How Successful Sportswomen Play a Big Role in Society

Thankfully, the role of women in sport is gradually increasing, from securing sponsorship deals, more televised events and the prize money they earn, women are getting closer to men, even if it’s still not at the level it should be. The increase in prominence and stature of women in sport has created some ideal role models for girls all over the world, where they can aspire to be like their idols and not just from a sporting perspective. Whether it’s diet, fashion or lifestyle choices there are many influential sportswomen who play a role in giving power to women over the world.

Possibly the most influential woman in sport is Serena Williams, the queen of tennis. She has won 21 single grand-slam titles, the third most in the history of the sport, yet even at 34 she looks set to add to that as she still is the woman to beat. She is seeking her latest grand slam at the French open and you can bet on it at and follow her journey as she looks to continue to make history. However, Serena is more than just a tennis player. She has long championed for equal pay for women, something that does exist in tennis and as for sponsorships and being a star attraction, she certainly competes with the men on that front, she is a global superstar. Away from tennis entirely, she is also a role model for women, she inspires because of her strong personality and how she is proud and embraces her body for the way she is. Serena also owns her own fashion company which provides many great outfits that reflect her own sense of style which can be seen both with her on court attire and when she is pictured in public.

When it comes to women in the UK, Jessica Ennis-Hill is undoubtedly one of the most influential. Obviously, she is a tremendous athlete, which was displayed on that historic night at the London 2012 games where all her hard work and effort paid off. However, like Serena, she is more than just a sportswoman, she has had to deal with a senior figure at UK Athletics ridiculously branding her ‘fat’ which brought a public outrage. She has since had her first child and still returned to the track which makes her an inspiration to women all over the world who have children and still manage to carry on with their lives.

Whether they want to be or not, the like of Serena and Jessica Ennis-Hill are role models to women everywhere, they combine talent with hard work in a sporting environment that hasn’t always been favourable to women. On top of that, they show their personality in interviews, show off their own fashion sense and embrace everything about themselves. With women’s sport growing, from televised FIFA World Cup’s to the Olympics, the platform for more role models and more inspirational women to showcase themselves is finally getting bigger.

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