Great Business Ideas For Busy Mums

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If you thought running a business was difficult, trying running a business when you’re a mum! Your time is severely limited, and there are simply some businesses you can’t manage to full effectiveness. It might be a good time to rethink what you do for a living and see if another business venture takes your interest. These opportunities provide more flexibility and less reliance on intensive workloads.

Freelance & Consultancy Work

If you want the ultimate way of balancing your business with free time, the internet offers some great ways to do it. By freelancing, you take on as little or as much work as you intend to fight for. Nearly all of it can be done at your own pace, albeit with deadlines in mind. Consultancy is very similar, allowing you to utilise your previous knowledge to help others. You set the rates, and you control how much you work and when you do it.

Blogger / Vlogger

I don’t know how good you are at writing or sitting in front of the camera, but this is a lucrative possibility. Blogging is something that anyone with impeccable writing skills can get involved with. Vlogging requires expertise with video editing and a good personality in the first instance. If you’re successful, it can bring in some serious cash. Give some serious thought to both options.

Daycare Business

This is an obvious one! You’re already taking care of your own bundle of joy. If you enjoy it as much as we hope you do, why not take it further? By running your own daycare business, you can get paid to look after multiple children. Websites like can get you the DBS check you need, and there aren’t many other startup costs aside from that. You know the best bit? You get free daycare for your child because you’re the one providing it!

Course Development

If you’ve ever browsed websites like or, you’ll have found many courses. While some of them are developed by big establishments, others are made by people like you and I. If you want to create a course centred around your skillset, you have the potential to do that. Then, if it proves popular, you’ll rake in the profits as a result. It’s a great way of making money from the knowledge you possess.

Franchise Business Investment

You don’t have to limit yourself to a select number of business opportunities. If you haven’t found anything you want to do on this list, that’s OK! But, to save the time and monetary constraints surrounding the establishment of a new business, you might have to cut some corners. A great way to do this is to invest in a franchise. These business opportunities provide you with your own setup, but the boring stuff is already done for you. That means you’re able to hit the ground running from day one — a luxury you’ll be glad for!

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