yourself something to eat when you’re stressed can drastically reduce your feelings of anxiety. For the best effects, opt for something crunchy, like carrots or an apple. These types of foods can help to relieve the tension in your face, jaw, and neck.

9. Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Unbeknownst to many people, the environment within which you work can have a major impact on your mental state. Mess and clutter are common sources of psychological stress, which means that, if your office is untidy, you’re going to suffer. With that in mind, you should do your best to keep your office organised by clearing out any unnecessary junk you may have in there. By taking charge of your environment like this, you’ll instantly feel more positive and in control.

10. Adopt An Office Plant

If you find that you’re still feeling anxious in your office space, then consider adopting a little green friend. Not all stress cures have to be complicated, but buying a plant is one of the simplest ones out there. A number of studies have shown greenery to have positive effects on workers’ mental states, both for their colour and the better air quality that they create. However, dying plants can have the opposite impact. Because of this, you may want to stick to resilient varieties, like cacti.

11. Ditch Your Smoking Habit

After improving the air quality in your work area, the last thing that you want to do is ruin it with cigarette smoke. With the number of worries entrepreneurs have to face, it’s no wonder that many turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like smoking and drinking. However, these habits will only make you feel more stressed in the long run. With that in mind, you should consider ditching your smoking habit. It won’t be easy, but you’ll feel the positive effects right away.

12. Turn Away From Technology

When your business is conducted almost entirely online, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs spend large portions of their day checking the internet and their social media pages. However, these tasks and the stress that they can bring can become associated with technology as a whole. This means that, even if you check your personal social media at home, you’ll feel the same way as you do at work. For this reason, you should go unplugged for longer.

13. Pick Up A Hobby

When you work nonstop, life can become incredibly tedious and boring. Thankfully, a hobby can inject some fun back into your days. Hobbies can make anyone’s life a little more fun and interesting, thus helping to combat the stress that you may feel. Whether you join a club, engage in a sport, or just draw at home, every entrepreneur should have a least one hobby to help them relax. Consider what you like to do and find an activity to keep you busy when you’re not at work.

14. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Business owners tend to be incredibly independent and strong-willed people. With that in mind, it makes sense why you would want everything that you do in your company to be absolutely perfect. The only issue with this is that perfection is very difficult, if not impossible to attain. While you should certainly aim to improve and try to do your best, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to get things exactly right. This will only ever lead to disappointments and unnecessary worry.

15. Commit To Holiday Time

Sometimes the very best way to fight entrepreneurial stress is to take a step back for a little while. Instead of continuing to work through particularly challenging times, head off on a short holiday with your family. This gives you time to recharge and refresh, which means you’ll be ready to take on anything when you do get back to business. Just make sure that your break is actually a break. There’s no point in going away if you plan to run your business over the phone.

We all face stress in our daily lives, but entrepreneurs have many more worries than most. That being said, the fact that entrepreneurial stress is common doesn’t mean that you should have to put up with it. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can beat the business blues and learn to love your work again.

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